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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I Was The Woman And I Made The First Move,Its Happily Ever After.


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It's exactly one year and  ten  months since the day ibiwari became mine, the centre of my life and all that I live for. Looking back now I shiver at  the thought of ever staying without him. If I had seen love and experienced what it feels like to love and  be loved  then I owe it all to ibiwari, my soft spoken ,easy going prince charming.

Hey don't sell that dummy to me about no perfect man because I'm not buying it, I am currently living with one,yes we are through with the introduction and our wedding plan is under way.I am relishing  the incredible sweetness being in love brings

What if I didn't say "hi" to him that very instance our  eyes  met ?I don't want to imagine it, I am everly grateful to the unseen angel that put the courage in me.

I relaxed  on the car seat stroking  my engagement ring, Ibiwari  has  gone  into the mall to get us some snacks, we'd  been on the road all through the day making one arrangement after another ,our wedding was just a month away, how time fly?

It was a boring afternoon and the power providers did  it again. I was listening to music from my transistor radio  still it didn't do  much to ease the boredom, I remembered the  sports club was always busy with people coming in to engage in different sporting activities so I decided to take a walk down town.

I wore  any casual  T-shirt on a black fitted skin pants and lazily hit the road, I could hear the noise from the bustles inside the  sports centre ,I knew I would feel better soon so I took a seat at a strategic position that could enable me have a full view of the tennis court which was my favorite sportscaster.
I ordered for a can of fruit juice  and some chin -chin .one of the players was beating his opponent silly ,I  chucked as I watched.

 Few  minutes after my arrival  the rain began to drizzle, damn and I had no umbrella,it'd take some walk to get into the hall and I didn't  want my  body to get soaked,I looked for options,just then I saw him coming, walking briskly trying to open his umbrella,without invitation I dashed in to share with him before someone else does.we walked together into the sports hall and sat on one of the couch, he was busy  looking out through the window like he was searching out for someone.

'Hi I am  Joyce" I said  and stretched out  my hand for a handshake,"I am ibiwari " he replied  and took  my hand in a very warm handshake that lasted longer than usual,
his soft warm and subtle touch soothed even the most bored part of me ,I reluctantly let go of his hand,my hold was long and embarrassing, even though he didn't say so,he was only smiling, my breath  was heavy like a sprinter who  was  just finishing up a race, It was magical that instant  some  chemical were released and I could swear there and then we were meant for something more ..

Ibiwari was a shy guy I noticed, he  still is,a man of few words,he knows what he wanted at every point, he does it without saying much,it was vivid right  there at the hall,he'd steal a look at me when he felt I wasn't looking,Rihanna's "Man down" was playing on his bluetooth,

I took him in ,in few seconds I could write a piece on his looks,drop dead handsome, his complexion was butter-like,amazing dentition,he looked sporty .I fell in love with him at first sight,but his attention wasn't with me,he was engrossed in the music.
"I'm a Rihanna fan" I told him and made sure my hand brushed his as I  stretched to touch the bluetooth,"oh I see"he replied and asked for my favourite tune, I told him and asked for his and he told me,conversation kicked from there, we talked music and sports, politics and social issues, Ibiwari was clearly excited at my brilliance, "Joyce you're intelligent and informed" he said smarting up,he took my hands in his "it's not every day that you meet a young woman this smart" he said smiling into my face,I laughed and said "thanks a lot"

It was about 2 hours of heavy downpour but we didn't notice it,we were lost in hearty conversation, at the end Ibiwari offered to take me home and I accepted, the way I felt I would have asked to join him in his car had it been he didn't make the offer.

It was a short ride to my house ,I was reluctant to get off the car,he smiled all through, we exchanged contacts and he promised to visit me at home,he did visit the next day,he took me out to the ice cream joint and we spent the whole evening gisting

"I am sure it's love I'm feeling for you" he told me one night,about a month into our friendship, we were at his balcony, I pretended I didn't hear him,he held me on my shoulder and drew me closer to him and held me  tightly.

"Joyce I love you and I'd be so glad to have you in my life ,not just as a friend but that special one I'd cherish" he said looking straight into my eyes,by now you could guess my response? I was extremely happy and I told him it's been my deepest desire.

Ibiwari worked as an expertriate in a multinational firm,he's a genius, at 32 he's lived in five different countries, very humble and dedicated, I was lucky to meet him.

Dating was Paradise, he was the lamb and he took in my shits,everyday he made me get better."what I fell in love with is the woman inside of you, you're an amazing being, I loved the way we connect on every level, I know you were created for me"he told me the night  before the morning he proposed to me,I didn't let him finish asking me"If I'd be his wife " before I screamed "Yessss"

"I'd be your wife, your soulmate and the mother of your kids" I desired it and  am getting it,Ibiwari wouldn't accept I loved him more "you're my Cinderella, my pumpkin, Joyce you're my everything"

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  1. Wow. I felt that deep within my marrow I think. Is this a real life story?