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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Transactional Sex, Men Started Buying Sex


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On the  issue of transactional  sex, we should  know that  men from the  days of our  fore fathers saw women and still  sees women as tools for their own sexual  pleasure,men grew up believing  that  sexual  pleasures  were  meant for them and women were  theirs for the take.

Men felt free and  wooed  women, they  cajoled  them  into  submission , but unlike  men, women  were  taught  from the  early  stages of their  lives to avoid  sex, no touches  no kisses except it's  their  husband , that is  inside  marriage, and I don't think that  civilisation  has erased this at least  not not  in an  African setting.

Even amongst  the  evolved  men and women one still  meets parents  who talks sternly to their  girl-child  on the  need to be careful  with the  boys and to not  let the boys  gain access to the  private  areas of their  body.
It is a common  sight to a  man for a girl to curl up into  herself  the  moment a man tries to  touch her, objecting to the  masculine touch  which  seems to  most  people as the  first  step to initiating  sex is one thing  every  man expects, the  men had to beg, pet and cajole to make the  women  soften and melt for them, and eventually  accept the  "offer " to lay with  them.

It was in these  process of  "peting  and cajoling " that  gifting  came into the  picture  ,it was. MEN  who started  buying  sex,
Because the women usually  objects to sexual advances, men would  promise them money, gifts  etc, in fact a man who is on the  stage  of "explosion ' can promise a woman   his lineage  inheritance just for her to let him inside  her.

Men did a lot of outrageous  things for women  because of  sex.

As time  go by women latched on this  men's weakness  and seized the  opportunity  to get by,women started  thinking of the  power they  have down there, "since  these  men can actually  agree to hunt  down lions  just to get inbetween  our legs, let's  use  our power to  get the  other things  we need that they  can also afford to  give".
from there it became a  game of using what you  have to get what you want.
it became trade - by- barter. I will  not forget to remind us that  till date,men still believes  that  women  are  tools for their  sexual pleasures.,there are  men who believes that  women don't  have the  right to express themselves  during  sexual  intercourse, in fact  to them women are  not allowed to make any sound  during  love making, if they  do then  it automatically  means that  they are  promiscuous, their  husband  will  start  asking them to name all the  men they  have been  sleeping with, but that is a topic  for another day.
There is of course  no gain  trying to  twist  the  truth  just to make the womenfolk the  devil.
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