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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Married At Noon, Divorced Before Sunset, Why Should I Go Through It A Second Time?

 Hello Chioma,
 I am a fan of your  write ups, my name. is Irene. I am 32 years old. 
I have  been living with these  pain for the  past  five   years.

Everyday  I see reasons to pack out of  my  matriominal  home, to leave  my husband  of over  five years with  our  2  kids and walk away. 

Somehow I  find  comfort in  the  soothing  words  I hear from  my pastor and  your  articles  I read. 

Okay let me  not bore you with  my  long  story, but my marriage is a  living hell of a place for me. 

Firstly  on  the  night  after my  wedding ,I woke up in the  middle of the  night to use the  restroom and  found out my  husband  wasn't  lying  beside me,getting  closer to the  restroom  I could  hear noises  from one of the  bathroom,it was a studio  flat design at the  pent house  with  double  toilet and  bathroom , so it was  just two of us in there, I guessed  it was him, I got closer to the  bathroom and  peeped  through the  narrow  opening, I saw my  husband  standing  on his feet ,with  his head bent  backwards, he had his two  hands  on the  sink,a lady I didn't  recognise  knelt down in front of him sucking  his penis ,they were  so engrossed in their act that  not any one of them noticed  my presence,.
I opened my mouth to shout  but no sound  came out, my legs  wobbled under me, my body  felt  so light, I still  can't  recollect how I managed to get back to the  bedroom, remember it was  the  morning  before that I  said  "I do" to him and him to me. 

My husband  denied being the  one, he came in from the  front door and  claimed  he was at his family  private  meeting, I had refused  dressing up to meet  his  family and the  guests  coming in to greet us(the newly married)   I told him  to invite  my mother  to hear what I  wanted to  say but he refused, "We just  got married and it's embarrassing to  start  inviting  our  parents  to settle  issues  for us" he'd  insisted. 

Everything  I told  him I saw  I was  sure of but he denied  all, he insinuated   I might have  "slept walked ' because  he informed me of the  meeting even before he left  the  bedroom and  his family  members  all agreed they  had a meeting. 

The  second thing  I  had to endure was  the  calls at odd times, these were  private  calls, and it's  always  deep into the  early morning hours, few times  I closed  my eyes and  pretend  to be deep asleep, when ever  he was done with the  calls which  always ends with  "see you soon" he'd  blow kisses  before  walking  back into the  room, I have  checked the  number severally,it was a particular number I later found out belonged to a particular  woman. 

After the  first  months of our wedding, it was  practically  impossible for my husband to have  full erection, at first I thought it was  stress from work, so I suggested  he reduce  his schedules  and for sex to be for weekends  so he can rest well. 

It continued even after, we tried  home remedies, even got dirtier and  saw pornography  together  but it changed  nothing, I had to hold  his soft penis  with  my  hand  after  applying  lubricant and  massaging  it deeply, I will  push  his penis  inside  me with the  hand, it won't get to one  minute  before  he'd  climax  

It was  frustrating to  say the  least, but I loved  my  husband  and wanted for  us work , 
I couldn't  help but masturbate each time I  felt the urge for sex, my husband has everything in his favour, good  looks, agility and the  muse, what ever the  problem was  seemed  unfounded. 

I knew  he lied  everytime he tried to  make  me feel I was the  centre of  his life, I knew there's  some things  he was into  but I could not  say exactly what it was. 

Our first  baby came then the  second, at least  he can produce  fertile  sperm, just  seemed  impossible for him to make  me feel like a woman. 

It was  during  my visit to   our doctor that I  opened up and  shared  my  greatest  pain to him, he promised to  see my husband who was his  school  mate and day one  buddy. 

He told me to promise to never  let it out that  he was the one who told  me, I promised  him, that  fateful  afternoon, our family doctor told me that  nothing is wrong with  my husband  medically, he said  my husband told him that  he was never attracted to  me sexually, that  my naked body  doesn't  move  him, he only  married  me because  I was  hardworking and dedicated, he wanted a good woman for his kids, our family  doctor  told me my  husband  had a woman  he loved and he shared  fantastic  sex life with  her, he goes placid only  for me, he told me my  husband  confided in him. 

