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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

I Have Been Caught Cheating (part 1)Why I Cheated

I have cheated  twice, twice I have been  caught,to me it was more like  "good riddance to bad nonsense " but inside  me it was an ugly scene /experience, it gave me this  gory feeling, you  know  that  type of feeling you get,you  wanted to  play a fast one  and stay clean but just at the  moment  you are   at the  middle of it, someone  comes in,
But like the  saying  goes "everything that  happens in   life  has a lesson it teaches  if only one is able to  observe it"

I cheated  and I learnt  something.

No 1,I  learnt that  you  cannot  cheat on someone you  truly  love  and care for.

Yes the  first time  I cheated on  my boyfriend, it was in my very  young  life , Cornelius  and I were  friends from high school, to me it was just friendship  but Cornel (as he was called)  took it seriously, he saw me as his lover and the  only woman  he loved, he sent me tons of gifts,whenever it's Valentine's  Day he made out time to  create  beautiful   words on a beautiful card,he designed  handkerchief  with  photos of  me,  and sent  them with  body  spray or deodorants, he was a student  but he tried  in his little way to show me how much  he cared about me, unfortunately It wasn't  same for me, I  didn't  feel anything  special for him, I wasn't even  sure if I liked him enough to  want to spend  a day in his company,

Whenever  he visited my family house during  holidays, which was the  only time  we get to see because we attended different  high schools,I   always wished  he didn't  come around and he had this habit of  spending  very  long time in my house on each of his visits,it was usually terrible  for me enduring  his stay, trying  so hard to join  him in a conversation  I wasn't  enjoying.

My sister  noticed that I didn't  like  his company and  persistently advised me to end  the  friendship, it was obvious we're on different  lane, so one evening  I wrote a  comprehensive  letter and explained to  him why I felt we should  not be acting a relationship that  both of us weren't truly involved in, he came around as usual, on the road  while  seeing him off, I gave him the  envelope containing the  letter .

I didn't  see Cornelius  for days, I was happy and relieved ,finally  I was let out of the  cage. I was already  breathing a fresh   air, but few days before  schools resumed  Cornelius  popped up!!

This time he wanted us to be 'Just friends",no emotions  attached, I agreed but it was not because  I liked it, but because of the  guy Cornelius  introduced to me as his "second  male self '!his name was Kingsley. Cornelius  told me Kingsley was his childhood friend, they  attended  same high school and they're  in the  same university, reading  the  same course ,on the same level.

Immediately I  saw Kingsley  something  happened to me, I felt this rush in my veins waves of sweet feelings  rushed  through  my nerves to my heart and  I felt  my heart  throb, when he took my hand in his for a friendly  handshake, my body shivered inside and  my legs  wobbled , I rushed to the couch and sat down  so I won't  give  myself  away,kingsley didn't  take  his eyes off me throughout  their  stay, they  left eventually and my emotions  were torn apart.

For the first time in my life  I experienced  a sleepless thoughts were scattered, so many thoughts  raced through my head, so many questions that  I couldn't answer.
Where was  Kingsley all these time? this was what  my heart  had wanted, the  kind of feelings my body yearned for ,why was he Cornelius  friend? how was I going to  get through this? So many questions, at the end I couldn't answer  any and  I spent   a whole night  not sleeping .

I was at the  courtyard in my house  late in the evening the  next day, I lost  appetite  for any food, I was not ready to confide in anybody, not even  my  sister, how do I begin to explain to people that I was suddenly  loving  my  friend's  best friend? I was  playing with  my  phone  when suddenly I heard  someone  call my name, I looked up and it was Kingsley.

Let me paint a little picture of what  Kingsley  looked like,   chocolate skinned Kingsley  stood  about  6 feet tall, he had this   charming smile on his face that revealed  his awesome dentition, his nicely built body had the most disarming  biceps I have seen, he knew he's  cute and  smiled  endlessly to kill anybody who dared to  get closer.
I was wishing  my thoughts were right, something kept telling me that  Kingsley would  come around all alone, I saw it in his eyes that day he visited with  Cornelius.

I jumped up  on my feet to welcome him  and found  myself  in his embrace,we sat  down and started gisting, by the time  he was leaving  my family house, we felt like we've known each other from childhood.

We knew what we wanted, there's  no space for pretence, we liked each other and we were attracted to each other,there was no need  for  negotiation,kingsley and I agreed to have a relationship, few days into  our meeting.

