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Monday, May 27, 2019

Closer To The Midnight Screams

 The only one my soul wants,the one my body yearns for,come in I invite you,I wait patiently, in full desire to be consumed by you,my passion is full and  burning ,it's all for you.

My fingers in your hair,your strong arms circle around my waist.come in and make love to me,my whole being yearns  for your masculine touch, my body and soul wants to be loved and taken.

My chest pressed softly to  yours,I could feel  your breath against my ear,so subtle.

There's no holding back in this sacred moment, it's a Paradise for you and I ,make love to my body,mind and soul ,till I'm spent,caress my body till my lids sticks together ,my lips shivers and my knees wobbles.

Your left hand held my back and drew me closer to you,your eyes fixed on mine
My lips became yours, it feels safe,it feels whole.a wonderful feeling, so alluring, so amazing.

How does it feel knowing there's a wonderful soul  needing you and you're needing all the tenderness?, we are all ready to give and to receive,without judgment we allow everything we feel empty  out ,our desires burn out and we are satisfied.
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Friday, May 17, 2019

11.45 Pm At His Closet

His warmth was everything, his strong arms circled me and had the whole of my body wrapped up in  his arms,my head placed on his broad hairy chest,his right  hand moved up and held my head from behind, his fingers brushed my hairs, picked them strands by strands,pushed them back and revealed my shiny forehead.

My eye lids blinked, his fingers stroked my hairs some more  then moved a little to touch my forehead, it felt warm and soft.his touches were subtle,

My skin had it was out in the  early morning rain , my tommy skin folded ,he ran his  fingers down my face and  touched my face all over ,his middle finger found my lips and dropped on them.

He whispered all the while, words of endearment, in a low tone,he proffessed love to me,his voice was deep,he promised to love  me forever , I raised my head to steal a glance at his handsome face and our eyes met and Locked.

I wasn't aware he's been staring, all the while his eyes were fixed  on my face,taking in every details.

I made to look away, I  became shy all of a sudden,little smile was on his face as he held me  softly on my jaw with his right hand, "don't look away sweets,I love the look in your eyes" he said, I curled my body to his,I was shy,but I could do nothing, my face was in his hand.

He looked deeply into my eyes,steadily he looked,seconds gone into minute, two-three-four oh my,my body shivered and my knees got weak.

He was quiet,I was quiet, yet I could hear him speak to me,I heard him in my subconscious.waves and waves of emotions surged through my nerves and my vein tfed excitedly, our eye balls rolled,the smiles played still on his face,

I felt moist in my eyes,my lids  blinked,then he bent slowly till his lips found my lips and covered them ,his hands held my body tightly,

Firstly it was a soft kiss on my lips ,then his tongue parted my lips and slided into my wet mouth,his tongue roamed inside my mouth licking and sucking every part.

His tongue found mine and locked,he kissed me passionately, I loved the feeling, I kissed him ,his tongue rolled over mine  and my tongue rolled over his simultaneously, the pleasures built up,waves of pleasures ran all over my nerves,he pushed his tongue deeper,like he wanted to touch my throat, I curled deeper and deeper,my body and his body entwined,it was warmth all over,his fingers touched me all over ,his tongue licked every part of my mouth and locked in my tongue.

It was ecstatic❤

It was pleasurable💓

It was thrilling❤

It was passionate.💓

Tiny sounds escaped me.I heard his gbod,I could feel the veins round my cleavage tighten.I felt funny all over my nether region.

He pulled away from me,a little space between us,that moment I wanted more of him,I didn't want him to stop,I held his hand as he made to put my head on his shoulder "please don't stop" I whispered, he looked at me and smiled,my eye balls  were  dull and the lids could hardly open,my body felt so light,it was pleasured "I'm not stopping baby" he whispered back "just want to make you feel a lot  more comfortable" he said

He lifted me ,placed me to his shoulder,he took short steps and got  to his bed,he bent slowly and placed me on the nicely made bed,like Someone pushed from behind, he landed on the space beside me.

It was a beautiful cotton bedsheet that we covered ourselves with, each one of us held the other like so nobody should escape "are you not mine?" he asked in whispers because I shrugged at his touch on my womanhood.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

No Need Playing Hard To Get,Be Hard To Forget, 4 Reasons You Should Be Hard To Forget.

