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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

5 Things You May Do That Will MakeYour Girlfriend Mad At You.


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Talking About Other Girls

 The only thing you will get doing this is a headache and  blue balls,
Take  your girls emotional health into consideration, she will definitely feel you're not loyal ,maybe you're having secret admiration on the girl you talk about, she will feel she's not enough for you.

*Respect her emotions by showering her with all the compliments,don't dwell on talks about some other girl

Taking Time To Text Back

No woman wants to be ignored, she knows you have your phone in your hand almost all day so she expects you to text back as soon as possible.

*You may be busy with stuff,try to take  out little time to check your phone and reply her text after all she is also an important part of your life.

Lack Of Interest

 Men don't always understand girls logic, the interest is all encompassing.. Tell her words of  endearment, make her feel important and exclusive.

Your girl is out here trying to love you, she wants to be the centre of your life, she wants to be  involved in everything about you, Carry her along,involve her in the important decisions  you make,it will guarantee her safety with you.

Spending More Time With The Guys

Prioritize your time,she understands you will hang out with the guys but she expects you to also give spending times with her a whole thought.
Girls always want attention give it to her

Devoting Times To Other Girl's Online Activities.

She already started stalking and tagging her  the "other girl" she will feel disrespected when you use other girls  pictures on your dp,like their  posts.

You will not avoid following other girls on social media, it's  girls  problem,just be mild so you don't provoke jealousy in your girl.

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