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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It Could Be Your Man Wants A Slutty You In His Bedroom


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It may not even be what you're thinking, shutting up your thighs and covering your face,hiding your emotions, lying emotionlessly,just to not come out as untamed, but he's wishing it is,wanting the slutty side of you to rock his world.

It's a simple analysis, he wants the jerk harder,you want him to turn you and have you on all four,.he wants your legs up in the air,maybe one leg up  with his hand supporting you, one leg down and your hips up there or lying on the pillow

If he spreads your long legs over his shoulders or want you spread out so he can simultaneously  slide in and out of you and play with your breast ,you want him to circle his tongue on your nipples ,suck on every part of you from head to bottom, tell me why you're holding back?

When you're on  a similar sexual horizon
 with your partner,words are not important, all that is required of you is to let the vibe flow and you flow with the vibe, it's electrifying.

Look at this scenario
A woman knowing her sexual fantasy  should build it around her man, there is no diary ,no judgment, she dreams to be whiskered away and have her man do crazy things to her body,she has no reason to not make the move first, a man you love and 'married' desires a smoking affair behind close doors,you desires  breathtaking passionate love making-you simply go all out and get it done.

Most times women  hardly get daring and getting their man to give them  an unforgettable experience of their life is always a task they'd easily avoid, they're afraid of being judged.they don't want to  be seen as slutty,they read articles on great sex and multiple orgams,they wished to get one but they end up not getting at all,all they get is -a  man sweating  after she's provided him a rough ride  and she's there again-wishing!!

James and I were a crazy pair,we understood the languages our  body spoke ,one" hello" guaranteed session  of multiple orgasm,simultaneous orgasm  was frequently,we explored everything and everywhere, looked out for new things,shared our thoughts and fantasies, what we wanted and the ones we wanted to change,we heard   one another and enjoyed each one of us,we knew when to start and when to stop,there was no judgment. "You made me want to do my best to  satisfy you and make you happy" he told me one morning "I sometimes feel I'm too slutty" I replied."and it's actually what I wanted all my life " he said.

And  sincerely that's what your man desires-a slut in his bedroom,
Surprisingly there's a special connection between couples who shares sexual compatibility

Apart from lack of skills which most men pointed out as  a major reason they drift away from their partners,other major issues that causes  sexual  desires to ebb  between partners
 inexpressiveness and  unrespnsiveness came top on the list in most cases its usually happen because of  the shame of being seen as 'slutty'

My friend told me that his girl holds back a lot,even after series of discussion,one day he was alone at home with his girl's girlfriend who visited and one thing led to another and both of them ended up in the bedroom, he said "Chioma she gave me EVERYTHING" ,Don't get me wrong. I'm not excusing infidelity. not at all which is the reason I'm writing this piece, so the veils will be removed and gates will go down.

I carried  out  a survey on "Why do men hardly maintain a one-sex partner",not even with the woman they're committed to?"
80% of the men who responded pointed out inexpressiveness and lack of sexual  skill' as the major causes.
"I love my woman and I try my best to take care of her,but on the  part of our sex life. Its nothing to talk about, I keep a girl who gives me the styles I desires, she makes sure she's ready for me anytime unlike my woman" one man told me

My director opened up on one of our sessions,he told me that 70% of men while making love to their woman have the images of some other woman they've built fantasies on or have had great moments with,they enjoyed the  sex and  climaxed enjoying the imagery memories and not because of the present action. (this is a topic for another day)

There are psychological,emotional and physical things that contributes to the quality of love making, the woman's ability to being expressive and responsiive is  top on the list,having a roll in the hey is  what you desire with your man,make that moment count

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