 "You gave up easily"," You left too quictake
Girls often say these after the guy who has spent so long asking them out left and probably meet them again ,she liked him actually and expected him to spend forever chasing her.

Really? I don't know how long you expect him to stick around when you're so confused yourself,

He met you and made his intention known, he liked you and wanted a relationship, maybe the two of you could build something more,but you're busy dragging,

You liked him,you know you liked him,he called your phone you grumbled but went ahead to pick up his call,
if he doesn't call you'd be missing him,wishing he'd call,you'd be checking your phone to see if he'd call  or text you, but you won't make any attempt  ,you won't let him know you liked him ,

You've gathered all the information about him,he's your kind of guy,you'd not call him when he asked "can we talk this night ?" "who's going to call?"

You're playing hard to get,you turned down dates,you wouldn't let him visit you but you enjoyed it whenever he talked to you on the phone or met you on the road.

After some months of trying and pushing, he got tired and left,or maybe another cutie crossed his part and got him drooling, she didn't give him too much stress ,they clicked and the rest is history

 What does it matter if it take you ten years before you'd  let off your guard and let  out what you're feeling? ,

Don't Play Hard To Get.

Does it really matter how long the woo-ing lasted or  how hard  he pushed?

*You don't want to be seen as cheap

*You feel playing hard to get adds to your worth

"You think he'd respect you more if you make things hard for him

*You think playing hard to get helps you to know if he's serious or not

Okay all these only exists in the human thinking, the truth is that someone who truly loves you will stay even if you accepted on the first day ,the person who wants you for fun can stick around as long as you dragged, he'd eventually get what he's been wanting and leave

Realistically playing hard to get is a waste of energy, accepting a dating proposal after one day of outing takes nothing away from your self -wo rth .
If it's what you want and you feel he possesses the attributes you're looking for in a man,it's simple -accept him.

Everything will not come together at once, gradually with efforts and commitment something tangible will cone out of it.

Be Hard To Forget.

Remember no prince charming exists anywhere, all you could ever get  is a combination of one or two qualities and a make believe of the rest

 What  you should  do is to leave a lasting impression in the head and mind of the person by making every minute you spend with them  be worth the while.

1,Be confident and vulnerable

2,Be flexible and sensitive in every aspect

3,Have a listening ear,listen more 

4,Be your real self,honest and open minded,you're not losing yourself rather you're allowing what is real.

Even if they have plans to leave, creating pleasant impression in their subconscious  will make It hard  for them to forget you.

Real people cherishes good company. having someone who can make one laugh and be real is one  nobody would want to throw away.

Instead of playing hard to get,be hard to forget.
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Saturday, March 30, 2019

I Can't Play That Role (To The Man Who Wanted Me)

Good morning,
 It was not a tough decision for me to make  because  I'm  guided by grace, as a human I may not be able to do this.
I weighed the  options, how is he going to feel? how will it sound to him? the  mental strength in every woman  comes to fore when  she is faced with a situation  like this, -standing for what is right and pleasing the  guy that  she  cherishes.

You remember the  day I asked If I can visit  Belgium?you  replied "What would I tell my  woman? " it's  simple to comprehend  for me.

There's a woman in your life ,she has been there  with you all along. coming in simply  means  I'd intruding.

Believe me at this stage  in my life I know  I am too valuable to be an after thought. I can't  play that  role.
It hurts  me to think  all I could  be for you is a bedmate,  I'd be the woman to  travel with you  and  meet you so we can have sex, eat, drink, have sex and sleep, wake up  and have sex  again and then  I'd  travel  back while  You travel  back to your  woman '

I jokingly asked you the plans you have for our "friendship" which has seen  us spending years together and doing businesses, I sincerely would have wanted something more than being "just good friends", I secretly wanted you and I hoped something better could come out, I didn't know about this " woman " whom you told me  her story two weeks ago,that was after three years of my friendship with you.

You  said  "I love your friendship, I appreciate your company, your intelligent contribution to the team ,I would love to have you in my life as long as you'd permit me ",and this was days after you told me you'd love me to move into your house  at Walnut, which was where you live and  work,your family lives in  Belgium,you visit them from time to time.

It's against my principles,I know what it took me to get to where  I'm  now and I am not ready to compromise.

