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Monday, December 10, 2018

5 Necessary Hygiene Skills Everyone Should Know

Applying  Deordarants  is not optional, the  skin has a hidden foul smell that  can  be triggered by  little  activities, once sweats  are produced, the smell becomes  offensive. 
Get Deordarants  type that is suitable for your skin and use  it. 

Brushing  Your  Teeth
 If you  can't do it for yourself, please  do it for others, I don't know how someone will go a whole  day without  brushing  their  teeth .

People around you  smell your breath, maintain a  fresh breath,use breath-freshening  mouth wash ,which neutralizes Odor,  breath -freshening mouth washes are  easier on the taste  bud and contains  low alcohol  content 
Antibacterial   risers are so good in counteracting  plague and gingivitis

Use brush that is good for your  gum texture and  toothpaste  that  has protective  elements. 
Wash your mouth  after every meal. 

You don't  walk around  smelling like   rotten  fish, wash your cloths as soon as you  wear them. Do not try to cover the smell with  spray, it only  creates  foul smell. Put them in water and wash with  soap or detergent  suitable for  the  material and color, washing machine  makes washing  easier these days. 


Bacteria can easily  grow under your nail,, don't try biting  off your  nails using  your teeth, it is  irritating  
Soak  the tip of your  fingernails  in a warm, soapy water  for about  3 minutes, then use a nail brush or a clean tooth brush to scrub all over your  fingernails, use nail clippers to cut your  nails straight across at the  beginning of  the  opaque, overgrown  tips. 


Rinse your  hair thoroughly  with warm water ,condition your  hair with  shampoo, if you  have  long hair, gently  massage shampoo  into the  roots of your  hair. Do not shampoo the end of your hair  if you  have  long hair. Rinse your  hair and  squeeze  out the excess water. 
Dry with  hair dryer.,do this  at least  every  week

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Get That Healthy Glowing Skin And Wrinkle-Free Face

Take   it easy on the make up, promoting a  healthy  glowing  skin should be the  priority, too much. Make over. Is damaging to the  skin especially when you   don't  understand your skin mode and texture .
Some of the  make up kits contains chemical  substances that are  harmfull to skin.

Getting a healthy   glowing skin  saves you the headache  of   seeking  for series of  make up to cover  up patches and wrinkles.
Your  glowing  skin  needs no much pain, simple  application of powder and   light make up is all you  need to  enhances your  look .

It is important you  know that  the  skin is delicate, leaving  make up on the  face for a long  period  of time., especially when it stays  overnight, damages the skin, it blocks the  skin pores and  prevents the  skin from  receiving  enough  air.


 Exfoliate  with  natural  products, mix baking  soda with  water and  apply  it for  10 minutes  before  washing  it off with  cool water.

Don't  use  soaps and creams with chemical substance ,make  an oil and  sugar  scrub  by conbining a tablespoon  of brown or white sugar with two  tablespoons  of healthy  oil, like  coconut  or olive oil.

Because you  need the  glow to come from  within, which  guarantees  a long lasting  feeling, there are   fruits,food and vegetables  one  needs    to nourish the skin, prevent  ageing  and have a glowing  skim

Foods You  Need For Glowing  And Healthy  Skin/Face.

Sweet potatoes -great source of  vitamin  A,vitamin A is important  in keeping a healthy  eyes and  skin

Avocado  this is the only  fruit that  provides substantial amount of monoounsaturated fatty acid  avocados are   naturally -nutruent  dense and contains  over  22 minerals and  vitamins.

Papaya-i they  contain enzymes  papaine  that  helps fade the dark spots,induces skin fairness and removes  blemishes on your  face..

Other  important  foods  includes,
Broccoli, nuts,Blueberries

Fish,lean meats,  and eggs, supply amino acids,that makes collagen,Which  keeps  the  skin strong,
Also  oily  fish like mackerel, salmon  and sardines  contains  beneficial  fats, which  promote skin hydration,these results  in plumper looking  skin.

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Ladies Put Your Panties Out In The Sun!!

With  my body covered up  in foam from my bathing  Soap,stretched out inside the  bath tub,I had my shower  cap on to prevent  water  from splashing  all over my hair, I wore a weave-on,getting it wet means  making  myself uncomfortable and  calling on my  hair dresser  sooner than I  scheduled, I was  having fun  playing with the  warm water, I tried  to act the  little " kids in the village  stream", I will  lift one leg up then drop it and lift the  other, my first attempt was  successful, the  second attempt saw  my left  leg  drop  off my right hand that  held  it and landed on the  small bucket  at the  edge of the  tub, I looked  down and  saw the  bucket   was  upside down and the  content  emptied on the  bathroom  floor, it was  my  underwear.

