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Monday, May 20, 2019

Natural Treatment For Cough That Every Family Needs


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When it's cold,cough and catarrh hmmmm,I run as fast as my legs can carry me,if there's any ailment I dread it's cough and catarrh, it brings all sort of breakdown to my body,and it stays so long it gets me crying like a baby.

On such period few weeks ago I got to discover this natural way of getting cough out of my body, it was amazing. I've already seen my doctor and gotten enough injection and tablets but it was not feeling like something that'd go anytime .

I lost my voice,had sore throat,I didn't take phone calls for over one week,my bestie was on my phone on a saturday afternoon, he's also a customer to these enemy of our health,he told me about the honey-lime combo and I wasted no time,I got them together and tried it,believe me within two days of using these method, I got well and it was amazing.

Because I'm not stingy with information, I decided to share with you the easiest and quickest(yet relatively unknown) way to cure cough and catarrh.

Natural Remedy For Cough And Catarrh

*Boil clean  drinking water   and measure  up to a tea should be hot enough to make you sweat.

*Measure two tablespoon full of natural honey ,add it into the hot water you already poured to the tea cup.turn it with the spoon till it dissolves.

*Cut two balls of lime ,squeeze out the  water ,make sure there's no seed in the water then pour  into the tea cup already containing honey and hot water.

"Mix together and drink,it must be hot water

*Take bitter kola and chew   afterwards, make sure you swallow the water from it you can take as much as five bitter kola daily.

*Use this combo twice for three days consecutively.

Try it ,it works faster than charm then get back to me and tell me  what you think about this great gift from nature.

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