For me I had nothing  holding  me  to him, I have  been pretending to  have  him as my  man even though  I know  better, I know  I will  leave  him soon,  I will either  go with  my two  kids  or leave them with  his mother, I know  he  can kill me for them, I have started  packing  my  stuff gradually, I have  written a  note  I will  drop  for him on my  departure "My bone  ache carrying  the  weight of  everything you  promised, your  empty words were  heavy "

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Monday, December 10, 2018

I Was The Husband And The 'Other" Man

I work  in a  construction  firm ,as a consultant, at the end of every  month  my take  home package  is about  one million  Naira  including  allowances, I also  engage in  other personal  businesses which  fetches  me  some money, at the end I would say end of the  month  doesn't  come with any  pressure as I always  have enough to take  care of  my  family.

My wife of about  five years  works in the  general hospital ,we have two  beautiful  children, a boy and a girl.

My wife  told me  her salary was seventy five thousand Naira,

I don't  bother asking   my wife about  her salary,at the end of every month, I make  provisions for  the  house upkeep,I made sure my  wife and  kids  have enough to  be comfortable with.

My wife has worked in the  hospital for seven years, she  was working there  even before we got married, I didn't  mention  that I  met her during  my  visit  to the  general   hospital, one  of  our priceless  clients  had visited the firm to negotiate for a shopping  complex he was proposing to  build, he needed to  take  quotations and  also take a look at the various  samples of designs to know the  design he'd want, in the  process of  checking out these designs which were  neatly  stacked up in the factory warehouse, he steppe on a nail, the  nail pierced his sandals and  went inside his foot  through the opening, blood  gushed  profusely  out of his legs,

I quickly  called the  driver and together we rushed him to the general hospital  which situated  few meters away from the firm,

We received  immediate  attention and  Mr Francis was  well treated,it was in the  process of the running around trying to see the  doctor on duty that  I met my  wife  Beatrice who worked at the  laboratory  as a lab scientist .

So I wanted to know the reason  why she has never  gotten a  pay rise  ,she informed me twice in the last four years about  her promotions but didn't  mention anything about a rise in her salary.

My wife  dismissed  my  worries,she said  there have been promises of increament, few weeks after I spoke out about  what I  called a "miserable  pay" she came home with an envelope and showed me the letter of increament, her salary  has rose  to one hundred thousand  Naira. She  said they  made some noise about  resigning and the  management  had to top up their take home  packages and promised to do more

I was still  not comfortable, my wife  had a Master's degree in  laboratory science ,to be earning so little after almost  10 years of work experience didn't  make any sense to me.

I made attempts to get in touch with one of the hospital directors who has been  my friend  since that  Mr Francis's  accident  to ask little questions, my interest was to make  sure  my wife  gets what she deserved , not for any other reason.

I stopped by the  mall one  Saturday evening  to buy beverages for my kids, done with picking up stuff, I went to the cashier's desk to pay,I  was at the  counter waiting for my turn then I felt a hand  touch me, I turned and it was  phina,my wife's  cousin, she was excited to see  me, it has been  so long  I saw her, she was  pushing her way to where   I stood so I stepped out of the queue to make it easier, I stretched out  my  hands and she rushed into  my  spreaded hands, phina  has been a very  jovial and  friendly in -law,she has spent  times  with my family severally, she graduated from the  federal university in the  city and  left to live in another city.

Phina didn't let me say anything, her excitement was extreme, I managed to ask after her welfare, her  immediate family and her Job , by these time we were seated, we located an empty seat at a corner and  sat down, Phina  asked me about  my lovely kids and her cousin  ,my wife,then  she said "I'm so happy with the success you and my  cousin  have recorded, the  house in town is exceptional, I heard  the one  in the city is almost  completed, you guys are too much",

For almost 3 minutes I didn't talk, Phina's comment  threw  me off balance, she was  too excited to notice  my  confused self, I managed to  smile and  carry on the conversation.

We finally  got done with our conversation, Phina  promised to visit my family soon, I paid for her shopping and mine and headed out to the  parking lot to  put  my bag into the car.

I was  confused,the  house in the  town and the  city  belonged to who? I didn't  have any  ongoing  project, I completed the  house  I built in my  village   few months to my wedding, I was still  planning to go into  building business,like  I plan to start  building  houses and selling them upon  completion, I carry  my wife along in these plans.

I went underground and  began digging ,it took me two  months to get a clue and finally a hold on everything that  has been  happening around me, it was too heavy for  my heart  to bear and my  shoulder to carry.

