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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Let's Get Married (2)


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It's Sunday afternoon at the Caribbean  and the serenity is alluring,we  slept all through the  morning cut to  a tiring tour we embarked on,I have little fright for  water but  Nazry was  my cover,my life jacket 😁😁
We have a date for  dinner  two of us are our  own crowd. I have  a long hair on,a weave-on,Nazry loves seeing  my hair wrapped back 'this Jewish jaw  God gave you should be appreciated",he'll always say. Just pack the hair all back so I will be seeing your beautiful face very well" .this evening is one of such days he'll  complain about  my long hair so I decided to loosen it and use  my Afro -wig instead.

I was in the restroom removing  my weave -on when  Nazry came in. 'how long is this going to last?" he  asked leaning on the wall ,his two hands in the pocket of the denim  Jean he  wore'30 minutes maybe "I said, 'let me help you out ' he said bending over to hold my hair,"don't worry baby,I  will soon finish"I said  holding his hands to stop him  "I insist" he said still holding my hairs,Nazry loves insisting as long as its me he feels I am stressing  myself ,I know  he'll  win at the end so I allowed him ,he'll delay anyway because he'll touch  my cheek. draw  my nose,my mouth. In fact we'll sleep in there.

Just like I know he spent so much time but finally got the weave -on off. I checked the water and it was on. 'I think I will shower immediately 'I said looking up to stare at him. My !! he looks so cute on his casual  denim shorts,exposing his broad chest,'you're so cute sweetheart 'I said  running  my fingers all over his chest(he has  tiny hairs everywhere. "I love you baby "I said again, Nazry was just smiling "I love you more baby"'he said,that's one part I don't agree with him,he'll always say he loves me more,he doesn't know what he  means to me.

No words can describe how I feel each time I think of him and the fact that I have him in  my life  spurs  me to  great lengths. I have to bath  on the tepid shower. Nazry likes  very cool water.

Throwing off  my towel I started mixing  my tablet and liquid soap. 'he was still standing looking at me .i know he'll ask to help me out  but I am not going to let him do it, why would he always come close to tease me  knowing very well he won't do more than that?my  mind went back to the very first day we had our bath together.

It was almost two years ago, our relationship was about  four months old and I was always shy undressing  before  Nazry, he will talk about every part of my body and how beautiful  they are, me on the other hand will be praying he should touch me. Just one little touch.,maybe this thought will go away.,since it's not forthcoming I prefer using the second room where I will be alone,so on that day,I was in the bathroom and he  came in . I quickly rushed to cover  myself with the towel  but he  bursted into laughter. 'you're still covering yourself?",he asked. "I am going to take off that towel and give you a clean shave down there " he said ,"goodness  me ' I screamed  and held  my towel tightly .

"Please  sweetheart don't 'I pleaded with him 'you know I will do just that  so relax 'he said. I almost passed out. Nazry? going to that part of me? Oh my. why is he doing this  now? I asked  no one in particular, he came close and held  me. I held him and  closed  my eyes. I didn't want to  see him  do that,all  I feel  is  the sensation  building up inside  me as he used  the  shaving  blades .I refused  to open  my eyes,my head was spinning. 'open your eyes 'he said  'no I won't ' I replied "open it and look at this thing I want to show you" he said and  that got me and I opened  my eyes,immediately  Nazry  bent down and kissed  my  navel  down to the region he just  cleaned up. I held  my breath and  my tummy shrinked.

"Goodness me"  I muttered to  myself ,"you'll kill me, "go on with the bath darling, I love you dearly " he said and started walking away. I stood there looking at him walk out into the  master's bedroom,what kind of a guy  is this? I found  myself smiling and thinking aloud.

So when he stood staring at me this afternoon my  mind was racing,what's going on in his  mind? what surprise does he want to pull out this time? I was asking  myself 'I don't  need a shave you know 'I told him,trying to be smart,he started laughing 'I didn't say  you do baby. 'I am only admiring you",Nazry said

Time in the bath was about an hour and some  minutes. Nazry took the sponge and helped me,after which I helped foam his back. 'I will shave your beards tomorrow " I said as I pour  liquid soap all over him,"you know I  will  be leaving tomorrow.,you'll still stay till next sunday 'he said and  my face dropped. I didn't remember  he'll be rushing  back to  Nigeria  monday  night .'I will go with you" I said,he laughed and lifted  me up and  carried  me into the room,we have to dress up and leave for the resort,It's about 20 minutes drive  from the hotel and the driver is already waiting .
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