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Saturday, June 15, 2019

4 Tips For The Clitoral Stimulation For A Powerful Orgasm

If she's not satisfied then nothing happened.Strange but truth, 75% of women don't experience full orgasm during intimacy with their partners and out of these percentage 60% don't talk about it with their partners.Most women live with the frustration of not experiencing sexual bliss.

Why wouldn't most women open up about their sex life and discuss about what they want and how they feel? one may  ask but it's simply because the orientation was wrongly given  from early generation till the millennium even,women were taught that sex is not meant for  their enjoyment. According to my Igbo  tribe, a woman only go in with her man when he feels like being with her or when the couple are planning to  make babies.

The belief  was inculcated in most women by their mothers from childhood,modernization hasn't really been able to erase this  belief off the mentality of so many women.

But is sex really meant for women to enjoy and get satisfied?.

The female's body was created specially and endowed to pleasure both the man and woman, every part of the female body  has veins and nerves that throbs at the slightest touch.

While the body parts of  every woman  is same there are different erogenous zones for different women.
To some it's their nipples while some has all the sensitivity packed in their breast or thighs,some prefers the clitoris ,however the clitoris is a major sensual part  in every woman. The clitoris is very sensitive and provides huge  pleasure during love making. It helps provide massive orgasm when it is well stimulated.

Majority of women  feels comfortable with oral sex because a lot of men gives little attention to foreplay and will quickly rush to the clitoris to quicken  orgasm.Much as the clitoris provides huge pleasure to women,there's still need to do it rightly in order to achieve completed satisfaction.

From the fingers of a woman to the navel down to her inner thighs, every part needs to be given proper attention.

On this particular article I'm focusing on  "Clitoral  stimulation for powerful orgasm"

Most women hardly  come to orgasm majorly because little time is dedicated to foreplay, the Clitoral stimulation is a powerful way to  achieving a mind blowing, toe-curling orgasm

This is how it works

(A)You’ll be focusing on the clitoris and all you need to do is to take a finger and just start rubbing up and down on one side of it. If you want more stimulation, then try rubbing your finger directly over the clits.

Using one or more fingers, very lightly and softly glide over the middle of the vagina and clitoris, from bottom to top . get to know which part  of the body  provide the most pleasure and stimulation when touched.Then experiment with fast strokes, slower strokes, as well as using more or less pressure.  try switching direction, starting at the  clit and rubbing downwards or rubbing up and down

This is another simple and straightforward technique focusing on the clitoris. As the name suggests, you are going to be rubbing your finger from side to side over the  clit.

It depends on individual, some may prefer intense contact and pressure to be able to enjoy it while some may want indirect contact,communication is important in all of these so the woman will tell which pleases her.

Change the amount of pressure you use.
Try using some lubricants
 switch the  fingers you use (one, two, three or four)
Switch between direct and indirect contact.

Her response will tell  how much enjoyment she's deriving from the stimulation, the end result is  always amazing.

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

How To Initiate Love making. 3 Subtle Tips For Women.

Man and woman in Love

While to some women it may be out of shyness,their gut always fail them,but to some it's  not just their thing but come on,why would it be hard for a woman to initiate love making in a union she went into with a man she claimed she loved?

There’s one thing comforting regarding having your partner be the one to initiate sex . When your husband initiates lovemaking it gives you the confidence that he’s in the mood and makes you feel desired.
However, if your spouse is the only one initiating sex it  makes your sex life  one sided .this could make them to  feel uncomfortable and be wondering if really you are physically and/or sexually attracted to them.

A lot of women get on edge once it seems they're crazy about love making while their spouse aren't, most women will not be comfortable  with the tag of a sex maniac,but they desire to get intimate most of the  time,they get pissed off and can  go without sex because they're not  eager to be the one to make  the first move

A close friend confided in me on how her husband had accused her of either been  a same sex lover or she had something wrong health wise"it felt awkward waking him up in the middle of the night to request we make love,but I guessed it was a turn on for him ,he desired I'd ask for it at least once in awhile but I was too shy to come around "

Going without sex just because you aren’t sure how to make the move can make you frustrated and angry with your partner. But remember, he is not a mind reader.Getting  intimate with your husband shouldn't be something to feel embarrassed about.

