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Thursday, May 2, 2019

One Night Out At The Hotel With My Hubby Saved My Marriage


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Bube and I got married a little over six years ago,to be candid I wasn't the sex type. Okay I had couple of smooching and fingering before my marriage but my husband was a sex maniac,his sex drive was ten million times or so I thought, I was rigid and nervous with sex.

Bube didn't like the fact he had to be the only asking for it,I get busy with house chores after work and hit the bed afterwards leaving my husband in the living room, trying to wake me up in between sleep with his turgid manhood became a terrorizing experience every night "I don't understand you phina,young women your age sends their men to the high heavens with  ecstasy but here you are putting out my fire every moment"Bube thundered one  night,he was so charged and throbbing, I turned over to the other side  of the bed and let him pull off my night gown,it was another one sided affair, he'd almost rape me,I waited patiently for him to get it over and done with then I'd roll over to the other side and cover myself under the bedsheet.

Bube loved me dearly but my unresponsive sexual life sent him  crazily mad at me,he quarreled and nagged unnecessarily, at a point he started insinuating that I could be into lesbianism or some sort of unnatural sex ,if not why can't I fancy sex with him for one day?

I wasn't any of these,I was only   being the prude  woman who grew up under the strict guide of her mother, I was taught that sex wasn't meant for me ,that I could just get pregnant at a man's touch.

Growing into a teen we became adventurous back in high school, we sneaked out at night to play under the moonlight with boys from the neighbouring high school, I was frigid and nervous with sex,getting married didn't change that.

I watched helplessly as my husband became a stranger, he hardly disturbed me about sex and barely mentioned it ,I felt relieved and went about my life till one night.

I'd gone to bed before Bube as usual, somehow I was experiencing stomach discomfort so I woke up to take some drugs, I've opened the door to the bathroom to have a quick shower then my eyes flashed through the opening on the door of the master's bedroom where my husband spent nights lately,he was on the video talking ,I tiptoed to the door and opened it a bit more.

On the screen was a grown girl,naked as the day she was born,with her fully endowed body,Bube was naked watching her,both of them were lost in each other pleasuring themselves, the strange lady was saying the darnedest things and Bube was extremely excited, I closed my ears with my fingers,those dirty words made me so ashamed, I can't imagine myself saying them but my husband was enjoying every bit of  it,I ran back to my room and slumped into my bed,

I was disappointed in my husband, he was cheating on me with a fantasy girl,such obscenity!! But Bube wasn't moved at all,"You never wanted it and I needed it"he said unremorsefully,I felt bruised

For days I didn't talk to Bube,he also avoided me,the silence in my home was killing, I found comfort in reading stories online, then one day I read a story that looked like mine,the woman told  the story of her ordeals in her marriage due to unsatisfactory sex life and how she found solution.
I didn't realise I was doing the wrong thing,I was thinking my husband was a sex manic who does nothing than have sex and more sex.

I  Started applying those tips I read on the story, I firstly apologised to my husband and promised to  change, he apologized for his  lewd activities and we're good again.

I started asking for sex as well as responding the little way I could but it wasn't anything I enjoyed.

One weekend Bube told me that he'd love to take me along to his colleague's wedding,we packed our bags and hit the road,it was on a Friday evening, we got into the city before night and checked into a hotel,the couple welcomed us and we stayed out into the deep night for the wedding eve rituals,

Getting back to our hotel room I was feeling like a new bride,Bube was all over me,I'd say I could easily pass for a beauty Queen without sounding immodest,every part of my body was perfect,the curves and contours perfectly  in the right places.

For the first time I felt the tingling, I felt the rushes of emotions ,I felt the surge of pleasures and waves of ecstasy ran all over my veins, I felt wet in between my legs and my nipples got harder needing my husband.

I held him tightly drawing him to myself, for the first time I noticed how huge he was down there, I watched him grow in my palm,it was unusual,it was ecstatic, I guided him into me and watched him make sweet passionate love to me.
"Let's do it like this again" I whispered to Bube,he turned me over and had me again and again.

We returned home after the wedding and everything took a new turn, I became more adventurous, I searched for new techniques to better my skill,Bube was extremely happy.

We spent hours having sex I didn't know sex was this good and I didn't know I married a stud "Thanks honey for not walking away from me" I whispered into his ears one night after  an explosive sexual inter course,"I love you honey "he replied and covered my lips in a wet kiss,we spent time making torrid love all night long.
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