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Friday, December 14, 2018

Who Were The "These Girls" Davido Told Peruzzi Not To Allow To Sleep Over? Women Own Your Worth!!!


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So  you must have seen the video of   singer Peruzzi which went viral online, of him in bed with a young woman alleged to be a unilag slay Queen,
The video had the rising Singer  lying down in bed with the girl in what  looked like "an after sex" video.
A lot of comments  which  flooded the internet,insinuated series of stories.much as I didn't feel comfortable with what have  become a social media lifestyle,the  one of people putting out videos of their sex romp with celebrities and public figures,and of their estranged lovers,I didn't choose this  piece to talk about this social ill,I choose to write about the comment made by popular singer Davido.

Following the uproar created by the video, the popular singer uploaded a video online, where he made the scene look like a joke, in this video Davido said "Welcome to the club bro,I told you to not let " these " girls sleep over",he was talking to Peruzzi,obviously referring to his own ordeal  few years ago when he had a video of him in a sex romp with a girl exposed online.

So who are the "These Girls" singer Davido  was referring to?Apparently being a popular figure he had come face to face with some girls who yearned for him and fell for his near intimidating influential figure  and fame.

Whether it is enough to make the "if" crooner chose to describe the women folk in that derogatory manner is a question we all need to ask ourselves,one only us can answer.

Over the years most women have chosen to throw away their "crown" in pursuit of material stuff and worthless fame,it is no longer the "pursing" and "earning" game between  boys and girls, men and women,its no longer about women standing tall and waiting to be won over by the man who so much desired them.

This trend of finding any man desirable without checking if  really they deserve our time and love is the ugliest trend  I have seen in my over 2 decades on earth.


Countless times I tell my fellow women that they are " Prizes" ,we all know prizes are meant to be won?,but when that which should be ""Competed " over is being given out freely and effortlessly, it automatically loses it's value.

The moment women started seeing men as the fastest way to make life easier for them,that moment women stopped to treasure  self esteem and became ready to give out their precious feminine power for peanuts, lousy fame and worthless material gains,that moment was the break  for  irresponsible men to toy with what is valueable,  the feminine power is so precious and valuable but recently only  few women understand this.


There are men and there are REAL MEN,men who are groomed by real mothers cherishes women,even when the women aren't on their best behaviors, they admonish  rather than   put them to disdain and debase the woman in them .

There is every need to assess the men we desire, true no perfect man exist anywhere, but a combination of one or two qualities could make up what could readily transform one into a Prince charming.

What women MUST learn is how to embrace  SELF LOVE,CONTENTMENT ,PRUDENCE, RESOURCEFULNESS and Above all ability to source  for SELf Worth.
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1 comment:

  1. Jada queen it seems that u have not heard the latest slogan..one of my friends u was talking to concerning this same issue told me that "one thing must kill a man". The worst is that These ladies are not sleeping around to be recognized in the society they do it with this celeb just to boast with it.. Some of them after offering their body earn peanuts... Its high time we respect ourselves and carry our self the way it should be... We are meant to be won