I can't  be able to  paint the  true reflection of  my feelings  because it was  awesome, what  I felt for him remains  one of the  best feelings I have ever had, it was mutual, Kingsley  cared for me in a very special way, we never had enough of each other's company, we shared similar interest and ideology, we thrilled one another  with  soul warming conversations,kingsley was super intelligent,every moment together  was savoured and it wasn't enough.

We knew  we had to keep our relationship away from Cornelius, we didn't know how long it will take before he'd find out, we knew we were doing something that someone would  definitely  hurt from anytime it   blows open  but we didn't  give a damn ,what  mattered to us. was what we felt and  what we had.

Midway into  my third year in the university and Kingsley was  doing  his fifth and final  year, Cornelius  found out we have been  together for almost two years,

Schools were on vacation and everybody  was home, Cornelius  has visited me countless times  but I didn't even bother to  check up on him, I always found a reason to  not  stay home whenever  he came around, but I spent  almost every of my  free time with  Kingsley, so that  fateful day, I was with  Kingsley in his bedroom,we were playing around and gisting, we didn't notice  Cornelius  came in, he obviously  saw us holding  one another ,the  door was  slightly open, he sat on  one of the  sofa in the  living room  Kingsley  shared with his older brother in the  side of the  wing their  dad  gave them in one of their  family housel.
Kingsley  left to get some  fruits  from the  refrigerator in his kitchen  and saw him, I overheard him exchanging  pleasantries with  someone, he came in and whispered to me that  Cornelius was in the living room,that moment  my   body froze, I stopped  talking, I tiptued close to the  door and  peeped through the curtains and saw him! He sat with  his hands  supporting his head.

I didn't come out  till  dusk, he was still  seated in the same  position  I saw him earlier, I walked  down stairs through the kitchen to where  Kingsley parked  his car and he drove  me home,

Two days  later  my sister  came into my room with an envelope and told me Cornelius  came in and dropped  it with  her and left. I opened it and it was  photos of me, all the  items  I shared with him and a note, it was a  long note  ,he wrote the  history of his friendship with  me and how I finally  decided to  knife him, he wrote and I quote  "in all the things you  did, one that  feels unbearable to me, you  counted  me unworthy to be respected by accepting  friendship with  my second  male self  Kingsley '
I knew I felt  pity for him, I didn't know if I would have pushed  Kingsley out of  my mind and went on, but went on with what? For all I know  there was nothing there  for Cornelius,I felt  nothing for him, no iota  of love, and maybe  I didn't  care  a thing about  how he'd  feel, all I was about was  what I felt for Kingsley and that was the  most important thing, and I agreed  it's not possible to  cheat on the person you truly  love and  care for, in all the time Kingsley was in my  life, it was  just two of us together, I didn't  notice  there was any other  man living on earth.
We didn't  end up  in marriage  because of a reason  I will  talk about in subsequent post,but one thing you should take from me is that if you are  cheating on the  person you  claimed you love, then it's  simply because you  don't  love them enough to  care about  hurting their  feelings  or because you  don't  respect them.

Let's talk about respect in the  next blog  post.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Couple's Goal(Reasons You Should Add Morning Sex To Your To-Do-List

Morning  sex makes you  more  productive
Sex has been proven to  be a means of  relaxation to  the  body ,it   also boosts  happiness,

In a voxpop conducted by sex therapists, a participants  said'I feel like I  can tackle the day and  be more productive  after  having sex in the  morning, it relaxes  me, the  soothing  company of my  spouse makes  me feel loved and warmt, I feel ready to  face the world after morning sex”

Morning  sex helps you  beat  morning  stress
Sex floods your  body with  oxytocin ,which  makes you  relaxed and happy
Make out some time for a little cuddling  before you  get into the shower

Morning sex  helps  you Connect better with your partner
Getting closer to the one Person you shared the night hours with has a magical tone to deep soul connection, imagine pulling closer and wrapping two bodies together after being in a separate world? that early  hour bodly communication has some spiritual bonding.

Men Lasts longer While  having sex in the morning
It has been proven that men lasts longer during sex in the morning,they tend to have control over the timing.
Survey shows that men spend longer time during sex in the morning than any other time of the day.

Count as workout 
The short and gradually built up tempo that happens during sex automatically is a form of exercise. The sweat are let out in addition to the relaxing therapeutic effect on the body.

Your  testosterone  level are higher in the morning
Because  your  testosterone level are higher in the morning, it. Increases your  sex drive, mostly  men wake up in the morning with a hard on,
Sex is significantly better when you  are already ready and rearing to go

Which in turn boost your immune system
And also makes you feel younger ,it keeps  your brain active because you're  relaxed,  it keeps you focused.
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