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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Eat 2 Bananas Everyday, For A Healthy Heart And Good Sugar Level.

Two bananas a day will supply you enough potassium and this will  help to keep  your heart beating regularly and also can reduce the effect of sodium on blood pressure.

Bananas contains high potassium.a mineral which  helps  the muscles to contract and also helps the nerve cells to respond.

(1) Bananas are rich in protein and dietary fiber

(2)Bananas have low to medium glycemic index  this makes bananas friendly to blood sugar levels.

(3)Bananas have  a lot of properties that makes them good  for weight loss.

(4)Bananas are recommended by USDA at least every adult should eat two bananas a day to be able to reach the proper level of vitamin B6,eating dozens of bananas  may be a risk of  accumulation of excessively mineral  and  high vitamin levels.

(5)Bananas helps  in lowering blood pressure because they are rich in potassium .

(6)Bananas  are very good for the heart because they have good amount of  magnesium.

Add Bananas to your daily menu,two Bananas a day keeps your heart healthy.
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