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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Now That We Have Started Let Us Make The Love Properly


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 I was in the  classroom  reading ,exam was on already, my department  was one of the  toughest  with  very  tough  lecturers that were always too difficult to  please. I was intelligent  quite  alright  but extra effort  makes things  so easy so I tried to always  attend  classes as well as read  my books,

That afternoon was  sunny and warm, I sat at the  desk  very  close to the  window, there were  a lot of  pmelina  trees  around my department buildings,these trees  supplied  too much  air  ,the  breeze  came in waves after  waves   and  calmed  my nerves, I read  comfortably  ,my reminder  was  set for 4 hours.

Bent over  I didn't  hear my classmates   Amaka and  chilota calling me, I was  deeply engrossed in the topic
"Crystal  have you  lost your hearing? " I looked up and  saw both  girls  standing  in the  middle of the  field  close to the  classroom.
"Hi Girls " I waved at them and  walked  closer  "You're a book worm so you  wouldn't  hear" chilota  said  making  face at me, I closed the  gap between us and  held both of them  laughing, we greeted and had a little  banter about  our exams, the  lecturers and how things happen.
"Terry said we should  call you "Amaka told me "Terry? which Terry? "I asked  her "Terry  the  actor, Terry  flakes  the  lead  actor  in 'home  coming '",Chilota  explained
Who doesn't know  Terry  Flakes.? Atleast  at that time  he was the  most  popular and the  most  loved  actor in the  country,almost every  woman  crushed  on him, to send for me was a pleasant surprise, I didn't know  him from  anywhere  so where  on  earth  did he spring  from?
"but I  don't know him Amaka  tell me it's  joke? " I asked  Amaka, my two  hands  circled around  the  shoulders of both of them.

Amaka  insisted it's  no joke, Chilota  asked for a  bet but I  declined  "Where  is he? " I asked  them "At callitos inn" both  chorused, callitos  was a  big kitchen for big  boys.I agreed to  go with  them.

Amaka  pointed at a red  LandRover  jeep parked in  front of the   kitchen "That's  his car" just  then I saw him, he stood over  6 feet  tall,Terry's comeliness  was striking, his smiles  could  heal depression  no wonder  he was the  toast of everyone  young and old alike.

"Hello Good afternoon " I greeted  him, he was in the  company of two  other  guys,the other  two  guys  were  handsome as well but not  anywhere near Terry, he stretched out  his hand and took mine "how are you ?"   he asked me, "I'm  good " I replied, Terry  drew  me to his seat and  I sat beside him, Amaka and chilota  sat on the  sofa opposite.

I tried  too hard to conceal  my excitement, it was too good to  be true, seated  beside the  almighty  Terry? without any  effort? I wouldn't  wait for the world to  hear!!

Terry  told the  kitchen attendant to take our orders, I requested for  apple juice, Amaka and chilota  requested  for same too,
Drinks  served with some  toasted  gizzard and wings  we sipped  in suspense  not  knowing what we were  there for.
Terry  cleared  his throat and  we looked at one another, obviously time to  spill.

Terry  told us about a charity  concert  he's  planning to host  in the  city, the  venue will be my faculty Auditorium and  how he needed  "intelligent, vocal, eloquent and beautiful  girls to be part of his team, he said  he was advised to  check out my school, he came with  his friends to look around and  see if he can see anyone who can assist  him, how he saw Amaka and chilota and they told him they  know a very intelligent and beautiful  girl  in their  department and  now I was  brought to  him.

It was all beginning to  make  sense to me, Terry    rolled out  his plans and it sounded  fantastic, he planned to  raise money for the  less  privileged  using  his massive  popularity, I bought into the plan and  promised to  get other people I knew that  shared  such passion
we agreed to meet again in about one week time, he took my contact and  we left.

That was how I met  Terry, one thing was  obvious,throughout our meeting, Terry  didn't  stop  staring at me, his right finger was in his mouth,he'd look at me from the  corner of his right eyes and  bite his finger  lightly in a very  seductive  way,I will  look away and  pretend that  I didn't  notice.

The  concert  came and  went  but Terry stuck to me, every weekend  he'd  come around  my school and ask to take me out, I'd  decline giving one excuse after another, firstly  he made it clear that he doesn't  want Amaka and chilota  joining me anytime he's  around and want to see me, secondly  he didn't  take  their contacts"The  girls that  introduced  me to you  can't be  left out "I complained one Saturday afternoon,Terry came around to see me as usual "I like you  crystal and that's what I know, I don't know about  the others " he said

My friends were  not happy  especially  Amaka, she  felt I edged them  out, she  openly told me that she is not  happy and doesn't want to  hear  anything about  Terry
I liked  Terry  but I wouldn't say anything about  wanting a relationship  with  him, he's one of such  guys that can't    guarantee  you  safety or loyalty.I was  19years old and  not ready for such  affair

 The  news was everywhere that  Terry  flakes  was  seeing  me, I was  not comfortable with it, my friends  threw jibes at me and called me  "snatcher" the  outside looked  rosy  but nobody knew about the  silent war going  on between  me and  Terry.

He wanted to get down with  me by all means, it was  clear, I smartly  shoved off any  opportunity  that  may lead to that.