My wife  wasn't just  lying to me about  her salary, She lied to me about  the  Good morning she said to me every day.

She was a landlady,she owned a pharmceutical  complex and a lover  she was sincere to.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Couples Goal (5 Best Times To Have Sex)

Trying to  have sex as many times as  possible in a day could be a handful for  couples that  have  works to do each day,however there are best times to  make it happen even without  planning it and it still  fit in,the couple will  still  go about their  business   while savouring  the  passionate moment  they  shared.

These  times mentioned  have  significantly   stood out as the  best over time.

1,In the morning.. It feels like the  body was made for  morning  sex,the increase in oxytocin level is higher in the morning ,oxytocin   keep you bonded   together  while endorphins boost your  mood.

2,Before a big  presentation

Research  shows that having sex calms the  nerves ,lower  blood pressure and reduces stress
Reduce the  sense of anxiety and  stress that  many people feel when  having to  speak in public

3,When you are feeling  a little under the weather

Studies shows that having sex can actually boost your immune system

4 The  14th day in your  cycle

Two weeks into your cycle .your clitoris  becomes 20% bigger and engoged, it is a delicate period as this is the time every woman is likely to  conceive this is one of the reasons  most women  feel like having sex during their ovulation. your  clitoris is swollen and  massive  orgasm is a sure  bet. , it is a danger period for people that  have  no  plan of making  babies.

5,After a  workout
Blood flows to the  genital region 169% higher after a workout  which  increases the sex drive.
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Monday, October 29, 2018

Women Know When You Can Get Pregnant,This Is How Your Monthly Cycle Works.

It's worrisome.  when a woman is expecting to start  making  babies but the pregnancy isn't  coming. Some women don't really understand themselves. Their body and how it works. For a woman to know how fertile she is. It's important she knows how her body works. Let's take this one after another.

A woman must be going through the ovulation cycle to be able to get pregnant. She must know when she could get pregnant and her safe period.
So  Ovulation is top on the list and according to medical definition OVULATION IS
the release of egg from the ovaries. In humans, this event occurs when the de Graf's follicles rupture and release the secondary oocyte ovarian cells. After ovulation, during the luteal phase, the egg will be available to be fertilized by sperm

How does the ovulation work? Work out the length of your average menstrual cycle. Day one is the first day of the menstrual period and the last day is the day before the next period begins. Ovulation happens about two weeks before the next expected period. So if your average menstrual cycle is 28 days, you ovulate around day 14.

Some women can experience a sensation and or cramping type pain during ovulation. The pain is felt in the lower abdomen, on one side, being the side of the ovary releasing an egg. This pain is called mittelschmerz, which comes from the German words for "middle" and "pain."
Ovulation usually occurs between 12 and 14 days before your period starts . This is an average, so it could be a couple of days earlier or later. For example, say you have a regular 28-day menstrual cycle
If fertilization does not occur the egg dissolves after 24 hours. At this time your hormone levels will decrease and your uterine lining will begin to shed about 12-16 days from ovulation. This is menstruation (menstrual period) and brings us back to day 1 of your cycle. The journey then begins all over again
Know Your Days. There are only six days during any cycle when a woman can get pregnant - the five days leading up to ovulation and the 24 hours after ovulation. This is because sperm can live for up to 5 days in a woman's body, and the ovum lives for only 12-24 hours.

 However, the key to knowing when to get pregnant is to know when you ovulate. Figuring out the exact timing of Ovulation can be tricky, because it does not happen at exactly the same time each cycle.

The cyclebead  could help.

 This is how

CycleBeads lets you know when you can get pregnant by identifying 12 potentially fertile days each cycle – Days 8 through 19, where Day 1 is the first day of your period. These 12 days take into account the 6 days when pregnancy is possible as well as the variability in the timing of ovulation from one cycle to the next. Surveys of women using CycleBeads to get pregnant show that they are highly successful, with more than 80% of women getting pregnant within 6 months and the vast majority achieving pregnancy within the first 3 months of trying to conceive.

How to plan pregnancy using cycle bead
To use CycleBeads to get pregnant, a couple should have intercourse as often as possible (preferably at least every other day) during the potentially fertile days of a woman’s cycle - days 8 through 19.  That’s it. It’s that simple to get pregnant using this method.  Using one of the CycleBeads tools can help a woman to track the days of cycle to get pregnant and ensure that her cycles are in range for using this family planning method most effectively.