My panties, my bra and knickers, I soaked them inside  warm water, added  bleach  inside and covered  the  bucket. I planned to wash them and put them out  in the sun using  my hanger, and later  iron them,

My underwears are my most  important clothing  items, I take out time to hand-wash them then put them out for the sun to dry them, I use dryers  before to dry them, before my mum  educated  me on the  importance of  the  heat from  sunlight  to my underpants ,so I allow  my underwear  dry up in the  sun, then I iron them, and put  them in their  separate  drawers ,

Yes I have different  underwears for different  times

I have the  sanitary  underwear for  my monthly   flow,I wash them separately,and keep them in a drawer and  I don't  use them until  my next  period

I have my  dross, which I make sure are baggy and they are  made from cotton, I wear them when the  weather is  hot,to allow free flow of air

I have my normal  panties, this includes the  G-strings  ,lacy panties. and all fancy  materials

I buy new set of  panties  every  three months and  I always  buy in dozens,I need enough  because I  change  my underwear  after each  bath.

My cousin's  friend sometime ago saw my underwear  where  I hang them to dry in the  sun and  she asked  why One person should  have  so many underwears? And why I had to put them out in the  public? Didn't  I know that  underwears  are supposed to be kept  private?

I  was not surprised at her comment  because  underwears are considered  private, but we hardly  think about the  health implication of whatever  method we use in looking after our underwears.

A lot of women have  very  few  underwears,many uses same panties  for their  period  and ordinary  days, they  wash their  panties  in the  little  water  remaining in the  bucket  after  bath, while  some  wash from their  bath  water and  spread inside  the  room, some  even hang  towels over their  panties and  spread  multiple  clothes on top of the  panties.

Leaving the  underwear  inside the  bedroom and bathroom is  very wrong, it helps micro  organism  such as  fungus,  to grow, this fungus breeds better in moist   places, it causes infections to the  person wearing it.

The  sun has  ultra violet rays which  helps to sterilise  the underwear  and remove all the moisture that  would have remained if they  are left to dry indoors.

A lot of women  experiences itching on their  vagina labia and scratches, they  see it as normal, the dark  patches on the inner thighs,the  swollen labia and the  redness after scratching  the labia are all indications of infection  from unhygenic lifestyle.

Safe Methods To Keep The Underwear  Clean And Safe,( Hygienic  lifestyle  For The Ideal Women.)

Soak your  panties in  warm water, make sure you  soak the  coloured panties  separately ,
 add detergent and bleach and cover, allow  them stay for about half an hour, then wash, giving  special  attention to the  middle of the  panties which  is where  covers the  vagina  opening.

Spread on the  hangers and  put them out  in the  sun, make sure it's a safe  place away  from  dust, make sure they are well dried  by the  sun before  taking  them inside.

Iron them, one by one, don't  use iron heat to dry up wet panties,

keep them in a drawer  or toilet  bag, where you  can stack  one on top of the other.

Buy pant liners, it helps keep the   panties  safe from  stain, because the  vagina is naturally  moist, the discharge  stains the panties, putting  liners in the middle of the panties  helps out, as all the  discharge  will be absorbed by the  liners, which you will  afterwards  take  out, it helps the  panties last  longer and keeps it free from  ugly  stains.

Buy cotton  panties  ,it absorbs  sweat better,

Don't  wear one pant  a whole day, as a matter of fact, every woman should  shower  at least  twice a day,change your  panties  after every  bath.

Don't  use your  sanitary  pants  on ordinary  days, keep them for your  monthly  flows ,after which you  wash and iron them and keep them for next time.

Buy panties  every three months, don't  use one  pant until it is torn.after three  months  it must  have served  its purpose.

Your  inner cleanliness is  much more important than  a glowing  outter cleanliness, start up a  healthy   living  today.
For more Tips on Hygiene,email
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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Essential Foods To Help Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile  problems are usually  due to  not having  enough   blood supply to the  penis,so foods that are good for your  vascular  system will help to  prevent  Erectile dysfunction,

Useful Foods You  Should  Stick To

Leafy Greens and Beets.. They  contain  Nitrates

Pistachuos..contains  lot of proteins

Arginine  is the  Marvin  Gaye of amino  acids, it relaxes  blood  vessels and enables  blood to flow, helping you get and  keep  an erection.

