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Friday, November 23, 2018

Memo To My Ex(Why Did You Claim I Left Because You Were Poor?)

 It's the  most  wicked statement  anyone  has made about  me through  out  my  24 years on earth, more  insensitively  coming from you. 

I didn't  say you  don't have right over your own opinion but  come on Tobi, it is quite unfair  when we try to rob other people of their  essence just in a bid to feel justified.

You and I know the truth, if you  don't want to admit it well I can understand your  grudge  ,but it is important we put the records straight for posterity sake.

Remember I told you that I had  no issues with your  financial status when I  met you and agreed to date you? I knew what I wanted  in the  man I would  choose, getting closer to you and I saw and experienced an embodiment of a whole  man with  blazing  talent and future, even though there was  no much  financial comfort with you  I felt safe! You  offered  me. Masculine  warmth ,I felt  safe in you.

I craved  for more knowledge, I wanted to tap into your  resilience spirit and  follow your  goal-getter  spirit to push  my own vision.

Remember how we met? It was the  spark of intelligence that  brought us together, in that show where you  were the  guest  speaker, we sat close to each other and shared ideas. the event  over you  offered to  drive me home.

I was  the happiest girl on earth  seated  beside you that evening was an awesome  privilege.

We agreed to meet again while in the  car,you looked me straight in the face and  told me you're  privileged to  meet a rarity  like  me.

We met at the  'Gold Gardens'two days later, it was an interesting evening, I was  surprised to find out  you're such a fun loving  man, you're only intelligent,you were humorous, I laughed so hard to your stories. It was a quick  jelling, it wasn't up to two weeks that we met and  we became an item, even  before you  officially  asked me out I was  already playing the  role of a girl friend to you.
[11/23, 14:44] chicrystal90: We spent  practically every day together, I was on holiday

So it was all about us,me and you.

Firstly you said we should start a prayer session, according to you, it's for God to guide us through as your plan is for you to spend forever  together. I accepted. We prayed 3 times in every week.

At this point I asked for exclusivity talk,you didn't ask if I'd really want to be in your life permanently. It was a cool Friday evening, I was already getting ready to go back to school,I think I had just a week more to spend at home, you called me earlier to ask if I'd be free by evening of that Friday so  we'd go out together for dinner, I wasn't engaged on any activity ,I agreed and we agreed for 7pm

It was a memorable night, I wore a simple camisole over a black belly-pants,it was a warm evening best for sandals. the colour fitted well on my chocolate were waiting already by the time I got downstairs, you drove to Gold gardens and we settled in an empty couch and made our order.

Dinner was quick, it was light too,we sip from the classes of wine,you told me your plans for the future,your  business and relationship, it was at that point that you asked me out formerly,

You poured some wine into a glass,took my hands in yours and we made a toast to be together.

I went back to school and life continued, how could you forget how frequently I called? I was in far away England and you were in Lagos Nigeria, the UK has just an hour different with Nigeria and it's always around winter otherwise we ran the sane time zone, the times I'm in the classroom, you're at home, mostly .it was a bit difficult coping, still I was the one doing all the calling ,the call tariff was Hugh on your side so I took it as a duty you whenever we needed to talk,we chat as well to make up.

Let me  remind you that my school timetable was stressful, I was in my 3rd year which was  an exam level, when studies got deep and exams closed up I wasn't capable of handling my school work and keeping a long distance relationship. I kept explaining to you

I was surprised when you failed to understand my plight, you were once a student I expected you would understand and  support me but it wasn't so,you turned to a nagging  soul,you critized everything I did,you accused me of dating other guys insinuated it was  because you  were not rich that's why I

So you forgot that morning you called me another girl's name?I'd called to check on you, your  response was  cold,I tried to cheer you up ,I sang Celine Dion's 'power of love' to make you smile ,it didn't work at all instead you called me another girl's name while trying to tell me to keep quiet.
It happened more  than I could understand, I brought it to your notice but you didn't  give any explanations.

You weren't rich but you lived comfortablyI didn't complain for one day,I promised to stand by you and work hard too so we can build a good home,I still don't understand where you got that view of me neglecting you because we  came  from families of different  financial always talked about my father's over pampering  me and how it will affect  my choice of a partner, you didn't let  me make the mistake myself instead you concluded and turned your back on me without a word.

I was writing my final exams,it took all my time and attention, I  sent messages and called at my spare time,I couldn't wait to  get exams over and done with so I can rush home and be with you.
I missed our interesting company, our conversations and pillow fight. I craved for your company like never before.

I would be an understatement to say I was shocked getting back to Nigeria and meeting an aggressive you, there was no welcome, you acted like  I was a Long time for looking to reconcile with you. I felt maybe it was because we've been through some trying time not been together.