If a woman is not pregnant within 6 cycles of using this method and has been actively trying, she should talk to her doctor to make sure that there are no health problems that are keeping her from achieving pregnancy.

While  it is possible to estimate ovulation more exactly, it is a challenging process that requires time and training and the tracking of information such as cervical secretions, basal body temperature and charting throughout the cycle.  Some women may also choose to use ovulation prediction kits, but these can be expensive and only indicate a very narrow window of time during which a woman is fertile. Meaning that women using an ovulation prediction kit may miss a number of potentially fertile days. 

For women with regular cycles between 26-32 days it is much easier to simply know that you can get pregnant as early as day 8 of your cycle and as late as day 19 of your cycle and on all the days in between. If you have intercourse often during this time, you have an extremely high probability of getting pregnant. Many women using this family planning method find that as they become more familiar with their cycles, they begin to notice fertility signs such as secretions or light cramping which may help them pinpoint ovulation. 

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Top 6 Deadly Effects Of Having Too Much Sex( For Men)

 When you  feel strong and  rearing to go 24 hours  7,your  nerves raging and throbbing, you  seek for cum after  cum, why not most people  believe  experiencing toe-curling  orgasm is the  most  wonderful  feeling  ever.

Play, she is available for you anytime or when  she isn't  giving in you're  not throwing in the  bid  after all you can get  it anywhere.
I agree  but pause  for one  second, think about this..

Did you  know that  too much  of everything is bad? yes everything including  sex!!!

When you keep  having   sex morning, afternoon and night  7 days in a week, you're  sure to knock  down. Research  has proven that  too much  sex has deadly  effect 

There are  negative side to  having  too much  sex

I will  give you  the  6  dangerous  effects from  having too much sex

1 Dehydration
This  means  your  body  loses  so much vital  water  that  could  end up  making you  look pale

2 Urinary  Tract infection.

A lot of water   are lost  when sex happen  frequently,to  avoid having  urinary tract infection take  plenty of water and empty your  bladder  before and after sex.

3 Trouble  Climaxing
 Contrary to the  belief that  staying  long time without  sex for men could  cause  some  health issues, too much sex and ejaculation  wil considerably empty the  semen and  sperm levels

4 Poor  vision

It's scientifically proven that too much  sex which  comes  always with  frequent  ejaculation  can affect the  man's  vision, no matter how pleasing sex feels for you, remember the  semen you  release was produced from your  body  components

 5.Hair loss

The enzyme (a substance produced by the body to help bring about a biochemical reaction) called 5α-reductase synthesises DHT from testosterone in areas like the prostate and hair follicles, as well as the testes and adrenal glands. Essentially DHT is made from testosterone and helps the body grow and regulate itself.
Excessive  sex increases  DHT which  kills  hair  follicles and causes  male  pattern  baldness

6 Heart Attack

While  sex is good for your  heart  because it's a form of exercise that  helps to circulate  blood  flow, research  has shown that  series of climaxing  affects  people who have  heart  problems negatively.

As we try to enjoy  life and the  good things  life  offers us, we should be able to have  control over the things  we do.
Don't  hesitate to reach out for  more   healthy  sex tips.

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Rooting for you 
Yours  sincerely 
Chioma Cynthia 
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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Powerful Tips To Make Your Man Sexually Obsessed With You.

 Powerful  Sexual   techniques to make  your  man feel an intense  desire  to  be around you, desperate to  rip your clothes off and  make  passionate  love to you, along with him feeling  more  deeply  connected to you  than you  ever  thought  possible.

These  tips once you  start  practising them will  make your  man sexually  obsessed with you ,you'd be surprised
 to see him become  more  caring

 To be able to  achieve this  I will  point out THE DANGEROUS  MISTAKES   THAT  DESTROYS  YOUR  SEX LIFE. ,there are  5 outstanding  mistakes.

1 Unresponsiveness-imagine a log of wood  stuck  to a place, it just  lies there, hardly moving.

Some  girls are like  log of wood, they  just  lie in bed during  sex hardly  moving  at all.

Do you have a  log of wood  syndrome? If so it's really important that you get rid of it unless you want to leave your  man bored  and  potentially fantasizing  about  someone else.

