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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

GIRlS TALK (Episode 1) When Do You Know You Are In Love?


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Romantic love which is what we are looking at is the kind of love that exists between a man and a woman. It is hugely controlled by emotions, passion and desire. It is the feeling of attraction between the opposite sex , the Greeks called it "madness of the gods" .Romantic love mostly leaves  the  people in it without choice, it is swift and breezy, most people believes one really have no hold on when love can happen to them,but it's strongly believed that we usually have control over whom we choose to be in love with.

So when do you know you are in love?

You're sure you're truly in love with  this guy,you're putting in work but he feels indifferent. He's not showing signs of mutuality and his intentions aren't clear.How would you handle this?

Girls Talk  took opinions of these beautiful young women and these are what they have to say.

 I am Kemza Timmy,29  and A Fashion Designer.
OK for me I know I'm in love  when I think about a guy more than anything else, I feel the urge to be with him often and when I smile unknowingly at his calls then I know I love him.

Girls Talk-So You know you're in love with him,you're putting in effort to make the relationship work but he's  not  doing enough, What would you do?

 If I have put in work to make a guy actually ask to date me and he is not acting like he sees me the only thing I will do is to let him be, I will try to avoid him and with time the feelings will disappear,  this senario has happened to me before. It's difficult to let go and sometimes it could make a person feel worthless but when you find someone else you will be good and look back and be glad the other guy did not even give in

Admin-So like a disappointment being a blessing in disguise?

Something like that

Girls Talk-Admin please one quick one

Admin- okay

Girls Talk-Which is more difficult,Letting go or starting again? 

Admin-Why not ask the girls?I'm not eligible to participate. 

Girls Talk lol,thanks ma'am  Let's meet the beautiful woman next  on the line.

 I am Fatima Binta Idris,I am 25 years  and a Legal Practitioner.

Girls Talk -So When Do You Know You're In Love

I know i am in love when hearing from "him" via calls or texts lightens my mood. I  know Iam in love when he is the first person I want to call always and I stop working on my backup plans. Most times when I find myself going through previous chats with that smile on my face and butterflies in my stomach; I am in love. I know I am in love when I cant wait to share some of the stupid things I did during the day with "him". It is mostly in my guts.

Girls Talk-He wanted you and seeked you out,but inside the relationship he's not been the guy you expected him to be,doesn't act like he's in it with you.How would you handle it?

Mostly when I put in work in the relationship I expect the same energy given back. But if the guy is not reciprocating same or have no clear intentions I let him go.

Girls Talk -How easy is it  for you to  let go?

I am a lady and deserves to be "chased" every day like he is still trying to  make me his woman. I  do not have the luxury of time to be left hanging with no clear cut intentions. I love certainty; its either we are both in or please don't waste my time. I don't force things to happen especially relationships, let nature do its work; if its meant to be it will totally happen. I would never waste a man's time and would appreciate if mine is not wasted either. Where I don't get what I want, I channel the same energy into another...I would never force love to happen. Men always know when a lady is the "one" I would never give a man the satisfaction   of tagging me as being too "up in his face or business". You cannot force a man to commit. If a guy truly loves you, you don't have to teach him how to treat you right or do the right things. I always know when its time to cut my loses and bolt.

Girls Talk-Thank you beautiful Fatima,next on the line is-Lets meet You Adorable

 I am Dolly Korede,28 and a Worker

Girls Talk-Tell us  what love means to you and when you know you're in love?

Firstly I'd like to say something about love.
Love is an intense feeling of deep affection, it is also a variety of different feelings, state and attitude with no limits or conditions for a person.

The feeling of love may not likely be  different from the feeling of infatuation but being persistent with it can actually tell what it is.

I know I am  in love when
1. I always think about him and want him around me at every point.
2. When my heart rate synchronises with his
3. I always want him to be happy irrespective of anything and
4. I just love everything about him and hardly finds faults not because there aren't faults but because the percentage of love  I have for him is high enough to cover his flaws.

Love can sometimes be crazy especially when you want someone that doesn't feel like he wants you back by reciprocating what you feel for him and in such a situation,I cannot pull  myself down for someone who doesn't find it interesting to stay in my  life. I don't run after a person who doesn't have an intense feeling for me.

If I find myself in a situation of loving someone so deep and I know in my  heart that I truly love this person  but he doesn't  reciprocate  or appreciate how  I  feel about him, I will
1. Accept the fact that he doesn't need  me
 2.Leave the dream about him behind and move on
3.I won't get angry with him or myself
4 I will Recognise that I can't control that person's emotion and I will express my  feelings to myself and get rid of his memories.

Girls Talk- There's no much difference on how  the Ladies view love,It's necessaLove?o appreciate the feelings of someone who truly loves us especially the person we seeked out ourselves,
If at any point we feel like what we thought was real doesn't feel same,its important we talk it over and agree on the next step instead of  abusing someone's emotion. "Don't hurt  a heart that chose to love you"

Feel free to drop your opinion on the topic  "When do you know you are in love?",let's do this again next week.
Stay Adorably Feminine.

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