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Monday, May 27, 2019

Closer To The Midnight Screams


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 The only one my soul wants,the one my body yearns for,come in I invite you,I wait patiently, in full desire to be consumed by you,my passion is full and  burning ,it's all for you.

My fingers in your hair,your strong arms circle around my waist.come in and make love to me,my whole being yearns  for your masculine touch, my body and soul wants to be loved and taken.

My chest pressed softly to  yours,I could feel  your breath against my ear,so subtle.

There's no holding back in this sacred moment, it's a Paradise for you and I ,make love to my body,mind and soul ,till I'm spent,caress my body till my lids sticks together ,my lips shivers and my knees wobbles.

Your left hand held my back and drew me closer to you,your eyes fixed on mine
My lips became yours, it feels safe,it feels whole.a wonderful feeling, so alluring, so amazing.

How does it feel knowing there's a wonderful soul  needing you and you're needing all the tenderness?, we are all ready to give and to receive,without judgment we allow everything we feel empty  out ,our desires burn out and we are satisfied.
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