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Saturday, November 10, 2018

5 Things You Must Let Go For Your Mental&Physical Wellness.


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Its true we face a whole lot as human beings and in most cases it seems unavoidable coming face to face with people and events that could be too heavy for us to deal.with.
The easiest we feel we can do  is to brood and feel bad,then we hang on them and see them as part of being human,

Though we have lived with this concept of thinking about life and.regreting where it seemed we have failed,we mourn over our loses and beat up outselves ,it is okay to cry and it is possible to change.

Humans have never solved anything by   over thinking therefore it.is time to dust up your crib and embrace a new life,

Follow these five tips,it seems simple but they are genuine game changer!!

1,Trying To Make Other People Happy At Your Own Expense.
Its such a  hard concept to let go of but I promise you when you learn the skill of finding peace in yourself instead of depending on what people do or  think about you  to decide and determine how you feel about yoursef,the much happier you will be. For once tell yourself you can do  this yourself,its not always about others,your validity isnt with any man.those you are seeking validation from may not even be capable of knowing the potentials you carry,.

2 Taking Note Of The Negative Things People Say About Us

I know you hear  this  a lot  but seriously who cares about what  is  said if it is negative its just jealousy or lies so people are replaceable and they need to know that.

3,Our Status In Life

If Steve jobs didnt become successful till 40,then it means that we have atleast  about two decades to  figure out our hustles

You know what?universe has a way of blessing the good people.

4 ,Keeping Shitty People In Our Circle

This has an easy solution,cut toxic people out of your life!.!

People are naturally disappointing,it is better to lose people that arent adding anything  positive into your life than to lose your peace of mind.mental wellness is everything.

5 ,Regrets

There is no such thing as regrets!!just mistakes we havent forgiven ourselves of yet. Take the positives themistakes must have taught you then let it go!!
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