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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Effective Communication Plays An Important Role In Building A Healthy Sex Life In Relationships


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Couple In A  Healthy Sex Life

Healthy sex life is one important aspect to building a healthy relationship. Couples can achieve a healthy relationship and earth shattering sex life through effective communication.

How many of you married couples have made your man or woman feel wholly  "blown up" in your matrimonial bed? Have you for once made your sex life in your marriage count? Have your partner ever felt bored, unimpressed, unmoved each time you initiate a sex play???

As you battle with those questions, let's take a short journey to the starting point. Sex is more than just penetration, ejaculation, it's more of a tool that connect husband and wife in a marriage. Couples who have a good and healthy history of sex are more connected, bonded than those who engage into it only when the need to have children arises. It is needless to say that it eases tension and stress if carried out the right way.

The beauty of sex lies in the amount of communication that is involved. Such communication can come in form of signs, signal, body movements and verbal expression. As couple, every part of your partner's body is officially yours, so, you are licensed to exploring it when in the act. Notwithstanding, that does not mean one should turn one's partner to a sex slave.

Why and how should communication come into the sex process?

 It will give your partner the feeling that you are not just going into it to ease yourself off sexual urge, it will make it more of an instrument that will tighten your intimacy. It will be like a compelling thing to just meet your partner and say, "Honey, let's have sex." Such will make him/her feel he/she is your sex slave. You must first triger his/her sex consciousness and interest before going into it. It could come on how you appear in that moment(what you wear), the tone of your voice, your eyes contact, the content of your utterances which could even start with just a normal conversation. The point here is, there must be some prior awareness before the act. That is what will make him/her be in the mood and even desire you more than you desire him/her. Communication here is not restricted to just the man, it's something that both partners can initiate whenever they wish to send the signal across.

Communication does not just end in initiating the mood, it should continue even while in the act. It should not involve any form of shyness or pretence. Both partners should do everything about something and something about everything. Neither the man nor the woman should be motionless like a corpse. If your partner is not touching the right spot, assist by making use of your hand or mouth (telling him/her how) and if he/she is doing it right, speak out so that he/she wouldn't shift from the right spot. Making some mind-blowing soft sound is also part of the communication.

Both parties must not be expert in sexuality before they can have contentment in their sex life. One of the surest ways of curbing infidelity in marriage is by giving to your partner what he/she may likely go out to get when there is lack of it.

You can however choose to be too religious, crude or undesirable in your sex life, it's a choice. The choice is yours, make it right. There are many divorce cases in court already, don't let yours be on the queue.

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