Apply  these methods o push up your  tactics
Make body  contact, wrap your arms around his back or shoulders or wrap  your  legs around  his legs.

Get vocal, men like  hearing  feedback  on how  well they  are performing. It boosts  their  ego and  spurs them  on,if you're  completely  silent  during  sex then your  man  will  feel  like  a failure, the  more  vocal you are during  sex  the  more  he'd  believe  he is doing a great  job and  the  more  he will  feel validated
Move  your  body! Learn to  roll your  waist and  raise up to  meet  his thrust, it  increases the ecstatic  waves , lubricates the  vagina  more thereby making  sex more  flexible. 

No 2 Routine Sex Life.
Everybody  gets bored  doing  the  same  thing  over and over again , if you  keep giving  your  man the  same  sex, using  the  same  technique  and position he will  get bored. Boredom  is unforunately  one of the   main  causes of  cheating.

So it's  important  to constantly introduce  new things  into  your  sex life

A Don't  wait for  him to be the  one  always  asking for both of you to have  sex, initiate  sex from  time to time.

B   make  sure you  take your  bath early in the  morning and  last thing at night dress  neatly and wear  dresses  that  could  stir  amourous  thoughts in him.

C learn to walk  and talk  sensually, flirting with  your  man with  words is the  most  seductive  technique, learn to roll your eyes and  body  ,these will  always  leave  series of romantic  thoughts  flying  in his mind

D have sex at different  places and  random   times, at day time, sex shouldn't be scheduled, keep the  kids  safe(if you  have  kids  already)  have unplanned sex .make it spontaneous
E try  new sexual  positions,
techniques and  role-playing, missionary position is good  but there are a lot to  sexual  enjoyment, (I will  explain  more in my  article  on sex position )

3 Use Sex As A Weapon. there are times  when you  don't   feel like  having  sex with your  man or it's not  possible  because  it's that  time of the  month, that  is  absolutely  fine however  if you   try to  manipulate  him using  sex your  relationship  will  start to  fall apart, he will  trust  you  less  and less and eventually  he will  start  to drift  further and further  away,
Instead of using  sex  as a  tool for blackmail  use it as weapon to blind  your  man<<<I explained  this  extensively in my article <<Learn  to hold your  man down with  your  feminine  side>>

Men love  great sex, get your  man stuck in you  by delivering  masterpiece of  skills, my friend  frank said  that  "sex is a meal that  should be  served  hot and  spicy " when you're  able to  successfully  trap your  man in your  body, you will  easily  get what ever you  need as he'd be  only  nodding  affirmatively to your  words.

 No 4 Oral Sex Is A Must, Oral sex  should be  included in your  to-do -list.
The  only thing  worse than  not giving  your man oral sex is giving a terrible  oral  sex,because the  satisfaction isn't  just in the  penetration,different people  have different  errogenius  zone  therefore  you  should  be certain about where  your  man finds  fascinating,you should know  how to touch  him to get him rolling
You  give a man  good  oral by building up anticipation ,slip your  hands  inside his pants and  gently  start  stroking  his penis, don't  hold  it too firmly, start  gently  then increase the  speed  ,

Stroke gently to his balls,the penis is very  sensitive so is the  restocked, massage the   balls gently  run your  fingers  gently  between  the  balls and the underneath  of his penis, kiss   his penis  slowly and lick gently, caress the tip of his penis (the  cap)  with your tongue, roll  your  tongue  all  over  the  breadth  then swallow the  length  bit  by bit flicking through with your  tongue as you  swallow.

Don't  Keep Mute,  make sure you  ask questions  as you  go on, it's important to build up sexual tension  through  heart to heart  conversation as well as ending  it with   heart to heart  discuss in order    to get feedback. Ask him where he wants you to  dwell on and  how he is liking  your  touches, this will  help you to know what to  add or subtract. try to  keep the  conversation on even after  the  climax, help each other to clean up instead of  rushing to the  bathroom to shower  like  you  just  touched a dirty  paper bag. If you  cannot  swallow his semen,tell him ITS  you  want  him to  cum on any  part of your  body, the  breast  preferably  will  always  fascinate a man and  make  him  twitch

I can go on and  on, the  route to  a happy  intimate   moment is unending, stay connected to  get first  hand  news as new blog  post  drops, subscribe to my blog's  newsletter to get  every  article  delivered to your  email.ITS FREE.

