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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Intimate Moment, Is It The Bigger The Better?


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It's said that when one is not well informed, one will be deformed. About seventy percent of ladies ( if not more) are believers of the assertion, "the bigger the better" when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Guess what, even those who have not had sex before are also believers,why? Because they heard others say it.

 So, since such belief is the real thing, they wouldn't hesitate to say, "the bigger the better" when asked about their preference of a man's sex organ. Have you heard of the word, MISCONCEPTION before? I believe you have. If you have, I'm afraid such belief system is one of the misconceptions of sex and satisfaction.

Just as the sex organ of men vary, so is that of the women. A bigger penis may be compatible (not necessarily better) with that of a lady whose vagina size is as wide and deep as River Niger. However, aside from such size compatibility, satisfaction on its own is a different thing entirely. What will determine the amount of sexual satisfaction is mostly about HOW and WHEN he uses it.


Imagine a man who whenever he wishes to have sex with his wife will follow this pattern; " Call her to the bedroom, undress her, have erection, begin penetration and finally ejaculation" without any other activity before and during such  action. (Mind you, the man in question has it big and long".

Imagine another man who whenever wishes to have sex with his wife will do the following; "call her to the bedroom, tell her how he loves her, tell her how sexy and attractive she looks as he go behind her back to place his hands on her shoulder and massage her gently(clothes still on). After a while, will turn her around and kiss her so gently on her neck, forehead and lips simultaneously in a lying position. Then gradually off her clothes GENTLY one after the other with a kiss to seal each pulling. After a while, he changes the activity; kiss her laps passionately, hold on to her breast, caress and squeeze them softly,stroke her nipples same time... (you can imagine the rest). Then finally insert his thing, thrust in and out gently without necessarily using force at first. Pull out in the process and repeat almost everything he did before penetration before he will continue thrusting again until finally ejaculation. Hmmm...(Mind you, this man is not having it as big as the first one).

Be the judge! Will the wife derive same sexual pleasure from both men?

Don't be in a hurry to prefer bigger and longer ones when your own vagina is not as wide and deep as that of the lady who wouldn't be in a hurry to say, "the bigger the better". If you must have preference for size, it should be according to your own size. But most importantly, know today that the size is not the MAJOR determinant of sexual pleasure.

THEREFORE, don't independently accept or reject a husband solely on the size of his penis because there is more to it than just the size.

This article first appeared on my website 
It was written by Benjamin Inana
Mr Inana is a writer and a private relationship counselor.

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