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Thursday, February 28, 2019

My Boyfriend's Friend Is The Neon Demon


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 The first time I spoke with  Maurice  it was through  Allan's phone  before that  day I only  saw him on the telly  whenever I was free to watch telly I usually tune into the television channel where he presented his shows, he was a talented  TV presenter  and worked for an international  multimedia  firm.
Allan was out of the city  on an official  duty for his firm,  I  visited two  days before  he traveled, as usual  he kept  in touch  .

During  his lunch break a day to his return  date, Allan called me on the telephone and  said  he'd want me to speak to his friend and  colleague, according  to him he's  been teasing  him over "  our non-stop chats and calls,
When his voice  came through , I recognised  it immediately, I was a fan of his show, we exchanged  pleasantries and he told me that  I've  totally  charmed  his friend and  he's   fallen  hugely in love with  me, he told me that the few days he's  been with  Allan. was a revelation and  told me to keep on treating  him  properly, I thanked him and he passed the phone  back to Allan.

It's  an open secret  amongst  our circle of friends and family that  Allan  loved me very much, his fondness for me was  clear for all to see, he told me countless  times how scared he was to lose me and begged me everyday to not break his heart or mess him up"I am not sure I will  survive  it if you  mess me up, please honey don't  break my heart, I'm  totally  helpless  with you " he pleaded with me everyday.

On my side I knew he's  delicate in the heart and  overly  emotional and  I wasn't prepared to hurt him,why should I? Allan was the  best man every woman  would  love to have soft spoken and very easy going, Allan took good care of me and loved me rightly
 Everyday  he talked about  making  babies and  building a  healthy family  with  me,he carried me along  in everything  and seeked my opinion whenever  he had a decision to make, in all I would  say ours  was a perfect  love story  worth telling.

Throwing  back to that  trip, I was not expecting  Allan to  return  from his trip  with Maurice, he told me his company  would have their  board  meeting  early  the next day and  Maurice  wanted to spend the night in his house as his(maurice's ) house was situated  at the  outskirt of the city, it would  be stressful for him

I made each one of them  his favourite  meal, we ate and gisted all through  the night, Maurice  was a talker, humorous and witty, his stories  made me laugh uncontrollably, I still  remember the  story  he told of his first  time in a flight, how he screamed at  everybody  who  tried to walk inside the  plane,he was afraid the  plane would  crash, it was a hilarious  night, it was deep into the night when Allan and I retired to the bedroom and  Maurice  used one of the  guestrooms.

the  next morning  I made them light food  for breakfast, they ate and left to their  office,before he left Maurice and I exchanged  contact with  Allan's  permission

I returned to my base  a week later and life continued,Allan and I continued  with  our love language ,

One afternoon  I got a call from Maurice,he told me that he attended  an event in a city nearby  and wanted to  know if I'd be  free to come around, it was not the first time Maurice  would call me, ever since the  time  we spent   at Allan's  house Maurice and I  had have series of chats on the telephone and messaging, it had been brief and always  centred on my  relationship with  Allan,

 I made sure I put Allan in the know  after each conversation. he'd laugh and say that  his friend  was doing "the bae watch",even though Allan seemed comfortable with the  seemingly cordial relationship I had with Maurice,I was careful not to be " readily available " for talks with him.

So I politely told Maurice off,I was at work and didn't make any plan of stepping out of my base.he said okay then stayed on the phone for few  minutes more before he hanged up.

Maurice's call  started coming frequently, he always wanted a chat,he sent me pictures of him at every event he attended, gisted me on his activities and always expected I reciprocate, it started making me uncomfortable and nervous, I told Allan but he waved it off and insisted that Maurice had no ulterior motive "he has a woman he loved dearly and they're making plans to get married soon" Allan told me.

I still cautioned myself and made sure I avoid Maurice. something kept telling me he's up to something.

It was a cool Saturday evening ,I didn't work that day,I was at home  resting the evening away ,my phone buzzed and it was Maurice, he asked after my well being and said he was lonely in his room and wanted to have few moments of random talk,his girlfriend was at work,Allan had traveled to Europe ,I was the next closest buddy he said.

From the first minute Maurice sounded so sensual, he practically told me  erotic stories ,at that stage I began to record our conversations, I was scared that maybe Allan sent him to put me to test,another part of me suggested Maurice was just obsessed with me but as far as I was concerned, I told myself to not be part of his madness.

Maurice went on and on and  was obviously touching himself because I  detected that through his voice which all of a sudden became deeper and powerless, I asked him what his intention was trying to seduce me on the phone and his response made me cold,he said "well if I succeed in turning you on you'd simply flow with me and before you know it,we would have had our first phone sex"

Maurice was a beast and I told him that, I yanked him off my phone, it felt dirty and terrible I have dated Allan for  a year before that incident,I was confused thinking things through, my mind told me to  tell Allan,my other mind suggested it could be a set-up,but why would Allan want to put me to test?I've never given him reasons to doubt my loyalty, I had only one person to confide in my sister,she was far away at the medical school in New York,I chatted her and she told me to remain calm and watch things as they unfold.

Maurice kept sending me series of Long messages about how he got charmed by my beauty and  how much he's ready to give me the world if I'd leave Allan for him,it was hard for me to comprehend.

I tapped on that video he sent after reading one of his epistles, the video saved and the images started playing, I covered my eyes with my Palm and quickly located my phone's 'stop' and ended the video ,playing  right on my phone screen was  images of Maurice, he was naked and his huge manhood was hard as a rod,Maurice was touching himself and uttering beastly phrases.

I threw my phone away and sat on my  mattress, with my hand folded, I watched the empty space as tears streamed down my face.
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