It may sound strange but you'd have observed that I've  always being  careful whenever it's intimacy talks.
I'm not proving upright and prude  not at all.

I am only saying that  I am too good  to go sleeping with a man with a woman in his life. It is not my  style ,no matter  whatever  benefit that relationship  promises.

It  doesn't  mean I don't  value having you in my life but when it's  becoming obvious that your needing  me around you  is for fun, I'd  not be part of it.
my  self will be disappointed in her if ever  I belittle  me by getting involved in such  activities.

You made it clear that your residence in Belgium is a no go area for me because that's where the woman who has been with you since you were 20 years old lives,I can move into your house in walnut, have access to your cars and everything I want,you promised to pay me every month and make me a Life member of your team.

It sounds so good and sweet ,I would gladly accept this offers if you are single and working towards something tangible for you and I.

But it's all for amorous living, playing your side roles ,I'm sorry but I am not taking any part of it.I'm  ready also to drop my role for the team if it comes to that.

Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to try new things.
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Sunday, March 3, 2019

My Boyfriend's Friend Is The Neon Demon(Pt3)

I didn't  mention it to anyone, not even my sister, Maurice and  I continued  seeing  each other  secretly, Allan   images came through  my head and thoughts  but I'd  always  brush it off "he doesn't  deserve  me" I'd  tell myself, but who deserved  me? I knew  my affair with  Maurice  has no foundation, I was lost in lust for him and he took his time and gave me dose after dose of his sweetness.

Midway into  our amourous affair, Maurice  changed job and moved to another city, he asked me to join him and promised to get me a job.
I told my parents that  I got a  bigger offer in another  city and want to  move  out,my parents  weren't  comfortable with the plan but I did my best to convince  them, my sister  whom I kept  in the  dark about everything I did with  Maurice joined  me to talk to my parents, I promised  my mum that  I would be  visiting  regularly, on the night  before  my departure, my mum prayed for  me and told me to always  pray and  promised to  always  pray for me. I packed my belongings and met Maurice at the airport ,we boarded a flight to   Marrakesh ,that was how I started   cohabiting  with  Maurice.

The first  few months  were  great, we had some good days and some bad days  you would expect?, trying to  get acquitted to his new job and  the new city  Maurice  didn't spend much time at home, after four months  and yet to get a job, I lived off him, he was into me greatly  and I was into  him, he tried to provide  for me as well as keep the house and still  fend for his people  back home.

I stuck by him ready to give him all the support, we sometimes  brought up talks about  those we left  behind in the city where we came from,  Allan and my parents, Maurice assured me  he'd  never make me cry, he gave me money to send to my parents  from time to time, I called my parents  regularly and my sister and  Gladys  my friend,I made them believe that everything was okay with me and that I was fine.

One year  into our living together and  no job coming, I told Maurice to let me start  up a business, it was boring  sitting  at home all day, he spent late nights at his office while   I cuddled up with  my pillow  without  a word of complaint, when he returned  I  would be available  to offer  him anything  he'd  need to make him sleep  peacefully,I hardly  think about  myself.

Maurice  asked me if he's not  taking  good care of me? he was but its important that  I get busy, I told him, but when I noticed it was bringing issues  between us  I had to let it go.
I stayed at home, I cooked, I cleaned, I washed and I waited, Maurice   worked and traveled and returned to the  bedroom  anytime and I was at his beck and  call, I did all these  without  asking  any question,I was willing to serve him, I signed up for all these  but I didn't  sign up  for the  heartbreak  and humiliation  I got.

As the day went by Maurice  became  a stranger  to me, his late nights created distance  between us, we lost communication,it became difficult to  get him to talk, I tried severally to make him understand that we're drifting apart  but he waved  It off, and claimed it was his new business "once I'm  settled in, I will be available all day"

But it wasn't to be, the distance  grew and the the secrets,Maurice stopped sharing his activities  with  me my  ice cold heart tightened, I waited for Allan his promises of "marrying" me legally  before  going  to meet my parents  officially,

I was wrapped under the bed sheets, he returned  late as usual and  bent over to kiss my cheek as usual, which  had become  disgusting  lately, I closed my eyes and  kissed  him back, then I turned  around as he walked  away, to the shower, my eyes  fell  on a Little sheet of paper that  fell off his  breast pocket, I picked it up and looked at it casually, then looked at it curiously.
I was not ready for what I saw butI knew better than to make noise about it,

I gathered  myself together and followed  her up, she had his heart while I was in his house, taking  care of his food and scrubbing his apartment, she knew nothing about  me neither  did Maurice  knew I read the  note  where she listed  all she'd  be needing  for her maternity, she ticked the items she bought  already,she was expecting a baby with  Maurice  in a couple of  months and they  were happy.

