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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Don't Marry Whom You Are Not Temperamentally Compatible With.


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When a man has little or no regard for the woman he married .it makes avoidable things become an issue. because we have different temperament, we see things differently.
It's easy to say "Don't check his phone" "Why Stab Him"

Checking the immediate and remote causes of an incident could help place us in a better position before we  ahead to  conclude.

A lot of women have been abused and dealt with emotionally by the men they are married to most of these women stay back and suffer  helplessly  due to so many factors which works against women in the society

If a woman is  high Strong temperamentally and she married an insensitive man who cares  nothing about how she will be so easy for her to become violent.

Nothing kills a woman more than having  the knowledge that the man she's loving. her legal man at that gets along with other women.,more so when he's been careless about it.

It takes a lot for a sane mind to commit a crime that is why God told us in the holy Bible to avoid ' Anger' and to not let it  linger .

I would say that instead of saying " If He or She   is violent leave "  it's better to know the ' Temperament Compatibility' of  you and your partner before saying ' I Do' the chapter 4 of My EBook explained extensively on couple's Compatibility as a way to a heathy marriage.(email to get a copy of my e-book, CARDINAL RULES FOR LOVE, SEX AND MARRIAGE ,

Let  the young person who is yet to say ' I Do' understand the intricacies  of marriage and the capabilities of  his or her partner before surrendering his or her entire adulthood to the person.

Those who are married should understand what it means to tell someone that " you have chosen to spend your forever with them.

A man once told his wife that if she misbehaves,he'd bring in a girl who looks like  a particular  female actor he was crushing on  and he kept comparing his wife and the young woman.

A man who married a woman but couldn't guarantee her safety and emotional security isn't A REAL MAN.

Lives have been lost.people have been wounded because of infidelity.

Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. who knows how terrible the woman that stabbed her husband must have felt  that  made her do what she did.maybe she didn't know she could kill him,maybe she does, there are a lot of women who have terrible experience in their marriage still they didn't take to violence!it is  about temperament,it's about how much  we are in tune with the word of God.

There are so many reasons to not get married  to a particular person. Let's always involve God while trying to  make a  choice of who to marry,also don't  forget to consult a relationship counselor for guide .
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