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Friday, May 31, 2019

My First Transactional Intimacy(He Refused To Pay Me But We Had An Agreement)

I lost my dad few years ago,because he was the sole provider for the family life became pretty hard for us.

Picking up the pieces,we started  fishery business and that's how we've been surviving,but along the line  the business crashed due to  vaccination failure.

And that was how we lost everything , since then my mum hasn't been doing anything there's no money to come back into business .

I'm in my 200 levels in the university currently and I'm running a part time Job …I do daily contribution also ,my salary is twelve thousand naira, that is what I use for transport fare  for me and my sister  and to take care of our needs. 
My boyfriend supports also even though he's not well to do.

There's one of my customers who's been disturbing me since,he's married,so on wednesday  there was nothing at home,no gas and foodstuff, the guy called as usual and  I agreed to meet up,my reason was to beg him for some  money then pay back when I can.

When I got there we got talking and he said he can give me 20k oh well that's a lot for me right now and he said he doesn't want a refund he wants sex.
We dragged and I was like okay,at least the money can fill gas and buy some foodstuff before I get paid
We got intimate but instead of giving me the amount we agreed on,the guy started saying he'd call me the next morning to give me the money,I was like " Bros that's not our agreement " 
That was  my first transactional sex .He said he doesn't have money on him that he'd call me and there was nothing I could do.He gave me one thousand naira for transport fare
He said  that he doesn't have the money now,that he'd call me in the evening to give me.I didn't get his call ,when I called he didn't take my call ,after I called severally and he didn't pick up I had to call him with a different number as he heard my voice he ended my call

I just realised he blocked my number this morning
Sincerely  I feel so stupid right now

It's not as if I sit at home and do nothing,I'm a student plus I'm also doing daily contribution .

I can't get a good paying job right now because nobody wants a part time worker,
The whole thing is just so annoying.

Admin's Note-I took the Guy's number from her and called him,he didn't deny though he said he hasn't paid because he's having troubles that held him back.

But I told him that it's unfair of him,he knew he had no money on him but he didn't tell her instead he lied just to get what he wanted.
I told him he must pay all the money,it's a transaction and the agreement stands,
Before this publication the girl called me and told me he sent her five thousand naira .
I cautioned her seriously and told her to desist from such act,she is above 18 and she gave her consent.

What's your thought? Share on the comment section.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

No Need Playing Hard To Get,Be Hard To Forget, 4 Reasons You Should Be Hard To Forget.

 "You gave up easily"," You left too quictake
Girls often say these after the guy who has spent so long asking them out left and probably meet them again ,she liked him actually and expected him to spend forever chasing her.

Really? I don't know how long you expect him to stick around when you're so confused yourself,

He met you and made his intention known, he liked you and wanted a relationship, maybe the two of you could build something more,but you're busy dragging,

You liked him,you know you liked him,he called your phone you grumbled but went ahead to pick up his call,
if he doesn't call you'd be missing him,wishing he'd call,you'd be checking your phone to see if he'd call  or text you, but you won't make any attempt  ,you won't let him know you liked him ,

You've gathered all the information about him,he's your kind of guy,you'd not call him when he asked "can we talk this night ?" "who's going to call?"

You're playing hard to get,you turned down dates,you wouldn't let him visit you but you enjoyed it whenever he talked to you on the phone or met you on the road.

After some months of trying and pushing, he got tired and left,or maybe another cutie crossed his part and got him drooling, she didn't give him too much stress ,they clicked and the rest is history

 What does it matter if it take you ten years before you'd  let off your guard and let  out what you're feeling? ,

Don't Play Hard To Get.

Does it really matter how long the woo-ing lasted or  how hard  he pushed?

*You don't want to be seen as cheap

*You feel playing hard to get adds to your worth

"You think he'd respect you more if you make things hard for him

*You think playing hard to get helps you to know if he's serious or not

Okay all these only exists in the human thinking, the truth is that someone who truly loves you will stay even if you accepted on the first day ,the person who wants you for fun can stick around as long as you dragged, he'd eventually get what he's been wanting and leave

Realistically playing hard to get is a waste of energy, accepting a dating proposal after one day of outing takes nothing away from your self -wo rth .
If it's what you want and you feel he possesses the attributes you're looking for in a man,it's simple -accept him.

Everything will not come together at once, gradually with efforts and commitment something tangible will cone out of it.

Be Hard To Forget.

Remember no prince charming exists anywhere, all you could ever get  is a combination of one or two qualities and a make believe of the rest

 What  you should  do is to leave a lasting impression in the head and mind of the person by making every minute you spend with them  be worth the while.

1,Be confident and vulnerable

2,Be flexible and sensitive in every aspect

3,Have a listening ear,listen more 

4,Be your real self,honest and open minded,you're not losing yourself rather you're allowing what is real.

Even if they have plans to leave, creating pleasant impression in their subconscious  will make It hard  for them to forget you.

Real people cherishes good company. having someone who can make one laugh and be real is one  nobody would want to throw away.

Instead of playing hard to get,be hard to forget.
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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Important Things Ladies Should Consider Before Dressing Up For A Wedding

We get ready for  weddings excitedly,for various  reasons  we always  see weddings as a joyful  event(ofcourse it is) so we are always   all about  dressing  up to impress  as well as feel good and look  our best .

Maybe you are an all weekend  wedding  guest   or  you  have  not been to one  in a long  time, it's  important we take  a little  review of  what  we should wear to  a wedding and  what  should  stay  at home.

To help put it straight   here is  what a fashion  expert   has   to say.


Most  solid  colors and simple  patterns  are the best, you  would want to  look your best and  comfortable with the  cameras  everywhere !choose a narrower  perceived width with  horizontal  stripes.


Remember the  first  rule of thumb? "if you  can wear it to church  you  can probably   wear it to a wedding "
While we agree you  should  lool  hot,weddings isn't the  appropriate  place to  show  off your   body, so go for  something  longer and more  appropriate.


Having a cue  of where the  wedding  is taking  place will  help your  choose


Consider the  setting  and time of the  wedding to decide how to dress.


Gone  are the  days  when  we are forbidden to  wear  black  dresses to wedding, LBD isn't  only   dinner and  dates  wear  any longer, visit the  mall and  pick up some  beautiful   black  dresses, you  are probably  going to be wearing  them  plenty.


Go for nice  dress  shoes  you  can wear  comfortably  for few  hours


For the  artfully -styled  photos of the  bridal  party with  family ,dress in similar shades of same  color palette.
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