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Monday, January 21, 2019

50 Orgasms Per Day, PGAD Turning Women To Nymphos, A Case Study Of Amanda Gryce


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From Florida  at the  age of  six Amanda  Gryce  found  herself  in a condition  called  PGAD, this  condition  saw her experiencing  as much as  fifty  orgasms  a day, what  was supposed to be a  blessing  turned out to be  a curse  as there's  no peace  nor pleasure as sex and masturbation  could be  anywhere and anytime.

According to  Amanda "it was pretty  difficult dealing with this condition ,and when I found  love, it was hard  opening up to him  about  my condition "
But she  finally  opened up to  her lover, who loved  her and helps her to  seek for help.

We easily  conclude  she. Is a sex addict or a nympho  once  a woman  seems to not go days without  sex, seeks sex regularly  or not get satisfied with sex, but medical  research  showed that about   66.7% of women who often  experiences  sexual  excitement  may have (PGAD)

What  is PGAD? you  may ask, Simply  defined  PGAD. Means PERSISTENT  GENITAL AROUSAL DISORDER
this is a situation  where  one  experiences spontaneous,persistent,unwanted and uncontrollable  genital  arousal  in the absence of sexual  stimulation  or sexual desire, and is typically  not relieved  by orgasm. Research  has shown that  a large  percentage of  people  with  PGAD also suffers from  Tarlow  Cyst, this is the  reason it is  referred to as  "women  problem "

At the  initial stage  one with  PGAD out of ignorance  thinks that  having sex is the  remedy, so they  go on having  sex round after round, but this can only  leave them feeling   sad ,because  no matter  how much of orgasm  one  have, the  arousal  hardly  go away.

This unwanted  physiological  arousal  can last for  hours  or even days at a time, it can occur  constantly
It is usually  unwelcome, unpleasant  and intrusive.

Back in my department at the  college of psychology, my course  mate told me the  story of her experience with  PGAD and how it left  her feeling  ruined,  it was public  knowledge that  she can get down with  anybody  at any  place  and time, once her sexual excitement  starts,she unconsciously  slide her fingers  inside her pant, in a full classroom and begin to  scratch her private  part.

PGAD usually   leaves a sufferer  experiencing   itching, tingling, tightness, pulsing,contraction and also pains in the  genital areas.  as well as vaginal  lubrications,

This causes anxiety  and depression, due to the  sensitive  nature of the  condition.

There is no medical  cure to PGAD yet, however there are  methods to improve  the quality of life of people with the condition., this  ongoing  basis  will help in reducing the psychological  harm of PGAD,.


Constant  application of ice  directly to the genitals may numb the area and relieve symptoms.

Psycho-educational interventions,cognitive behavioral  therapy  and physiotherapy  and stretching  exercise  can be useful.

Talk to a psychologist   if you  constantly  experience  involuntary  clitoral  or genital  arousal  devoid of any  sexual stimulation, either  by thought  or act, this condition  causes  people to  isolate  themselves and  leads to depression.

Always  understand that it is not your  own making  so don't  hate yourself  or feel abnormal, indulge  in activities that will  divert your  mind  from the  arousal, instead of  engaging in  sexual  intercourse  or masturbating,dedicate your time to your  hobbies and engage in activities you are really interested in.

Avoid  alcohol  and spicy  foods, take lots of  fruits and vegetables.

Understand it is physiological and medical  condition  not a spiritual problem  or curse, you can get better  through  cognitive  behavioral  intervention, counseling session  will  help you to identify the  problem. Challenge  pessimistic thoughts and  replace them with more positive  cognition this  will  help you  manage the  condition  effectively.

There are  surgery  process to correct  this  condition  but it is a must  one consults a qualified  physician and series of tests are required   before  settling for a surgery.
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1 comment:

  1. This is really informative & educating.. With the kind of mindset a lot of us have here.

    Instead of helping someone,a friend or a family who is going through this PGAD. We have rather ruined them or caused them more pain.

    Thank you Oma! For this .

    I remembered a close friend of my who usually experience sexual arousal even without any stimulant.
    All I could do is to encourage her to have control over such feelings. I never knew it's beyond that. 😢😢😢.