 From subtle to in-your-face  style we’re looking at  ways to  kick start moves for  love making with your husband.

(1)Create Sexually  Tensed up atmosphere
If you want to make the first move but aren’t sure where to begin, don’t be nervous. You don’t have to be especially forward or do anything outside of your comfort zone to get his attention. Letting your husband know you’re in the mood doesn’t mean pouncing on him as soon as he walks through the front door.
Initiating sex is all about creating a buildup.
(a)You can plan a romantic evening with wine and light some candles. Or be spontaneous and start by offering him a massage or snuggle on the couch while you watch television. He will get the hint.

At the ladies night we had few women confessed  they start cat-calling their hubby to join them in bed so early while going about the bedroom or going in and  out of the study wearing sexy lingerie "my husband always smiles at my antics knowingly, he perfectly understands I needed his touches" Vivien said

(2) Dirty Texts works like charm.
If you’re not cool with  verbalizing your wishes, why not text it to your husband? Many couples send titillating photos back and forth, however, sending naked photos  may  not always  be so  private as there may be chances of other people getting hold of our phones. There are plenty of ways to send a suggestive message, I'm a lover of words so I'd always advocate for  word texting  without photos. For example, you could take a picture of your sexiest lingerie laid out on the bed while typing out your desires.
A simple line saying that you can’t wait for him to get home followed up by a silly yet suggestive emoji will send the message loud and clear.

(3)Get naughty codes.
If you’re shy about initiating sex but still want your man to know you’re into the idea, you can set up a naughty codeword in advance.
Choose codes solely you and your spouse will  grasp what it  means  This sense of naughty mystery creates intimacy and boosts excitement between you and your partner. This way, he knows exactly what you want when you get back home.

Physical relation is a very important part of  a love relationship, it plays a key role in unifying couples therefore none of the individuals involved should overlook it or take it for granted.

If you're having.difficulties balancing your  physical relationship with your spouse,kindly reach out so you can get help
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Orgasm Has Health Benefits For Women, See Few Of Them.

 The momentary loss of self that  comes with orgasm has been defined as the  closest  some  people  come  to  a spiritual experience,with orgasm, you connect to self, your  partner and the divine

Orgasm makes one feel great,it helps in more sound sleep and also  cuts down belly fats

It is one truth we all should  know, that  orgasm  is one  of  the greatest sensation  our bodies  can experience.
About  11 types of orgasms are possible for women to experience, unfortunately  there are women who  have  had sex with their  spouses  but  have never experienced  one orgasm.
 We usually say that  one  can enjoy  sexual pleasures without reaching  orgasm  and even get satisfaction  not putting orgasm in  mind, all these are possible  but I'm talking about that  point of point, one experience that  can't be  traded when it comes to  sexual activity, orgasm on the whole is indescribable, it is a feeling everyone should experience.

From a mild and subtle  feeling to an intense and explosive  rush of sensation

The  intensity of orgasm  depends on how the  bodies and  minds of the  individuals are at the time and also the  person they are involve with.

Achieving  an orgasm have some  health  benefits  to women  due to the chemical changes that  take  place in their  body,

One of the  Obvious  Benefits  is that  Orgasms helps   In  The Boost  Of  testosterone  levels

Experiencing  Orgasm    increases  estrogen  and testosterone ,these  hormones  increases  sexual desire and give  more sex appeal,

Experiencing  orgasm  improves the  mood  and  helps   in maintaining   sharp memory,

It prevents  abdominal  fat,cuddling  gives the  most  testosterone boost.

Orgasm  which  in most  cases reflects a healthy sex life  can help beat stress ,it beats  inflammation  and builds lively  social  life.