I made arrangements  with a kind  lady I  met at a mall nearby, she agreed to  accommodate  me till I get hold of myself and  join her in her business  or go back to my former  city, I saved  some money from the  allowance  Maurice  provided for  me. He hardly  return home early  so I hard enough time to move  out my essentials, I left a note for him on the  bed, I thanked him for his candid decision to  destroy  me and bird my self for being  so stupid for living in denial of a clear truth.

The  weight  came heavily on me, I cuddled up  under the covers  nursing  my wound, thinking on how to go about  explaining to  my family of the mess I made of my life and how to begin  living again.

Maurice  kept  bursting  my phone with  his senseless  calls, I didn't care. how fierce  the fire that  will  burn him was, his empty  words were so heavy
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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Be Sexual For The One Who Has Invested In You.

We  must be sexual every time, but not for just  anyone,we should be sexual to the people who have invested in us, by investing  I mean "commitment ' ,there's  no need lowering our standards just so we will  be accepted, anyone who does  not fit into the  standard of life we're  living  ourselves is not supposed to  experience our sexiness.

Remember that  being sexy is an attitude?, it begins with your  level of  believe  and the  confidence you ooze,the way you  carry yourself  in and out, to your   emotional  intelligence,
Maintaining an enviable  standard  ,being  loving, Having a  listening ear and  your  level of adaptability  scores you  highly  as an evolved sexual being .

 A woman's  sex appeal  is more than appearing  nude, exposing  sensitive  parts and sending  nude pic,
A girl confided in me in a conversation I had with  her, she told me that  her man always  leaves her not satisfied after  sex  "it makes me feel like I'm an addict when I have to  be the  one  asking for sex all the  time, I have a high libido and his desires  doesn't  match mine, I have to resort to  masturbation "
I told her to  open up conversation with  her man in that  regard,  an open heart  to heart conversation  is the greatest antidote to unity in a happy relationship.
she listened to  me and initiated a conversation, she painted  a
a picture of her loving  sex more and pleaded with her man to understand  so the both of them can find  a way out  but something  happened in the  course of their  chat(I followed their chat with  her permission, she invited  me on though the man wasn't  aware) while  she was trying to  explain her sexual  make up to her man, a discussion  I knew was long  overdue, the man said  "I know you love sex, I do as well, just try to always  look neat and sweet for me" end of quote

 I picked that line  and concentrated on  teaching  her the  real definition of  "sexiness",she was an expert  in pictoral Sexting   but it was not working  for her.

She was actually  the problem,her lousiness. was as result of  misinformation, one of those who believes  sexiness is all about  sharing  nude pics and dirty  chats.  her man  had nothing to  trigger  his imagination and  fantasy, they  lived  in different  cities and  get to meet every  two  months, in the real sense  the  sexiness  should  begin  even before the man returns  home,

Because  being  sexy is an attitude, one is expected to know  intrusion   into  a partner's   mind is allowed to  awaken  his emotional connection with  you and   to help create  sweet fantasy.
You  have to be endearing  to your  man in order to  leave unforgetable  memories,

How do you  create this hard to  forget sexiness?

How many times do you  check up on your  partner? You  can do that  through  messaging, there are  lots of  messaging  apps that  makes this very  easy, intrude  into his thoughts  with  love messages, remind them always they are still the  one who caught  your  eyes and stirred your hearts.

Angel told me her man had busy schedule, with his job taking  almost  80% of his time "I know  he has little time for relaxation  so I make it count, nothing  soothes  a man more  than having  a warm bossom to rest his head after   hours in the office. I massage  him with words  right from the  first  hour till he runs home to me, he always  warned  me playfully  about  me causing him to loss concentration  and misdirecting  messages, but it's what I enjoy  doing, I leave  no space in his head, all I do is fill   his memories with  fantasies of me"
It works  like charm especially when you  know what your  partner  loves and you  follow  up.

