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Thursday, May 30, 2019

MEN ROUNDTABLE(Episode 1) Does 1+1 Come Into Play In The Issue Of Money?

          Welcome To Men Roundtable.

This week we are discussing; Financial Discipline On The Part Of  Our Partners And How We React To Women Attitude Towards Spending ( Women and Money)

It's believed that 1+1 is 1 in the algebra of love, so I'm asking

 (1) Will you let  the   woman  in your life have access to your money ?
(B) Will she have freedom to  spend your money whenever she's in need without your permission?
(C) How would you react when she spends more than you ordinarily would  allow?

Elvis Alex, Canada based information communication technology specialist has this to say
 Yes, she's among the reasons I  am making the money

 I will make sure She  has enough to take care of  her needs. What if I wasn't available?. I don't want her to be calling me anytime she needs money.
. Depends on what she spent it on, I don't think there is a limit to what someone can spend. The issue will be on what she spent it on.

We will  have a discussion to find out why she used the money if it's a large sum  and if she needed to use that much.Bottom spouse has everything right to my savings.

Abalike Agbo Psychologist based in Rome Italy
1) Yes  because even if she asked me I will give her
B ).  This depends on. Love comes with responsibility or responsibility is attached to love , She must inform me even if she has taken already so that accountability is maintained.

C)Reactions will not help any matter and proper planning and  budgeting is necessary. We can't spend more than we earn. So she can't spend more than  what is allowed. Besides  we plan together.

Dana Joseph  works in a private sector in Benue state Nigeria

Yes I will
B. She will have liberty to spend whenever she needs money but she should  inform me beforehand unless  it's an emergency. That kind of emergency that makes logical sense.

C) If it was necessary then it's fine but if not then I'll frown at it.

Anonymous Respondent.

Yes I will allow a woman in my life access to my money.

I wouldn't allow her to use my money without my permission. I would also not want to spend her's without her permission unless in case of emergency both ways.
I will not be happy if she spends more money than budgeted.
If there is legitimate reason I will understand otherwise I would not like it.

Kunle , Journalist Lagos 
1.She has limited access to my money.
2.  She's to have my consent to spend.
3. She gets tutored on financial discipline.

So what's your take? Are you going to let her  spend as much as she wants to or there are limits?keep the conversation going.
Enjoy the rest of your day and beyond.

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