Experiencing  orgasm  can act as a unifying  factor  between you and your spouse,the deep connection  that  comes with  climaxing during  sex  helps in bonding.

Studies  has shown that  a good orgasm  acts like an analgesic, this helps in suppressing  pains without  affecting  sensitivity  to touch.

Experiencing  orgasm  triggers  the  release of  some  hormones called endorphins which  often  have  a sedative  effects, the reason   sleep  comes immediately after some  good sex.

Experiencing  orgasm  helps in weight lose,it helps in  burning the calories
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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Couple's Goal(Reasons You Should Add Morning Sex To Your To-Do-List

Morning  sex makes you  more  productive
Sex has been proven to  be a means of  relaxation to  the  body ,it   also boosts  happiness,

In a voxpop conducted by sex therapists, a participants  said'I feel like I  can tackle the day and  be more productive  after  having sex in the  morning, it relaxes  me, the  soothing  company of my  spouse makes  me feel loved and warmt, I feel ready to  face the world after morning sex”

Morning  sex helps you  beat  morning  stress
Sex floods your  body with  oxytocin ,which  makes you  relaxed and happy
Make out some time for a little cuddling  before you  get into the shower

Morning sex  helps  you Connect better with your partner
Getting closer to the one Person you shared the night hours with has a magical tone to deep soul connection, imagine pulling closer and wrapping two bodies together after being in a separate world? that early  hour bodly communication has some spiritual bonding.

Men Lasts longer While  having sex in the morning
It has been proven that men lasts longer during sex in the morning,they tend to have control over the timing.
Survey shows that men spend longer time during sex in the morning than any other time of the day.

Count as workout 
The short and gradually built up tempo that happens during sex automatically is a form of exercise. The sweat are let out in addition to the relaxing therapeutic effect on the body.

Your  testosterone  level are higher in the morning
Because  your  testosterone level are higher in the morning, it. Increases your  sex drive, mostly  men wake up in the morning with a hard on,
Sex is significantly better when you  are already ready and rearing to go

Which in turn boost your immune system
And also makes you feel younger ,it keeps  your brain active because you're  relaxed,  it keeps you focused.
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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Infatuation (A Crush Texting My Man Through Me) Part 1

Bent over a pile of books
I raised my head to see the Duke
With the rim of his spectacles shinning
Countenance calm, a smile emerged, then laughter followed
His bass fluttering
That voice... It was the voice!
There was something his about voice that made my heart beat faster
His smile had a way of making me giddy and satisfied all at once.
What if I told him he makes me giddy?
What if I said he makes my heart beat faster?
What if...?

He would tell me stories of the past
 Kiss my forehead when it's midnight's past
Try to sing Timaya's bang
Call my name when in pains pang
Ask me if I'm hungry a thousand times
Tell me the truth without no lies
Twenty and one years apart
Said my other part
He'll never have you in his heart.

Snap! I shrugged to reality
As he pulled out a script of age
Look! He said, flipping through "I am going to show this to my children "
Then, I realized
I was his child
Nothing more.

(photo credit
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Don't Marry Whom You Are Not Temperamentally Compatible With.

When a man has little or no regard for the woman he married .it makes avoidable things become an issue. because we have different temperament, we see things differently.
It's easy to say "Don't check his phone" "Why Stab Him"

Checking the immediate and remote causes of an incident could help place us in a better position before we  ahead to  conclude.

A lot of women have been abused and dealt with emotionally by the men they are married to most of these women stay back and suffer  helplessly  due to so many factors which works against women in the society

If a woman is  high Strong temperamentally and she married an insensitive man who cares  nothing about how she will be so easy for her to become violent.

Nothing kills a woman more than having  the knowledge that the man she's loving. her legal man at that gets along with other women.,more so when he's been careless about it.

It takes a lot for a sane mind to commit a crime that is why God told us in the holy Bible to avoid ' Anger' and to not let it  linger .

