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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Orgasm Has Health Benefits For Women, See Few Of Them.


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 The momentary loss of self that  comes with orgasm has been defined as the  closest  some  people  come  to  a spiritual experience,with orgasm, you connect to self, your  partner and the divine

Orgasm makes one feel great,it helps in more sound sleep and also  cuts down belly fats

It is one truth we all should  know, that  orgasm  is one  of  the greatest sensation  our bodies  can experience.
About  11 types of orgasms are possible for women to experience, unfortunately  there are women who  have  had sex with their  spouses  but  have never experienced  one orgasm.
 We usually say that  one  can enjoy  sexual pleasures without reaching  orgasm  and even get satisfaction  not putting orgasm in  mind, all these are possible  but I'm talking about that  point of point, one experience that  can't be  traded when it comes to  sexual activity, orgasm on the whole is indescribable, it is a feeling everyone should experience.

From a mild and subtle  feeling to an intense and explosive  rush of sensation

The  intensity of orgasm  depends on how the  bodies and  minds of the  individuals are at the time and also the  person they are involve with.

Achieving  an orgasm have some  health  benefits  to women  due to the chemical changes that  take  place in their  body,

One of the  Obvious  Benefits  is that  Orgasms helps   In  The Boost  Of  testosterone  levels

Experiencing  Orgasm    increases  estrogen  and testosterone ,these  hormones  increases  sexual desire and give  more sex appeal,

Experiencing  orgasm  improves the  mood  and  helps   in maintaining   sharp memory,

It prevents  abdominal  fat,cuddling  gives the  most  testosterone boost.

Orgasm  which  in most  cases reflects a healthy sex life  can help beat stress ,it beats  inflammation  and builds lively  social  life.

Experiencing  orgasm  can act as a unifying  factor  between you and your spouse,the deep connection  that  comes with  climaxing during  sex  helps in bonding.

Studies  has shown that  a good orgasm  acts like an analgesic, this helps in suppressing  pains without  affecting  sensitivity  to touch.

Experiencing  orgasm  triggers  the  release of  some  hormones called endorphins which  often  have  a sedative  effects, the reason   sleep  comes immediately after some  good sex.

Experiencing  orgasm  helps in weight lose,it helps in  burning the calories
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  1. So fakiing orgasm is deceiving oneself and depriving of its health benefits.