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Friday, May 17, 2019

11.45 Pm At His Closet


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His warmth was everything, his strong arms circled me and had the whole of my body wrapped up in  his arms,my head placed on his broad hairy chest,his right  hand moved up and held my head from behind, his fingers brushed my hairs, picked them strands by strands,pushed them back and revealed my shiny forehead.

My eye lids blinked, his fingers stroked my hairs some more  then moved a little to touch my forehead, it felt warm and soft.his touches were subtle,

My skin had  bumps.like it was out in the  early morning rain , my tommy skin folded ,he ran his  fingers down my face and  touched my face all over ,his middle finger found my lips and dropped on them.

He whispered all the while, words of endearment, in a low tone,he proffessed love to me,his voice was deep,he promised to love  me forever , I raised my head to steal a glance at his handsome face and our eyes met and Locked.

I wasn't aware he's been staring, all the while his eyes were fixed  on my face,taking in every details.

I made to look away, I  became shy all of a sudden,little smile was on his face as he held me  softly on my jaw with his right hand, "don't look away sweets,I love the look in your eyes" he said, I curled my body to his,I was shy,but I could do nothing, my face was in his hand.

He looked deeply into my eyes,steadily he looked,seconds gone into minute, two-three-four oh my,my body shivered and my knees got weak.

He was quiet,I was quiet, yet I could hear him speak to me,I heard him in my subconscious.waves and waves of emotions surged through my nerves and my vein tfed excitedly, our eye balls rolled,the smiles played still on his face,

I felt moist in my eyes,my lids  blinked,then he bent slowly till his lips found my lips and covered them ,his hands held my body tightly,

Firstly it was a soft kiss on my lips ,then his tongue parted my lips and slided into my wet mouth,his tongue roamed inside my mouth licking and sucking every part.

His tongue found mine and locked,he kissed me passionately, I loved the feeling, I kissed him ,his tongue rolled over mine  and my tongue rolled over his simultaneously, the pleasures built up,waves of pleasures ran all over my nerves,he pushed his tongue deeper,like he wanted to touch my throat, I curled deeper and deeper,my body and his body entwined,it was warmth all over,his fingers touched me all over ,his tongue licked every part of my mouth and locked in my tongue.

It was ecstatic❤

It was pleasurableđź’“

It was thrilling❤

It was passionate.đź’“

Tiny sounds escaped me.I heard his gbod,I could feel the veins round my cleavage tighten.I felt funny all over my nether region.

He pulled away from me,a little space between us,that moment I wanted more of him,I didn't want him to stop,I held his hand as he made to put my head on his shoulder "please don't stop" I whispered, he looked at me and smiled,my eye balls  were  dull and the lids could hardly open,my body felt so light,it was pleasured "I'm not stopping baby" he whispered back "just want to make you feel a lot  more comfortable" he said

He lifted me ,placed me to his shoulder,he took short steps and got  to his bed,he bent slowly and placed me on the nicely made bed,like Someone pushed from behind, he landed on the space beside me.

It was a beautiful cotton bedsheet that we covered ourselves with, each one of us held the other like so nobody should escape "are you not mine?" he asked in whispers because I shrugged at his touch on my womanhood.
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