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Monday, May 20, 2019

3 Quick Natural Treatment For Monthly Cramps


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Almost 8 out of 10 ladies within the menstrual cycle range thick down the months as they go by counting the remaining  months they'd still have to endure the  pains that comes with menstrual flow,isn't it funny?

It is funny because no matter how much you count and thick the months,one would have to wait till menopause set in to stop menstruating.

Menstrual cramps can be painful but there are natural ways to get rid of the pain

More than half of the ladies during menstrual flow reports some pain at every given month,it causes discomfort and makes the natural monthly menstrual cycle unbearable for them.

To help with the pain here are safer and effective remedies

Natural Treatment

Cramp bark tea
Add two teaspoonful of the bark in a  cup full of  hot water, simmer for about quarter-hour, and drink it 3 times each day.

Spinach leave
Take two or three leaves ,eat this twice a day for two days.

Tea tree oil
 Massage into the skin after a warm bath do this morning and night.

I'm one woman who dreamt of being free  from  cramps for many years,I bite my lips once the signs of another  period of menstruation begin to show because I knew it'd be a harrowing 4 days for me,but all these are history now,using the natural methods have brought a lot of relief for me.

I count on it to work magic for you as well.

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