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Friday, June 7, 2019

Fake Pledge Of A Lifetime Together? Empty Words Of Promises That Kills Trust.


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You met her and told her you loved her,You promised her you'd give your all to the relationship, you even pledged a  lifetime with her.

She was excited she's finally found love, she's been longing for real true love, she's been hurt severally,love has bruised her ,she opened up to you, talked to you about her bruised heart,you promised to  be the soothing balm that she.needed to  heal .

But it's all lies!!!

You proposed marriage and she happily jumped on it,the ring is on her fingers!!,to her she's ready to take on the whole world,her Prince charming was beside her.

But it's all lies!!!

She took you to her family on your request and you introduced yourself to them as "her would be husband"
But you didn't have any plan to make her a life partner, it wasn't your intention to spend your forever with her,you're merely out for a conquest!! Did you need to take it that far?

You broke a heart that loved you unconditionally, you tore apart a heart that depended on you with your heavy empty words of promises,

You're a murderer!!!

My mind has repeatedly failed to grasp the stretch of the 9 yards men cover to get inbetween the sheets sometimes.

Peculiar here would be the deceit unleashed on women who seek true love in a life time partner.

So bad it is that the engagement ring and the visit to her folks is now officially part of the act

Why go the deep end when all you want is the shallow experience?

A baffling wonder I have for men who awaken a woman's emotions at the risk of leaving life time scars just because of a fleeting urge to conquer.

If your body needs to be touched, please pay for a massage. Toying with hearts desperate for genuine love is not just the ultimate symptom of immaturity but confirmation of your wickedness. An act for which you would ask for another's head if your female sibling or female  childhood friend was the victim.

So please if you are in no mood to deal with the serious sisters, please adjust your compass and head for the other side.

There are literally millions of women who don't mind your mentality. Give you what you want and take what they want.  Look for them, just leave the girl that wants to be loved alone.

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