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Thursday, October 18, 2018

When Intimate Moment Is At It's Ebb


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So when I saw that message asking me for a conversation. I obliged.we talked on the phone for some minutes and he later sent these message I'm sharing...


I was happy speaking with you yesterday. I will not be talking to you yet what i have noticed about you.


To our discussion. I will be brief.

1. Back to what we were discussing. See , when i was looking for a wife, i got a friend. We were close. And we were cool with each other. I ticked all the boxes simply because of where i was coming from. Except 1. Sexual orientation.......

I was waiting for marriage and i wanted to explore. Boom. Wedding night, i had to beg. Then honeymoon?? I was expecting marathon sex but we managed just 2 times in 8 days. I started getting anxious. Hmmm, my suspicion was confirmed later.

My wifey is not free talking about sex. You will laugh if you see her face anytime i want to talk about sex. We make love in the dark. Its not spontaneous. Its missionary and one round.

2. The facts are;

1. If you space love making too much especially for weeks, your first round will be very short. Except you go the second which she is not willing to do.

2. She tries so hard to contain her excitement during love making. Sometimes i pity her self

3. I was open enough to talk to her that sometimes i had to masturbate a day before we have sex so as to last at least a bit longer

Have we tried talking to people???

YES. We have seen a few people and all we masterminded by me. She does not like talking to people about her life so it was difficult for them to get facts from her.

The most hurting is when they talk, she will tell them, he is the man of the home, if he wants to make love, he should tell me. So i feel like i am raping someone if i ask all the time.

My assumptions

1. I think she may have been raped before judging from the way she closes her laps whenever i wanted to penetrate. Its almost involuntary. I have asked stylishly and she say no.

2. She is too shy because of mentality. the one her parents have given her. She started having sex early and the parents must never find out, so she learned to be very discreet about sex.

3. Sadly i think maybe i am not satisfying her enough.

I am working around all of these. God will help me.

Thanks for being a good friend.

So much to say. I wish we talk again.


And we will definitely talk again

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