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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Infatuation (A Crush Texting My Man Through Me) Part 1


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Bent over a pile of books
I raised my head to see the Duke
With the rim of his spectacles shinning
Countenance calm, a smile emerged, then laughter followed
His bass fluttering
That voice... It was the voice!
There was something his about voice that made my heart beat faster
His smile had a way of making me giddy and satisfied all at once.
What if I told him he makes me giddy?
What if I said he makes my heart beat faster?
What if...?

He would tell me stories of the past
 Kiss my forehead when it's midnight's past
Try to sing Timaya's bang
Call my name when in pains pang
Ask me if I'm hungry a thousand times
Tell me the truth without no lies
Twenty and one years apart
Said my other part
He'll never have you in his heart.

Snap! I shrugged to reality
As he pulled out a script of age
Look! He said, flipping through "I am going to show this to my children "
Then, I realized
I was his child
Nothing more.

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