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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

No Need Playing Hard To Get,Be Hard To Forget, 4 Reasons You Should Be Hard To Forget.

 "You gave up easily"," You left too quictake
Girls often say these after the guy who has spent so long asking them out left and probably meet them again ,she liked him actually and expected him to spend forever chasing her.

Really? I don't know how long you expect him to stick around when you're so confused yourself,

He met you and made his intention known, he liked you and wanted a relationship, maybe the two of you could build something more,but you're busy dragging,

You liked him,you know you liked him,he called your phone you grumbled but went ahead to pick up his call,
if he doesn't call you'd be missing him,wishing he'd call,you'd be checking your phone to see if he'd call  or text you, but you won't make any attempt  ,you won't let him know you liked him ,

You've gathered all the information about him,he's your kind of guy,you'd not call him when he asked "can we talk this night ?" "who's going to call?"

You're playing hard to get,you turned down dates,you wouldn't let him visit you but you enjoyed it whenever he talked to you on the phone or met you on the road.

After some months of trying and pushing, he got tired and left,or maybe another cutie crossed his part and got him drooling, she didn't give him too much stress ,they clicked and the rest is history

 What does it matter if it take you ten years before you'd  let off your guard and let  out what you're feeling? ,

Don't Play Hard To Get.

Does it really matter how long the woo-ing lasted or  how hard  he pushed?

*You don't want to be seen as cheap

*You feel playing hard to get adds to your worth

"You think he'd respect you more if you make things hard for him

*You think playing hard to get helps you to know if he's serious or not

Okay all these only exists in the human thinking, the truth is that someone who truly loves you will stay even if you accepted on the first day ,the person who wants you for fun can stick around as long as you dragged, he'd eventually get what he's been wanting and leave

Realistically playing hard to get is a waste of energy, accepting a dating proposal after one day of outing takes nothing away from your self -wo rth .
If it's what you want and you feel he possesses the attributes you're looking for in a man,it's simple -accept him.

Everything will not come together at once, gradually with efforts and commitment something tangible will cone out of it.

Be Hard To Forget.

Remember no prince charming exists anywhere, all you could ever get  is a combination of one or two qualities and a make believe of the rest

 What  you should  do is to leave a lasting impression in the head and mind of the person by making every minute you spend with them  be worth the while.

1,Be confident and vulnerable

2,Be flexible and sensitive in every aspect

3,Have a listening ear,listen more 

4,Be your real self,honest and open minded,you're not losing yourself rather you're allowing what is real.

Even if they have plans to leave, creating pleasant impression in their subconscious  will make It hard  for them to forget you.

Real people cherishes good company. having someone who can make one laugh and be real is one  nobody would want to throw away.

Instead of playing hard to get,be hard to forget.
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