I would say that instead of saying " If He or She   is violent leave "  it's better to know the ' Temperament Compatibility' of  you and your partner before saying ' I Do' the chapter 4 of My EBook explained extensively on couple's Compatibility as a way to a heathy marriage.(email to get a copy of my e-book, CARDINAL RULES FOR LOVE, SEX AND MARRIAGE ,

Let  the young person who is yet to say ' I Do' understand the intricacies  of marriage and the capabilities of  his or her partner before surrendering his or her entire adulthood to the person.

Those who are married should understand what it means to tell someone that " you have chosen to spend your forever with them.

A man once told his wife that if she misbehaves,he'd bring in a girl who looks like  a particular  female actor he was crushing on  and he kept comparing his wife and the young woman.

A man who married a woman but couldn't guarantee her safety and emotional security isn't A REAL MAN.

Lives have been lost.people have been wounded because of infidelity.

Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. who knows how terrible the woman that stabbed her husband must have felt  that  made her do what she did.maybe she didn't know she could kill him,maybe she does, there are a lot of women who have terrible experience in their marriage still they didn't take to violence!it is  about temperament,it's about how much  we are in tune with the word of God.

There are so many reasons to not get married  to a particular person. Let's always involve God while trying to  make a  choice of who to marry,also don't  forget to consult a relationship counselor for guide .
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Effective Communication Plays An Important Role In Building A Healthy Sex Life In Relationships

Couple In A  Healthy Sex Life

Healthy sex life is one important aspect to building a healthy relationship. Couples can achieve a healthy relationship and earth shattering sex life through effective communication.

How many of you married couples have made your man or woman feel wholly  "blown up" in your matrimonial bed? Have you for once made your sex life in your marriage count? Have your partner ever felt bored, unimpressed, unmoved each time you initiate a sex play???

As you battle with those questions, let's take a short journey to the starting point. Sex is more than just penetration, ejaculation, it's more of a tool that connect husband and wife in a marriage. Couples who have a good and healthy history of sex are more connected, bonded than those who engage into it only when the need to have children arises. It is needless to say that it eases tension and stress if carried out the right way.

The beauty of sex lies in the amount of communication that is involved. Such communication can come in form of signs, signal, body movements and verbal expression. As couple, every part of your partner's body is officially yours, so, you are licensed to exploring it when in the act. Notwithstanding, that does not mean one should turn one's partner to a sex slave.

Why and how should communication come into the sex process?

 It will give your partner the feeling that you are not just going into it to ease yourself off sexual urge, it will make it more of an instrument that will tighten your intimacy. It will be like a compelling thing to just meet your partner and say, "Honey, let's have sex." Such will make him/her feel he/she is your sex slave. You must first triger his/her sex consciousness and interest before going into it. It could come on how you appear in that moment(what you wear), the tone of your voice, your eyes contact, the content of your utterances which could even start with just a normal conversation. The point here is, there must be some prior awareness before the act. That is what will make him/her be in the mood and even desire you more than you desire him/her. Communication here is not restricted to just the man, it's something that both partners can initiate whenever they wish to send the signal across.

Communication does not just end in initiating the mood, it should continue even while in the act. It should not involve any form of shyness or pretence. Both partners should do everything about something and something about everything. Neither the man nor the woman should be motionless like a corpse. If your partner is not touching the right spot, assist by making use of your hand or mouth (telling him/her how) and if he/she is doing it right, speak out so that he/she wouldn't shift from the right spot. Making some mind-blowing soft sound is also part of the communication.

Both parties must not be expert in sexuality before they can have contentment in their sex life. One of the surest ways of curbing infidelity in marriage is by giving to your partner what he/she may likely go out to get when there is lack of it.

You can however choose to be too religious, crude or undesirable in your sex life, it's a choice. The choice is yours, make it right. There are many divorce cases in court already, don't let yours be on the queue.

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