One  Saturday  Terry  came to see me, he pleaded with  me to accompany him to a nearby place where  he' had an ongoing project  ,I agreed,
On our way back  he left the  major  road and  started  driving to the road that  connected the  island and the  mainland ,"where are you driving to? " I asked  him, he smiled and said he just wanted to  pick up something  at his family  house. he had mentioned his family a lot in our  previous conversations,he talked a lot about  his brother and sister and  how much  he loved them.

I couldn't  find  my  voice  at that  moment, maybe  because it happened  abruptly,maybe i wasn't expecting that from him,

I knew the  twinkles in his eyes  everytime   my  eyes  meet with  his. I knew the  gifts  he always   sent were  signs of admiration and  on every  opportunity  he had voiced  out  his great admiration  for me,

 He drove into the  Parking lot  and asked me to  wait a little so he could  pick up some stuff from the  mall , I sat inside  his air conditioned  pathfinder and watched  people  go in and  out of the  complex ,it was a government owned shopping  complex, the  goods were seen as genuine and  affordable ,a lot of people feel comfortable  doing their  shopping there.

I saw Terry walk towards  his car, obviously  he shopped  at the pharmaceutical shop  because he came out from that  department. he came inside and   turned on the ignition "Sorry I took  some time,"he explained apologetically "there's a lot of people in there " he said. "it's  okay"I replied,he  held the  steering wheel with his left hand and  had his right hand  placed on  my thighs, he takes  his hands off intervally to control the  wheel.

"you have  lovely smooth legs "he told me  and looked into  my  face, I chuckled and  looked away "are you shy? " Terry  asked me  laughing out, I didn't say anything, I looked at him and we both   laughed

The ride lasted for about  15 minutes, we finally got to his famil y house ,everywhere was  quiet, he said  his sister must   have  gone to  visit their  aunt and his younger brother  may have gone to the games, we got upstairs and I sat on the  sofa  and watched the telly.

Terry  came out with  two  glasses of wine and offered me one of the glasses,I wasn't a  wine type  but I accepted the glass ,he made a toast to “stronger  healthier friendship “ ,I sipped  from  my glass and  watched the telly, he told me  stories behind  the  series  displaying on the  screen .
“I'm  happy you  finally agreed to  visit me “Terry   said  and put his hands  over  my shoulder  pulling  me closer to his body “I can't explain  how  happy this  visit  made me feel”he said, I didn't  see anything  spectacular about the  visit   anyway after all it wasn't a  visit for me, he tricked me to his house.  but I didn't  say this  out  so I don't  kill his supposed  joy, I simply smiled and told him  its  a pleasure.

His  right hand  squeezed me tenderly,his fingers  caressed  me, I became  uncomfortable with the way his touches  made me feel, I noticed  his breath  came sharply and heavy I forced myself to adjust and pulled  myself  away from his grip, he smiled and sipped his wine, there was  sudden  silence between us, it felt  awkward  ,at this point  I told him I had to go”No we've  spent  barely  20 minutes, don't worry Id  take you straight to your house afterwards “ Terry   pleaded.
But he didn't  stop  caressing me, he lent on me literally his body weight  fell on me, he reached  for my breast  from the  right side and  tried to fondle them, I held his hand to stop him, he insisted  he merely  wanted  to  play with the  pair saying its  harmless “there's  no harm there”,you'd  like the  feeling  let  me show you how caring I am” Terry said  pulling  me closer and closer, I pushed  him but he didn't  move, I kept  pushing him but he kept  pinning himself on me, his hands  tugged  into every  part of   me, searching for  spaces to get into  my body “Stop Terry please don't do this “I cried out to him pleading with him to let me go.
He was stronger than me, he's  become   fierce  tearing  my clothes  apart, he pushed me  back, his left hand  pinned me down, I saw him brought out  a packet of condom, he tore it and  wore it over his manhood ,

I screamed ,calling on whoever  was around to  come help me, there was no help at hand and  Terry   forced  his way into  my womanhood ,sharp pains  seized  me down my waist, his movement in and out of  me was piercingly  painful, I could  only cry as I watched  his animalistic  side  took advantage of  me.

,I had  come  face to face with  brutality back in the secondary school where I attended, the  first time it  was  the  student  teacher in my  school ,he took me to his house to help him record the  marks of the  students he taught after the  mid -term test ,I was exceptionally  brilliant so it was easy to  get the  attention of the teachers, mostly it came  negatively which  surprised me. his  name was  victor, he usually  sent for me whenever  he was at the  library and I helped him out with marking  of the   class test,

when we got to his house  just after  5 minutes of  recording  he held me and forced  his mouth on mine forcing a wet kiss, It was sudden so It took me unaware, when  he brought  out  his manhood and  asked me to  touch  him all over  I refused, I had to push the door   to  run out  but the  door was  locked, I begged  him to please  let me go  but he refused, he told me that it'd be just  between us, he forced his manhood into  my  mouth,he held my head and  helped his manhood go in and out of  my mouth,

I felt so  dirty  and miserable afterwards , when I got back to the dormitory I  showered and went  straight to  bed, I felt  cold  all  through the  remaining days of that   week, I couldn't talk to anybody, the   fear of  mentioning it to  the  school guardian and  counselor could only be imagined.

Now Terry of all people!! I stood there  crying, my top was  torn and  my skirt  ruffled ,"let go of me" I screamed at him, I couldn't  believe  Terry was  still  coming for. More!! "we can do this  properly, we already  started ,let's  make  love  properly, I've  always wanted you "Terry  said, my eyes  opened up in disbelief.. I could  easily  kill him or take  him to  court!!!
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