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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Girl Talk:How Personal Is Your Underwear?Importance Of Personal Hygiene In A Woman's Life.

Woman very conscious of personal hygiene
How Personal is Your Underwear?
There are parts of the body that are  regarded as  "private". These private areas have special wears for them,for the women it's the bra and pants,these wears are supposed to be worn and taken care of by one person who owns it,
However I have seen sisters share under wears,friends do share theirs  also.

The private part of a woman is very sensitive especially the vagina,it requires proper hygiene in order to keep  one safe from bacterial infections.

This week on GIRL TALK,We are looking at  
(1) How personal the woman's underwear is to every woman.
(2) If it's ideal to share the underpants with sisters and/or friends?
(3)How often the underpants should be changed?

Fatima Binta  Idris is a legal practitioner, a member of the GIRL TALK TEAM:

My underpants are my babies. Very personal and dear to me. I even have a bag i call "my panty bag" just for my underwears, i dont ever have them mixed up with my regular clothing.

Oh my God!! People still do that? Like share underwears in 2019? Lol...i would never ever  share with anyone not even with my sister. Underwears are meant to be your personal clothing; not to be shared for any reason. I cannot even share my bra talk more of panties. Health-wise, no one should share underwears with anyone. You may carry infectious diseases by sharing underwears with others. I hate drugs so i stay clear of those things that may trigger the need for them.

I change my underwears often especially the ones i use to cover my intimate area. I change them every 6 months especially my panties, i dont joke with that. I dont want anything distorting the pH level of my pubic area.

Dolly Korede a private worker and hygiene enthusiast has this to say.

This is a very good and sensitive question. As much as I can remember, my underpants are so very personal to me to the point that I'm so very selfish with them and same is my bra.

Right from my childhood till I became an adult, I can't remember sharing my under wears, not for any reason. Not with my blood sisters or my friends, that's not to say I don't love them but that's my privacy and it should be respected and I think if you love your sisters and friends enough then you should be able to get them some in case they are lacking, that's one of the way to show love not by sharing the one you're using.

I try as much as I can to  change my underwears. As much as any woman would want to take care of her physical appearance and makeups is as much as she should also take care of her underpants. It should be among the topmost priority of every woman when it comes to  maintaining good and healthy hygiene routine.

Judyhill Ifeyinwa  a final year student of Guidance and  counseling  at University of Nigeria Nsukka  spoke from  her knowledge   in Home management(food anu Hygiene)

When I saw this question I had to laugh out loud..I mean is underwear not supposed to be personal? Underwears  are clothes worn next to the skin,so in that case the outer cloth have to cover it. For that reason, to me it is very personal that . In fact I have this very close relationship with my undies that even if by mistake someone wears it I can't use it again .Yea that's how personal my undies are to me.

Underwears should be personal and not to be shared irrespective of who the person is or how close you are to the person,
I have five sisters and when it comes to underwears its " a one man show" lol. As funny as it may sound but that is exactly what it is suppose to be. Being related by blood or being close does not give room for one to share underwears  not for any reason at all.

 I don't have a specific time I change my underwears. I do that anytime I have enough money to buy my personal stuff. I buy new ones. So it could be any time in the  year. Who would like to wear old undies when there are many new and sexy ones out there to buy lol..

Girl Talk caught up with Dr Philipa  Orjiakor Consultant at university of portharcourt teaching hospital 

Dr Philipa
We have patients come in from the university with complaints of vaginal infections, most of these are  traced to poor hygiene.these cases are not minor .in some cases the patients spends months  receiving treatments.
Every woman discharges fluids  from the vagina,there are no two body that is the same,Its a health risk .under no circumstance should two people share undetwears I know they don't really cost so much.
Changing the underpants should be constantly , whenever money comes and you're out ,stop at the clothing shops and pick one or two undwears,do bulk buying when you have the fund,make sure you get rid of the old ones and burn them  at least twice in a year.

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