It continued but I held on trying to  ignite the fire back,it was so dull and boring those days I  would come around your house and you'd leave me  all alone to hold meetings upon meetings.

You finally broke the ice ,you told me that you've moved on because you didn't think things will work bêtween us.

Check your messages I'm sure you'd see a message or two from me to you pleading that we give us a chance, I waited but you didn't turn back.

How did all these mean me pushing you away because you didn't have so much money at that time?
I know you will read this, please I would want you to tell your own side of the  story so that people will read and give their thoughts, if I'm to be blamed.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Couples Goal (5 Best Times To Have Sex)

Trying to  have sex as many times as  possible in a day could be a handful for  couples that  have  works to do each day,however there are best times to  make it happen even without  planning it and it still  fit in,the couple will  still  go about their  business   while savouring  the  passionate moment  they  shared.

These  times mentioned  have  significantly   stood out as the  best over time.

1,In the morning.. It feels like the  body was made for  morning  sex,the increase in oxytocin level is higher in the morning ,oxytocin   keep you bonded   together  while endorphins boost your  mood.

2,Before a big  presentation

Research  shows that having sex calms the  nerves ,lower  blood pressure and reduces stress
Reduce the  sense of anxiety and  stress that  many people feel when  having to  speak in public

3,When you are feeling  a little under the weather

Studies shows that having sex can actually boost your immune system

4 The  14th day in your  cycle

Two weeks into your cycle .your clitoris  becomes 20% bigger and engoged, it is a delicate period as this is the time every woman is likely to  conceive this is one of the reasons  most women  feel like having sex during their ovulation. your  clitoris is swollen and  massive  orgasm is a sure  bet. , it is a danger period for people that  have  no  plan of making  babies.

5,After a  workout
Blood flows to the  genital region 169% higher after a workout  which  increases the sex drive.
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Friday, October 26, 2018

Top 6 Deadly Effects Of Having Too Much Sex( For Men)

 When you  feel strong and  rearing to go 24 hours  7,your  nerves raging and throbbing, you  seek for cum after  cum, why not most people  believe  experiencing toe-curling  orgasm is the  most  wonderful  feeling  ever.

Play, she is available for you anytime or when  she isn't  giving in you're  not throwing in the  bid  after all you can get  it anywhere.
I agree  but pause  for one  second, think about this..

Did you  know that  too much  of everything is bad? yes everything including  sex!!!

When you keep  having   sex morning, afternoon and night  7 days in a week, you're  sure to knock  down. Research  has proven that  too much  sex has deadly  effect 

There are  negative side to  having  too much  sex

I will  give you  the  6  dangerous  effects from  having too much sex

1 Dehydration
This  means  your  body  loses  so much vital  water  that  could  end up  making you  look pale

2 Urinary  Tract infection.

A lot of water   are lost  when sex happen  frequently,to  avoid having  urinary tract infection take  plenty of water and empty your  bladder  before and after sex.

3 Trouble  Climaxing
 Contrary to the  belief that  staying  long time without  sex for men could  cause  some  health issues, too much sex and ejaculation  wil considerably empty the  semen and  sperm levels

4 Poor  vision

It's scientifically proven that too much  sex which  comes  always with  frequent  ejaculation  can affect the  man's  vision, no matter how pleasing sex feels for you, remember the  semen you  release was produced from your  body  components

 5.Hair loss

The enzyme (a substance produced by the body to help bring about a biochemical reaction) called 5α-reductase synthesises DHT from testosterone in areas like the prostate and hair follicles, as well as the testes and adrenal glands. Essentially DHT is made from testosterone and helps the body grow and regulate itself.
Excessive  sex increases  DHT which  kills  hair  follicles and causes  male  pattern  baldness

6 Heart Attack

While  sex is good for your  heart  because it's a form of exercise that  helps to circulate  blood  flow, research  has shown that  series of climaxing  affects  people who have  heart  problems negatively.

As we try to enjoy  life and the  good things  life  offers us, we should be able to have  control over the things  we do.
Don't  hesitate to reach out for  more   healthy  sex tips.

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Rooting for you 
Yours  sincerely 
Chioma Cynthia 
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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Powerful Tips To Make Your Man Sexually Obsessed With You.

 Powerful  Sexual   techniques to make  your  man feel an intense  desire  to  be around you, desperate to  rip your clothes off and  make  passionate  love to you, along with him feeling  more  deeply  connected to you  than you  ever  thought  possible.

These  tips once you  start  practising them will  make your  man sexually  obsessed with you ,you'd be surprised
 to see him become  more  caring

 To be able to  achieve this  I will  point out THE DANGEROUS  MISTAKES   THAT  DESTROYS  YOUR  SEX LIFE. ,there are  5 outstanding  mistakes.

