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Friday, June 21, 2019

Top 5 Reasons Cohabitation Is Wrong. Reasons Partners Should Build Healthy Friendship Instead.

A lot of people usually view cohabitation from the moral and religious angle,with majority frowning at it,besides being morally right seeing two people in a relationship moving in to live together before officially becoming man and wife  has loads of odds that  working against it.

According to a study published in  The Journal of Family most couples who move in  together without any clear commitment to marriage  may end up getting married  for the wrong reasons,In most cases its partly because they are already living together,the feeling of indebtedness and compassion  rather than the conviction that they're totally compatible becomes the main reason the marriage would happen.

If couples decides to see how their relationship will be in the future,high chances are  that they will find out that it might not be so rosy,they may end up calling it quit.

Cohabiting ends up being associated with the most problems in a relationship .

Top reasons cohabitation Is wrong.

(A)There's High risk of divorce

(B)Partners who cohabited have tendency to cheat

(C)The partners may soon start having. Issues with sharing expenses.

(D)There's likely to be nothing to make the partners want to work harder to get married officially, they live together so procrastination becomes part of it.

(E)The partners may get tired of sex/they're likely to get comfortable ,

60% of partners who cohabited ended up not getting married, they're mostly uptight.What if we end up not working? Not any one of them can save for the other most cases the partners are skeptical about taking risks ,they're test running each other to see what each one of them is capable of bringing to the table.little time it becomes tight for the partners to create fun moments because they live carefully.

Having a healthy relationship is  all  about a choice to remain committed through thick and thin,test running a relationship adds nothing to's a choice that one only has to make.
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Friday, June 14, 2019

5 Things we should stop giving a damn about.

(1) Trying to make other people happy  at your own expense.
Its a  hard concept to let go of but I promise you when you learn the skill of finding peace in yourself instead of depending on what people think about to decide and determine how you feel about yourself,the much happier you will be.

(2) What People Say

I know you hear  this  a lot  but seriously who cares about what  is  said if it is negative its just jealousy or lies so people are replaceable and they need to know that.

(3)Our Statues in life.

If Steve Jobs didnt become successful till 40,then it means that we have atleast  about two decades to  figure out our hustles

You know what?universe has a way of blessing the good people.

(4) Shitty People

This has an easy solution,cut toxic people out of your life!.!

People are naturally disappointing,it is better to lose people that arent adding anything  positive into your life than to lose your peace of mind.mental wellness is everything.

(5) Regrets

There is no such thing as regrets!!just mistakes we havent forgiven ourselves of yet. Take the positives the mistakes must have taught you then let it go!!
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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Are You Finding It Hard Pulling Out Of Heartbreak? Here's 12 Healthy Tips On How To Get Over A Relationship.

Anabel wouldn't stop crying because Chuks  broke her into pieces and left her.She was  almost drifting into depression when her  friend introduced her to me,

Chuks and Anabel dated for 3 years,she felt their relationship was made in heaven,she gave no other man the space as all her heart, soul and body were dedicated to  loving Chuks.Anabel thought it was same for Chuks.

One evening while cooking in Chuks's kitchen she got a call from an unknown number,she picked up and a strange female voice said to her "Anabel the foolish girl,did you not know that your supposed boyfriend Chuks just paid the bride price of the girl he loved and you're in his kitchen cooking like the slave that you are?"

Anabel couldn't figure out who that was, all the attempt to get the caller to explain or introduce herself was in vain.Anabel left the kitchen to the living room and waited for Chuks to come back  maybe he could help solve the puzzle.

Chuks came back and denied ever knowing nor doing  such.He told Anabel to forget the caller and said it could be a mischief-maker or some random girls trying to create drama.Blinded by love Anabel believed Chuks.

But it didn't take long before the blindfold was removed off Anabel's eyes,for behold on that very day Anabel got that strange call,the night before Chuks spent the night with Anabel but left in the morning according to him he's visiting his aged father but the truth was that Chuks went to his village to pay the bride price of his soon -to- be -wife
Anabel knew nothing about this ,Chuks didn't give any hint whatsoever, he later returned to his house in the city and continued his love romps with Anabel leaving no traces.

Anabel's cousin found out and broke the ugly news to her,Chuks couldn't deny as all evidence was clear for all to see.

Anabel was broken and shattered.

When I met her and picked up conversation with her,she showed no interest but I continued, I didn't give up talking to her,at some point she told me to stop stressing myself that she appreciated my effort but that she already knew there's nothing left in her as all she felt and breathe was emptiness.

I continued sending her messages ,one morning while  resting on my bed some words started coming to me and I started writing them down,afterwards I read through them ,smiles crept in and lit up my face,

"Yes these will definitely sound interesting to Anabel" I said to myself, I copied these words and sent to her.

2 hours later I heard my phone ring.It was Anabel,when I picked up she said "Chioma these words are so soothing, thanks so much for sending them,I will definitely spend more time reading and meditating on them"

For once in the 3 months that I started a session with Anabel she said something positive. I was overjoyed and relieved at the same time.

It's been 3 weeks since I sent  Anabel  The Healthy Tips You Need To Pull out Of Heartbreak.
Anabel has been the one calling me ,every day she had one good thing to share with me, she suggested that I should reach out to other people like her with these tips as there are  thousands of people going through hell trying to overcome the nightmare called "Heartbreak".

So here we go!!an excerpts from my  Short book This Nightmare called Heartbreak.

I don't know what you're going through,I don't know the degree of your hurt,but I hope you will find some comfort in these words

 (1) Don't ruin  your life chasing  someone who wasted your time, let go of those who are already gone

(2)Just because you miss someone doesn't mean you need them back in your life, you can miss and move on at the same time.

(3) Sometimes you just have to be done,not mad,not upset,just done

(4)Cry as hard as you want to but  make sure that when you never cry again for the same reason or person .

(5)Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it,let it go

(6)It supposed to hurt,you loved them and they hurt you.Accept the pain and let go of what was.Be strong and brave, you need you

(7)They say the best way to get over heartbreak is to fall in love again, fall in love with yourself, it is the best relationship ever

(8)It is not fair that your heart got broken, that doesn't mean you should give up hope, close your ears to the world so you can hear yourself, the music of your soul to you lies within you

(9)The best revenge is to show them that your life is getting better after they're gone.

(10)Sometimes we don't know what we want, and we blame our unhappiness on someone who doesn't know either.

(11) Just because someone doesn't love you that doesn't mean you're unlovable

(12) The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.Be still so you can hear your own heartbeat singing you the best melody.

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