Then coming home those  fantasies should  be sustained, if what  he's  seeing  does not complement the  images  your words  created  in his mind, he will  keep searching for what  looks like it, this is where the  real sexiness  is, men are moved  by sight, this does not include sending  nude   pic, firstly  the  connection, the ability to  connect with one another in all levels, then making it home natural  by being  real and  appearing  neat,your warm welcoming spirit,your warming  company and ability to understand one another's body  language and reading each other's mood,....what happens  in the  bedroom  is no longer the  genesis  like most  people  believe.

"I have experienced countless  orgasms  with  his words  without  him touching me, I've  made love with him In different positions in my head, shared  with  him unspoken  words in my subconscious "
Anytime  our bodies  touches  something  must go down, we have created  huge  sexual  tension between us  through  deep soul communication.

The  act of 'being  sexual is created and should be  sustained,  it makes you  hard to forget, you  become exclusive,a  compulsory  Go-to, but only to the  one who has invested in you.
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Friday, November 30, 2018

When His Kisses Couldn't Warm Up My Cold Heart.

I met a  guy at a conference my organisation  held with  their  affiliate  companies,we got talking , from that first  day we shared a  seat during  accreditation, there was  something about  him that  was  irresistably  attractive, he had this  charisma ,his baritone  voice was  deep and pierced   through my  skin pores, his smile  was  disarming, I knew  I wanted to get  close to  him for  what I  can't  possibly  have a  hold on,

I found myself  flirting with  him, I would say  he had an upper  hand  in the  flirting, he touched me  on any part of my body  and smiled  rather than  apologise  whenever  I look  quizzically  at him,

 Within  2 days we  had told  each other,basically  everything  there is to tell about  us, our  family, our job  and  our  personal lives,his name  was  Precious, he worked with  one of the  companies .a chartered accountant.
 it was  a week long  seminar, we spent  practically  every of the  minutes  together, after a while  we felt  like  there  was huge  sexual tension between us,
Eventually we made out, had series of sex, deep in me I knew it's not going anywhere, the  last two days  saw me faking  orgasm. It was  clear  there was  no deep soul  connection, it was  merely  lust, he had great  body and amazing  personality
the  feeling  had started  wearing  off

The  conference  came to an end, I was  excited to   finally  say goodbye to  him, he  wore  gloomy  look  all through  ,obviously  not wanting us to separate  but I gave  no damn, for. me it was about the  moment. we exchanged contacts, I didn't  bother  calling  him.
He called  a couple of times  but I wasn't  interested in  keeping it intimate.

It seemed like we will end up  losing   even thr  friendship if we didn't  take  caution.

We took some  time  off, we didn't  talk for weeks, even months.

Then  we met again  after  six months.he hardly  got over  me but I moved on even  before the  conference  was  over.

We agreed  to keep it  cordial  instead of  parting ways  completely, he wanted  me but I' was  not ready for  any commitment .

I have  met guys I really  like but had to  move on  because it wasn't  to be,
I got to know that there are people you  like that  you  can't  date,there are people you  love  that you  wont't  marry

There are people you  truly  developed  strong feelings for but it's not right

One should  have the  ability to   choose,there are people who should be  your friend, no matter how  much you  yearn to be so close to them, it will  never  get  to  intimacy  level, because there are  different  stages of  feelings, there are  fondness, there are  lust,there are love,there  are also feelings  we develop out of  loneliness.

Other feelings  are created  by closeness, having  close  contact  with  the  opposite sex sparks  some  hormones  in our  body and the  feelings  always yearn to be satisfied, when it is not, it lingers especially when we keep fuelling it by creating  thoughts on them and building  fantasies

The  best thing to do is ,talk to ourselves, telling us. It's us giving  away our power  sheepishly, then withdrawing from whoever is igniting these  feelings and then soaking ourselves into  activities that  makes  us happy
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Friday, November 23, 2018

Memo To My Ex(Why Did You Claim I Left Because You Were Poor?)

 It's the  most  wicked statement  anyone  has made about  me through  out  my  24 years on earth, more  insensitively  coming from you. 

I didn't  say you  don't have right over your own opinion but  come on Tobi, it is quite unfair  when we try to rob other people of their  essence just in a bid to feel justified.