Watermelon  juice-contains Antioxidants

Oyster and other  shelflfish-c.ontains a lot of zinc
Zinc boosts  testosterone levels and helps enable  erections and  healthy sperm,

Havard researchers  found out that deficiency in  vitamin  B12 has been  linked to erectile dysfunction

Men who drink 2 or 3 cups of coffeine daily are less likely to have Erectile dysfunction.

Dark Chocolate
Chocolates are very rich in flavanol and plant nutrients that  can increase  blood  flow


Proper  contains  stuffs  that give them  their heat,these relaxes the arteries  that  helps    blood  flow  to the  heart, and other  organ, including the heart.

Nutrients in  grape juice increases the  amount of  nitric oxide in the body


If plaque  forms on the walls of the  arteries, blood  flow could be cut off or reduced ,that  could  cause a problem when it comes to romance,  using  garlic in your  diet   clears your  arteries and keep them healthy
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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Young Man Living With HIV Virus Seeks For Woman With HIV Virus For Relationship.

A young  man with  instagram  username  @vicent4926  left a comment   stating  that  he is HIV positive and  he is looking for a  lady  who is HIV positive  and resides in Lagos for a relationship. 

This comment  came. Up two  days before the  December  1st world.   HIV awareness  day. 
His comment  attracted  series of  reactions, some young  women  came up indicating that  they are  HIV positive. While some  people   Lashed out , and called  him different  names. 

We do know that viruses  mutate, the  fact that two  people  have HIV virus doesn't  mean the two  are acceptable to each other,she may have  different  strand of the  virus  that  could be  deadly to   each other's   system. 

Abstinence  may be a toll order  considering the  seemingly   huge  desire for  sex amongst  today's  people, but  this. is obviously  the  reason  the  HIV rate  is very  high in Nigeria. 
If Abstinence is  hard, Why not use condom? 

Safe sex. Is definitely  a better  route, instead of  going out and  getting  intimate with  other  people  living with HIV, and indulging in  unprotected  sex with  them and  other people. 

Let's  learn to keep it safe, if we want to  eradicate  or  even minimize  HIV virus .

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Healthy Tips To Help You Manage Your Ulcer Pains&Home Remedies

What is an Ulcer ?

It is a sore that  develops  on the  lining of the oesophagus,stomach or small intestine.

Ulcer is an open sore on an external or internal surface of the body, caused by a break in the skin or mucous membrane which fails to heal. Ulcers range from small, painful sores in the mouth to bedsores and serious lesions of the stomach or intestine.

There are about  100 thousand of reported  cases of ulcer  every year in Nigeria and over  500,000 all over the world.

What are the Symptoms?

The  most  common  symptom  of peptic ulcers  is abdominal pain,
Stomach  ulcer  pain   usually  in the upper  middle  part of the  abdomen,above  the  belly button (navel) and below the  breastbone, it can feel like  burning  or gnawing,and it may go through to the  back.

Ulcer may also be caused  by overuse of  pain killers such as  asprin(Bayer),
and other  nonsteroidal
 anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen(Advibl),Motrin,and naproxen(naprosyn)

 To be sure  one  have  an ulcer, medical  diagnosis  is required ,medium terms  can be resolved  within  months.

What  Causes  Ulcer? 

Skipping  meals and going for a long time without eating can cause the gastric juices to irritate the stomach lining, in addition when we are very hungry we tend to eat too much food! Which can cause the digestive system to become increasingly sensitive

Ulcers  may be caused by the Helicobacter pylori(H.pylon) bacteria, however  it is not everyone  with  H. Pylon that   will develop an ulcer.

Ulcer pains  are treatable  medically, there are  natural ways one can treat  an ulcer  and rid of  the  pains.

Treatments  consists of antacids, Treatments usually  includes  medications to decrease  stomach  acid  production ,if it is caused by bacteria, antibiotics maybe required.