1 Unresponsiveness-imagine a log of wood  stuck  to a place, it just  lies there, hardly moving.

Some  girls are like  log of wood, they  just  lie in bed during  sex hardly  moving  at all.

Do you have a  log of wood  syndrome? If so it's really important that you get rid of it unless you want to leave your  man bored  and  potentially fantasizing  about  someone else.

Apply  these methods o push up your  tactics
Make body  contact, wrap your arms around his back or shoulders or wrap  your  legs around  his legs.

Get vocal, men like  hearing  feedback  on how  well they  are performing. It boosts  their  ego and  spurs them  on,if you're  completely  silent  during  sex then your  man  will  feel  like  a failure, the  more  vocal you are during  sex  the  more  he'd  believe  he is doing a great  job and  the  more  he will  feel validated
Move  your  body! Learn to  roll your  waist and  raise up to  meet  his thrust, it  increases the ecstatic  waves , lubricates the  vagina  more thereby making  sex more  flexible. 

No 2 Routine Sex Life.
Everybody  gets bored  doing  the  same  thing  over and over again , if you  keep giving  your  man the  same  sex, using  the  same  technique  and position he will  get bored. Boredom  is unforunately  one of the   main  causes of  cheating.

So it's  important  to constantly introduce  new things  into  your  sex life

A Don't  wait for  him to be the  one  always  asking for both of you to have  sex, initiate  sex from  time to time.

B   make  sure you  take your  bath early in the  morning and  last thing at night dress  neatly and wear  dresses  that  could  stir  amourous  thoughts in him.

C learn to walk  and talk  sensually, flirting with  your  man with  words is the  most  seductive  technique, learn to roll your eyes and  body  ,these will  always  leave  series of romantic  thoughts  flying  in his mind

D have sex at different  places and  random   times, at day time, sex shouldn't be scheduled, keep the  kids  safe(if you  have  kids  already)  have unplanned sex .make it spontaneous
E try  new sexual  positions,
techniques and  role-playing, missionary position is good  but there are a lot to  sexual  enjoyment, (I will  explain  more in my  article  on sex position )

3 Use Sex As A Weapon. there are times  when you  don't   feel like  having  sex with your  man or it's not  possible  because  it's that  time of the  month, that  is  absolutely  fine however  if you   try to  manipulate  him using  sex your  relationship  will  start to  fall apart, he will  trust  you  less  and less and eventually  he will  start  to drift  further and further  away,
Instead of using  sex  as a  tool for blackmail  use it as weapon to blind  your  man<<<I explained  this  extensively in my article <<Learn  to hold your  man down with  your  feminine  side>>

Men love  great sex, get your  man stuck in you  by delivering  masterpiece of  skills, my friend  frank said  that  "sex is a meal that  should be  served  hot and  spicy " when you're  able to  successfully  trap your  man in your  body, you will  easily  get what ever you  need as he'd be  only  nodding  affirmatively to your  words.

 No 4 Oral Sex Is A Must, Oral sex  should be  included in your  to-do -list.
The  only thing  worse than  not giving  your man oral sex is giving a terrible  oral  sex,because the  satisfaction isn't  just in the  penetration,different people  have different  errogenius  zone  therefore  you  should  be certain about where  your  man finds  fascinating,you should know  how to touch  him to get him rolling
You  give a man  good  oral by building up anticipation ,slip your  hands  inside his pants and  gently  start  stroking  his penis, don't  hold  it too firmly, start  gently  then increase the  speed  ,

Stroke gently to his balls,the penis is very  sensitive so is the  restocked, massage the   balls gently  run your  fingers  gently  between  the  balls and the underneath  of his penis, kiss   his penis  slowly and lick gently, caress the tip of his penis (the  cap)  with your tongue, roll  your  tongue  all  over  the  breadth  then swallow the  length  bit  by bit flicking through with your  tongue as you  swallow.

Don't  Keep Mute,  make sure you  ask questions  as you  go on, it's important to build up sexual tension  through  heart to heart  conversation as well as ending  it with   heart to heart  discuss in order    to get feedback. Ask him where he wants you to  dwell on and  how he is liking  your  touches, this will  help you to know what to  add or subtract. try to  keep the  conversation on even after  the  climax, help each other to clean up instead of  rushing to the  bathroom to shower  like  you  just  touched a dirty  paper bag. If you  cannot  swallow his semen,tell him ITS  you  want  him to  cum on any  part of your  body, the  breast  preferably  will  always  fascinate a man and  make  him  twitch

I can go on and  on, the  route to  a happy  intimate   moment is unending, stay connected to  get first  hand  news as new blog  post  drops, subscribe to my blog's  newsletter to get  every  article  delivered to your  email.ITS FREE.

Rooting for you
It's yours  sincerely
Chioma cynthia. 
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