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Monday, May 13, 2019

Don't Be Afraid To Embrace Love


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A lot of people have become so scared to fall in love,they have been broken, betrayed and lied to, but no matter how harshly love might have treated you, it is still the best experience ever.

It is in relationships  we are wounded and in relationships  we're  healed.

Relationships are dichotomous  for in them we receive  kisses &wounds, blessings and  curses, security and exposure

But as the  age old  saying goes "I'd  rather  have  loved and  lost  than to not  have  loved at all"

*Do you  believe in love?

*Are you in love?

*Has love hurt you?

*Has love healed you?

Love is a decision not just a is a choice
*A choice to stay committed

*A choice to be faithful,loving and forgiving.

It requires a choice to be consistent, because at a certain point in a relationship the feelings may begin to fade,what keeps the union going is the choice you make,to keep going no matter what .

Love doesn't just sit there,it has to be made,remade all the time,made new.

It is love that takes all the pain within,
It is love that has special power to heal and nurture
It is love that gives you the strength within to keep on going.
It is love that froze time and allow you into a soul,the one soul that you desired and  it accepted you.

 Don't be afraid to love and embrace love,give it one more chance, it could be the most thrilling and you'd be glad you did.
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