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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Couple's Goal(Reasons You Should Add Morning Sex To Your To-Do-List

Morning  sex makes you  more  productive
Sex has been proven to  be a means of  relaxation to  the  body ,it   also boosts  happiness,

In a voxpop conducted by sex therapists, a participants  said'I feel like I  can tackle the day and  be more productive  after  having sex in the  morning, it relaxes  me, the  soothing  company of my  spouse makes  me feel loved and warmt, I feel ready to  face the world after morning sex”

Morning  sex helps you  beat  morning  stress
Sex floods your  body with  oxytocin ,which  makes you  relaxed and happy
Make out some time for a little cuddling  before you  get into the shower

Morning sex  helps  you Connect better with your partner
Getting closer to the one Person you shared the night hours with has a magical tone to deep soul connection, imagine pulling closer and wrapping two bodies together after being in a separate world? that early  hour bodly communication has some spiritual bonding.

Men Lasts longer While  having sex in the morning
It has been proven that men lasts longer during sex in the morning,they tend to have control over the timing.
Survey shows that men spend longer time during sex in the morning than any other time of the day.

Count as workout 
The short and gradually built up tempo that happens during sex automatically is a form of exercise. The sweat are let out in addition to the relaxing therapeutic effect on the body.

Your  testosterone  level are higher in the morning
Because  your  testosterone level are higher in the morning, it. Increases your  sex drive, mostly  men wake up in the morning with a hard on,
Sex is significantly better when you  are already ready and rearing to go

Which in turn boost your immune system
And also makes you feel younger ,it keeps  your brain active because you're  relaxed,  it keeps you focused.
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