You and I know the truth, if you  don't want to admit it well I can understand your  grudge  ,but it is important we put the records straight for posterity sake.

Remember I told you that I had  no issues with your  financial status when I  met you and agreed to date you? I knew what I wanted  in the  man I would  choose, getting closer to you and I saw and experienced an embodiment of a whole  man with  blazing  talent and future, even though there was  no much  financial comfort with you  I felt safe! You  offered  me. Masculine  warmth ,I felt  safe in you.

I craved  for more knowledge, I wanted to tap into your  resilience spirit and  follow your  goal-getter  spirit to push  my own vision.

Remember how we met? It was the  spark of intelligence that  brought us together, in that show where you  were the  guest  speaker, we sat close to each other and shared ideas. the event  over you  offered to  drive me home.

I was  the happiest girl on earth  seated  beside you that evening was an awesome  privilege.

We agreed to meet again while in the  car,you looked me straight in the face and  told me you're  privileged to  meet a rarity  like  me.

We met at the  'Gold Gardens'two days later, it was an interesting evening, I was  surprised to find out  you're such a fun loving  man, you're only intelligent,you were humorous, I laughed so hard to your stories. It was a quick  jelling, it wasn't up to two weeks that we met and  we became an item, even  before you  officially  asked me out I was  already playing the  role of a girl friend to you.
[11/23, 14:44] chicrystal90: We spent  practically every day together, I was on holiday

So it was all about us,me and you.

Firstly you said we should start a prayer session, according to you, it's for God to guide us through as your plan is for you to spend forever  together. I accepted. We prayed 3 times in every week.

At this point I asked for exclusivity talk,you didn't ask if I'd really want to be in your life permanently. It was a cool Friday evening, I was already getting ready to go back to school,I think I had just a week more to spend at home, you called me earlier to ask if I'd be free by evening of that Friday so  we'd go out together for dinner, I wasn't engaged on any activity ,I agreed and we agreed for 7pm

It was a memorable night, I wore a simple camisole over a black belly-pants,it was a warm evening best for sandals. the colour fitted well on my chocolate were waiting already by the time I got downstairs, you drove to Gold gardens and we settled in an empty couch and made our order.

Dinner was quick, it was light too,we sip from the classes of wine,you told me your plans for the future,your  business and relationship, it was at that point that you asked me out formerly,

You poured some wine into a glass,took my hands in yours and we made a toast to be together.

I went back to school and life continued, how could you forget how frequently I called? I was in far away England and you were in Lagos Nigeria, the UK has just an hour different with Nigeria and it's always around winter otherwise we ran the sane time zone, the times I'm in the classroom, you're at home, mostly .it was a bit difficult coping, still I was the one doing all the calling ,the call tariff was Hugh on your side so I took it as a duty you whenever we needed to talk,we chat as well to make up.

Let me  remind you that my school timetable was stressful, I was in my 3rd year which was  an exam level, when studies got deep and exams closed up I wasn't capable of handling my school work and keeping a long distance relationship. I kept explaining to you

I was surprised when you failed to understand my plight, you were once a student I expected you would understand and  support me but it wasn't so,you turned to a nagging  soul,you critized everything I did,you accused me of dating other guys insinuated it was  because you  were not rich that's why I

So you forgot that morning you called me another girl's name?I'd called to check on you, your  response was  cold,I tried to cheer you up ,I sang Celine Dion's 'power of love' to make you smile ,it didn't work at all instead you called me another girl's name while trying to tell me to keep quiet.
It happened more  than I could understand, I brought it to your notice but you didn't  give any explanations.

You weren't rich but you lived comfortablyI didn't complain for one day,I promised to stand by you and work hard too so we can build a good home,I still don't understand where you got that view of me neglecting you because we  came  from families of different  financial always talked about my father's over pampering  me and how it will affect  my choice of a partner, you didn't let  me make the mistake myself instead you concluded and turned your back on me without a word.

I was writing my final exams,it took all my time and attention, I  sent messages and called at my spare time,I couldn't wait to  get exams over and done with so I can rush home and be with you.
I missed our interesting company, our conversations and pillow fight. I craved for your company like never before.

I would be an understatement to say I was shocked getting back to Nigeria and meeting an aggressive you, there was no welcome, you acted like  I was a Long time for looking to reconcile with you. I felt maybe it was because we've been through some trying time not been together.