Pains from an ulcer  keeps a lot of  people uncomfortable, both young and old,however one can manage  ulcer pains  and kick it out through  some  natural  means


Cabbage Juice. Cabbage is a popular natural ulcer remedy. Doctors reportedly used it decades before antibiotics were available to help heal stomach ulcers. It's rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant shown to help prevent and treat H. pylori infections

Aloe Vera, a concentrated aloe vera drink was used to successfully treat 12 patients with stomach ulcers , In another study, taking antibiotics with 1.4 mg/pound (3 mg/kg) of aloe vera daily for six weeks was as effective as the conventional treatment at healing ulcers and reducing H. pylori levels

Researchers have discovered that turmeric polysaccharides can alleviate gastric ulcers by protecting the mucus lining of stomach and inhibiting the growth of an ulcer-causing bacterium1. ... Cellular oxidative stress and Helicobacter pylori infection reduce mucin production and boost acid secretion in the stomach

Honey, Honey is a powerful antibacterial and has been shown to inhibit H. pylori growth. As long as you have normal blood sugar levels, you can enjoy honey as you would any sweetener, with the bonus of perhaps soothing your ulcers.

In a recent study, eating two cloves of raw garlic per day for three days helped significantly reduce bacterial activity in the stomach lining of patients suffering from H. Pylori infection

Tips on healing your ulcer 

Don't smoke.

Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol (or have them only in small amounts and on a full stomach).

Avoid spicy foods if they cause heartburn.

Eat  well cooked food regularly ,avoid  confectioneries.

The  milk therapy and the truth.

It might help for a few minutes but milk also stimulates your stomach to produce hydrochloric acid and that can make the ulcers hurt worse. ... You don't have to avoid milk (a serving or two a day is fine), but drinking more milk won't help the ulcer heal.

(This post  got  some  information from  -university of  Ibadan  medical school )

Post compiled  by me for omaleeblog
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Monday, October 29, 2018

Women Know When You Can Get Pregnant,This Is How Your Monthly Cycle Works.

It's worrisome.  when a woman is expecting to start  making  babies but the pregnancy isn't  coming. Some women don't really understand themselves. Their body and how it works. For a woman to know how fertile she is. It's important she knows how her body works. Let's take this one after another.

A woman must be going through the ovulation cycle to be able to get pregnant. She must know when she could get pregnant and her safe period.
So  Ovulation is top on the list and according to medical definition OVULATION IS
the release of egg from the ovaries. In humans, this event occurs when the de Graf's follicles rupture and release the secondary oocyte ovarian cells. After ovulation, during the luteal phase, the egg will be available to be fertilized by sperm

How does the ovulation work? Work out the length of your average menstrual cycle. Day one is the first day of the menstrual period and the last day is the day before the next period begins. Ovulation happens about two weeks before the next expected period. So if your average menstrual cycle is 28 days, you ovulate around day 14.

Some women can experience a sensation and or cramping type pain during ovulation. The pain is felt in the lower abdomen, on one side, being the side of the ovary releasing an egg. This pain is called mittelschmerz, which comes from the German words for "middle" and "pain."
Ovulation usually occurs between 12 and 14 days before your period starts . This is an average, so it could be a couple of days earlier or later. For example, say you have a regular 28-day menstrual cycle
If fertilization does not occur the egg dissolves after 24 hours. At this time your hormone levels will decrease and your uterine lining will begin to shed about 12-16 days from ovulation. This is menstruation (menstrual period) and brings us back to day 1 of your cycle. The journey then begins all over again
Know Your Days. There are only six days during any cycle when a woman can get pregnant - the five days leading up to ovulation and the 24 hours after ovulation. This is because sperm can live for up to 5 days in a woman's body, and the ovum lives for only 12-24 hours.

 However, the key to knowing when to get pregnant is to know when you ovulate. Figuring out the exact timing of Ovulation can be tricky, because it does not happen at exactly the same time each cycle.

The cyclebead  could help.

 This is how

CycleBeads lets you know when you can get pregnant by identifying 12 potentially fertile days each cycle – Days 8 through 19, where Day 1 is the first day of your period. These 12 days take into account the 6 days when pregnancy is possible as well as the variability in the timing of ovulation from one cycle to the next. Surveys of women using CycleBeads to get pregnant show that they are highly successful, with more than 80% of women getting pregnant within 6 months and the vast majority achieving pregnancy within the first 3 months of trying to conceive.