Rooting for you
It's yours  sincerely
Chioma cynthia. 
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Get The Healthy Tips To Guide You Through Your Dating &Marriage Stage



"Falling  for you  is not falling  at all, it's walking into a  house and finally realising  I'm  home"

Finding  true love  and keeping it real and  lasing a life time  isn't as hectic as we usually  paint it to be! I'd  say rather "it's  us leaving out what we NEED  to do and  doing WHAT IS NOT NEEDFUL"

And then you're   panicking,searching frantically  for a way out,it all came to you too late  because you  followed the wrong  path.

Are you  over thinking? Over analyzing and blaming  yourself  killing your goddess  vibe and affecting your  dating  life?

Overthinking is a safety response and let’s be honest it’s exhausting and it kills relationship flow.

It's time to  get our  heads  clear and  think  straight, my happiness is that  many  people are seeking to  know the  transparent  way of MEETING AND  MAKING  the  right  choice of WHO OUR   future  partners will be,
It came like a  whirlwind and  envolped  most  youth, dating and  marriage  all of a sudden  became a  gangster  game, the  things that  should. matter were  swept   away  and irrelevant  things that can never be a force in building  and  sustaining a formidable  love  relationship  were  made  important  at the detriment of  lovers. fingers  got burnt and more  fingers will  still  get burnt.

Recently  homes  were broken,relationships  were  shattered and  love were  lost.
It's  just the  beginning of  the  doom  that  many relationships  will  go through unless we retrace our  steps and seek what  should  be.

I was once  bitten. and I became  hundred times  wiser, I got  involved in a relationship I felt  was the  best, I counted on the  emotional  rush that existed between  us, I felt it was enough to  see us through, I idealized love  and believed  the  love we shared was  all we needed to  be the  best  of  couples, the  riches and affluence  couldn't  keep up the  flame at the end  I came out  wounded.

Because there's  more to  love, relationship and  marriage than  having  plenty emotional  feelings, plenty  riches and  plenty  good times, it became pertinent to tell the  young  people how best to  find  lasting  love .

Because I  experienced  a lot that I wouldn't want other young people to ever go through. I decided to  put  my  experience together in a book as well as proffer  solutions..

How do you  date  rightly?fall in love rightly and  make  the  right  choice of a life  partner?

Everything  is inside  my one stop shop  e-book <<<THE CARDINAL  RULES FOR LOVE, SEX AND MARRIAGE 

I don't  believe there's one  possible  soulmate  for anybody, no matter how much we feel in love with  the  people we're  seeing, it does not  mean they are the  right  partner.the deep   connection we have with  them can happen with anyone, they are only  showing us what is possible, we can't  choose them  because the  emotional  feeling  is enormous and the  sex is good. No there are a lot to  meeting, loving and living.

In Cardinal rules for love, sex and marriage  I wrote about

1 How to meet the  right partner

2 How to experience a wonderful  sexlife with the  person you are   choosing

3 How to create  a lasting union

4 How to keep the  spark up in a romantic  love   relationship  till autumn  years

Cardinal rules for love  is a forever relationship guide  that  will  keep you up through out  lifetime.

I am giving it out at a very  cheap  rate so that  many people will  benefit from it.

With as low asN2,000 (Two thousand  Naira ) you  can get a copy of this  very essential  guide,

To build your  home
Create  lasting  sex life
Meet, choose and  live with your  soulmate


Pay into  this  account <<<

Then mail  the  name you  paid with to me <<<>>> or  send it on whatsapp together with your Gmail address to  09072465066>>>>a copy will be sent to you.

Most of  the  public figures  most of us see as our role  models have  broken up with their  partners  ,if you  read the  news  the  causes of these  break ups are always  cases of  cheating and  incompatibity, in order  not to  make  such   mistake,learn the  cardinal  principles to finding  long  lasting  union,

Even if your  marriage  is on the  brink of  collapsing,by applying the  tips listed in this  guide you will be surprised to see how quick things  will  redirect and a new  spark  kicked off.

Avoid  saying  "if I had known" here is your  guide to knowledge,
make good use of it.

Rooting for you.

Chioma cynthia 
I'm a counseling psychologist, a relationship therapist  and a sex coach. 
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