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Saturday, May 25, 2019

The 2 Best Solution For Vaginal Dryness


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Your private area is always dry?no problem.
Olive oil and coconut oil  the   powerful  combination  that  sends vaginal dryness  packing  permanently .

Vaginal dryness makes sex uncomfortable for women,they hardly get wet making penetration difficult, at the end the vagina get bruised,leaving sores on it when not treated properly, this makes the vagina  to be bringing out foul smell.,and makes the affected person scared of having sex again.

(a)Vaginal dryness could be the reason you rarely get wet.

(b) It causes itching on the private area.

(c)The skin on your vagina peels off when you try to scratch  on the area .

(d)It causes blister

(e)It makes sex  so uncomfortable

Vaginal dryness is often caused by hormonal imbalances, primarily a decline in estrogen levels so counter it with the  combination of olive oil and coconut  oil,

 These are natural moisturizers due to their nurturing and hydrating vitamin E content.

How To Use  this Combination.

(1)Apply  topically to the vagina morning and  night for instant relief.

(2)Take  plenty  nuts and soymilk. It increases  estrogen levels in the  body.You will  notice the  positive result in few weeks.

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