How to plan pregnancy using cycle bead
To use CycleBeads to get pregnant, a couple should have intercourse as often as possible (preferably at least every other day) during the potentially fertile days of a woman’s cycle - days 8 through 19.  That’s it. It’s that simple to get pregnant using this method.  Using one of the CycleBeads tools can help a woman to track the days of cycle to get pregnant and ensure that her cycles are in range for using this family planning method most effectively.

If a woman is not pregnant within 6 cycles of using this method and has been actively trying, she should talk to her doctor to make sure that there are no health problems that are keeping her from achieving pregnancy.

While  it is possible to estimate ovulation more exactly, it is a challenging process that requires time and training and the tracking of information such as cervical secretions, basal body temperature and charting throughout the cycle.  Some women may also choose to use ovulation prediction kits, but these can be expensive and only indicate a very narrow window of time during which a woman is fertile. Meaning that women using an ovulation prediction kit may miss a number of potentially fertile days. 

For women with regular cycles between 26-32 days it is much easier to simply know that you can get pregnant as early as day 8 of your cycle and as late as day 19 of your cycle and on all the days in between. If you have intercourse often during this time, you have an extremely high probability of getting pregnant. Many women using this family planning method find that as they become more familiar with their cycles, they begin to notice fertility signs such as secretions or light cramping which may help them pinpoint ovulation. 

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Top 6 Deadly Effects Of Having Too Much Sex( For Men)

 When you  feel strong and  rearing to go 24 hours  7,your  nerves raging and throbbing, you  seek for cum after  cum, why not most people  believe  experiencing toe-curling  orgasm is the  most  wonderful  feeling  ever.

Play, she is available for you anytime or when  she isn't  giving in you're  not throwing in the  bid  after all you can get  it anywhere.
I agree  but pause  for one  second, think about this..

Did you  know that  too much  of everything is bad? yes everything including  sex!!!

When you keep  having   sex morning, afternoon and night  7 days in a week, you're  sure to knock  down. Research  has proven that  too much  sex has deadly  effect 

There are  negative side to  having  too much  sex

I will  give you  the  6  dangerous  effects from  having too much sex

1 Dehydration
This  means  your  body  loses  so much vital  water  that  could  end up  making you  look pale

2 Urinary  Tract infection.

A lot of water   are lost  when sex happen  frequently,to  avoid having  urinary tract infection take  plenty of water and empty your  bladder  before and after sex.

3 Trouble  Climaxing
 Contrary to the  belief that  staying  long time without  sex for men could  cause  some  health issues, too much sex and ejaculation  wil considerably empty the  semen and  sperm levels

4 Poor  vision

It's scientifically proven that too much  sex which  comes  always with  frequent  ejaculation  can affect the  man's  vision, no matter how pleasing sex feels for you, remember the  semen you  release was produced from your  body  components

 5.Hair loss

The enzyme (a substance produced by the body to help bring about a biochemical reaction) called 5α-reductase synthesises DHT from testosterone in areas like the prostate and hair follicles, as well as the testes and adrenal glands. Essentially DHT is made from testosterone and helps the body grow and regulate itself.
Excessive  sex increases  DHT which  kills  hair  follicles and causes  male  pattern  baldness

6 Heart Attack

While  sex is good for your  heart  because it's a form of exercise that  helps to circulate  blood  flow, research  has shown that  series of climaxing  affects  people who have  heart  problems negatively.

As we try to enjoy  life and the  good things  life  offers us, we should be able to have  control over the things  we do.
Don't  hesitate to reach out for  more   healthy  sex tips.

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Rooting for you 
Yours  sincerely 
Chioma Cynthia 
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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Infatuation (A Crush Texting My Man Through Me) Part 1

Bent over a pile of books
I raised my head to see the Duke
With the rim of his spectacles shinning
Countenance calm, a smile emerged, then laughter followed
His bass fluttering
That voice... It was the voice!
There was something his about voice that made my heart beat faster
His smile had a way of making me giddy and satisfied all at once.
What if I told him he makes me giddy?
What if I said he makes my heart beat faster?
What if...?

He would tell me stories of the past
 Kiss my forehead when it's midnight's past
Try to sing Timaya's bang
Call my name when in pains pang
Ask me if I'm hungry a thousand times
Tell me the truth without no lies
Twenty and one years apart
Said my other part
He'll never have you in his heart.

Snap! I shrugged to reality
As he pulled out a script of age
Look! He said, flipping through "I am going to show this to my children "
Then, I realized
I was his child
Nothing more.

(photo credit
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