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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Boy Bestie?No Way,The One I Have Is Destroying My Love Life

I was one of those  who always say"if my boy best was there before you  then he's staying ",but  from what I'm going through in the hands of my childhood friend who's been my best I'm asking" who needs an enemy with friends like this? 

Dear Stan,

I told you I was traveling out  to see my fiance,I'd be spending the weekend ,we had enough time the day before for little talks,we spent hours gisting and laughing  deep  into the night.

I took the last flight  after work and got to my fiancé's house very late in the night,I still took out time to send you a  message telling you I arrived safely.

Very early in the morning the next day  my phone rang,I was in bed with my fiance, it was a saturday,no  any one of us will be going to the office, he was sleeping the morning away, I picked up my phone lazily and checked who's calling, it was you.

I was surprised to see your call,I thought it could be something urgent, maybe you needed an information,"Hello Stan what's up?"I asked ,you  chuckled "everything is good Laide, you're at your fiance's?"you asked " yes"I replied, I waited to hear you out but you said nothing reasonable, you were chuckling.

I took a look at  the clock and it was 7.15 am,it was too early for any personal call ,especially on a saturday when people will be resting at home after a long week days at work,too early for non emergency call,not good time for random conversation
You knew I was at my fiance's ,you had nothing to say  yet you barge  in that early, I touched the red button and the line went dead.

You called back but I ignored your call,you sent messages abusing me  but I ignored you.

You've been a thorn in my flesh Stan,a fly in my milk for so long,I  had no love relationship with you,you are my childhood friend, we  have spent almost all of life together, we have natural likeness for one another,often times we've discussed our relationship and agreed we feel nothing amorous for each other, there's no sexual feelings between us,we were like siblings.

You're older with just two years but you protected me like I'was twenty years younger, we have been there for one another, we shared a lot in common! we borrow each other money and support each other in everything.

I support you whenever you find love, I loved the girls you loved and support your relationship to good growth.

But you don't do same for me,each time I find love, you always had something negative to say ,you scrutinize my relationships and  always come up with negative reports, you've disrespected my dates,you're always hostile to the guys I meet

Severally I've pleaded with you to let me have a love life ,at my age I should have a man I can call my own,you promised to change.

Meeting Gill was everything I wanted,he's my kind of guy,caring,loving and committed, I went into this relationship with determination to make it work,I don't want another failed relationship, this one should lead to "happy ever after", I warned you to stay away from Gilbert and I.

You started your devilish behavior, dropping on Gilbert and I, barging in and causing unnecessary bitterness in  between,you said you don't like Gilbert, how is it your duty to choose who I fall in love with?who appointed you the lord over my life?

Gilbert knows already that something is going on and he's not comfortable with the fact you're having so much influence on me.

I will no longer let you do that, we got everything good but it's time I make a choice, and I'm not choosing you, I'm choosing the man my heart loves and wanted, it's either you accept that and remain the friend you've been to me or you  walk away from me,so far away you either take this plea or you face the consequences,I'd definitely not take it easy this time.
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