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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Home To My Teenage Years Admirer


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I ran into the guy who  wanted to date me few years ago,I was in class four in high school then,he was my favourite cousin's best friend.
I was a novice but not naive because at that stage my mum and older siblings had given me so much sex education so I could read through his desires.

He has a twin brother, they were not so identical but one still needs to observe closely to tell who is who,

I noticed he liked me a lot those days through his acts,he was always coming around to see me and gifted me severally,still I pretended I didn't understand what he was talking about, I was 14 and innocent.

That  saturday morning I was in my room with my immediate older sister gisting when my little cousin Harri ran into the room clutching a white envelope, he bent towards me and whispered "Chad told me to give you this" he pushed the envelope into my hand and ran away immediately.

I  took a look at the envelope and saw boldly inscripted letters, it read"CONFIDENTIAL " ,so it was for my eyes only. I opened it and my mouth hung,my favourite male cousin wrote me saying "Ethan has been disturbing me about you, I don't know but I think you should let him be friends .real close friends with you"

My sister did everything to see the content of the letter but I refused, my cousin said "Confidential" and so it remained.

I didn't date him because I was too young to date and I refused to forgive my cousin for trying to put me through such  risk,it would be almost impossible to be friends with a young man  who  had such mad fondness  for you without  trickles of emotions cropping up,come on I was only 14, looked big for my age but it still doesn't make  any  difference,I was young and the least thing on my mind was a love affair.

My cousin was heartbroken by my closing out on him, severally he tried reaching out to me to explain that he didn't mean any harm"Ethan is a harmless guy,I know he won't hurt you nor misbehave" but I didn't care,he became my worst enemy.

I avoided Ethan all through my high school days,in the few occasions our paths crossed he tried to pick up  conversation and always end with "I know one day you'd understand how much I care about you", I'd  smile and we'd wave each other bye-bye.

I met  Ethan in London three years ago,he was already done with school and working.I was doing my postgraduate, it was a strange feeling for me imagining how it'd look like dating my teenage admirer, It was only a thought  anyway.

So when I ran into him two days ago my heart gave me a skip," still growing bigger and ever beautiful "he said and  grabbed me with his two hands, I didn't object, he has grown into a full man " how are you doing? " I asked ,more of lack of things to ask, I haven't seen him for years and so didn't know where to start,"I'm good and glad to meet you again "he replied holding my hands and checking my fingers at the same time

" I hope nobody has seen Dad before me because I'm definitely not going to let go this time? "I laughed  searching his fingers as well" Don't tell me you're still single?"I asked him and looked straight into his face my face leveled up to his.

"I'm single" he replied and we bursted out,we laughed and laughed and got passers-by staring  at us.

He insisted it's providence, I didn't  argue with him but Ethan was every inch a REAL MAN.he's grown so big and the affluence around him could easily be smelt.

"We're hanging out tonight  for sure because no excuse will be accepted" he said and led me to his car.I didn't object either, I've avoided him for too long,since his fondness hasn't wilt,I concluded it'd be good if I give him the chance he's always wanted, I stole a look at him and it dawned on me the feeling's mutual, but why didn't I realise this all these while?

"Hope you were able to catch some sleep?" Ethan asked me over the phone, we'd spent the whole of yesterday in his house gisting and playing.it felt like finding a lost love,"Yes I did" I replied, "thank you for giving me the opportunity to love you" he said. I chuckled, it is strange isn't? ,after several years of chasing game we are back in each other's arms,I hope this lasts,I pray this is love and it is real.

I picked up my phone and  put a call across to someone special, you know who?, "Hello Chad guess what?" "what?"my cousin asked" I'm with Ethan"I told him,he chuckled and said "Another day has just begun"
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