It continued but I held on trying to  ignite the fire back,it was so dull and boring those days I  would come around your house and you'd leave me  all alone to hold meetings upon meetings.

You finally broke the ice ,you told me that you've moved on because you didn't think things will work bêtween us.

Check your messages I'm sure you'd see a message or two from me to you pleading that we give us a chance, I waited but you didn't turn back.

How did all these mean me pushing you away because you didn't have so much money at that time?
I know you will read this, please I would want you to tell your own side of the  story so that people will read and give their thoughts, if I'm to be blamed.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

5 Things You May Do That Will MakeYour Girlfriend Mad At You.

Talking About Other Girls

 The only thing you will get doing this is a headache and  blue balls,
Take  your girls emotional health into consideration, she will definitely feel you're not loyal ,maybe you're having secret admiration on the girl you talk about, she will feel she's not enough for you.

*Respect her emotions by showering her with all the compliments,don't dwell on talks about some other girl

Taking Time To Text Back

No woman wants to be ignored, she knows you have your phone in your hand almost all day so she expects you to text back as soon as possible.

*You may be busy with stuff,try to take  out little time to check your phone and reply her text after all she is also an important part of your life.

Lack Of Interest

 Men don't always understand girls logic, the interest is all encompassing.. Tell her words of  endearment, make her feel important and exclusive.

Your girl is out here trying to love you, she wants to be the centre of your life, she wants to be  involved in everything about you, Carry her along,involve her in the important decisions  you make,it will guarantee her safety with you.

Spending More Time With The Guys

Prioritize your time,she understands you will hang out with the guys but she expects you to also give spending times with her a whole thought.
Girls always want attention give it to her

Devoting Times To Other Girl's Online Activities.

She already started stalking and tagging her  the "other girl" she will feel disrespected when you use other girls  pictures on your dp,like their  posts.

You will not avoid following other girls on social media, it's  girls  problem,just be mild so you don't provoke jealousy in your girl.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Because It Was Too Close For Comfort

"I understand when you don't remember to return my call or reply to my  messages. I truly understand"...tears  brimmed down my face, I had my phone in my hand, I watched the  message  delivered to  Steve's  whatsapp inbox, I waited eagerly to get his reply, it all seemed  strange to me, just few  months ago Steve  was the  person waiting to see me reply to his messages  or return his calls.
I wasn't  heartless  nor insensitive  I was  only  being  careful, it  seemed odd to me  hooking up with a  guy I've  had some  closeness with  his friend, Ray my  former date was  Steve's  school  mate and  close friend,I met  Ray during my 6 months  industrial attachment at a food  manufacturing  company .

Ray was  transferred to another  branch  a month after  my  arrival at the company  before then we had this  spark of attraction between us, Ray had this  charisma that  made it so easy to  notice him and  get attached to him, he was friendly and free, we already  picked up  constant  private chats so when  he left to his new  office  we continued, the build up was  interesting, it looked real and fulfilling, it made me anticipate  my next conversation with him.

Deep down inside of me I craved for something  stable, I was  22 and  single, I've not been in any  serious relationship in recent time ,almost done with studies I looked  forward to creating a whole new  steady relationship that could make out something tangible in the end.

Ray was everything I dreamt of having  my  man look like, handsome, charismatic with a good job, he was  caring if I'd  judge from the little time I've  spent with him.

So a little far away from me, i related with Ray through the internet, chats, calls etc,
We became so close, it felt good,  I was already  painting a picture of how our relationship will  look like.

Ray told me he was  pursuing a course on management that if it works out he'd  have to  leave the food company and focus on the course. In the time I was with Ray it was difficult for me to say exactly what I  meant to him, he was here and there, he didn't  make it obvious but  I knew he was seeing other girls, every now and then he used different girls  pictures on his profile, when I ask he'd tell him they were his cousins or childhood friends celebrating their  birthdays or that he just saw  a cute pics of theirs and decided to  make them feel good,
I  took his explanations  bitterly, I noticed  Ray likes sex a lot,he wants me to visit him every time and  these  visits were  all about sex, Ray can go on having sex with  me for a whole day, when I try to  make him understand how improper it was, he'd  always get angry and  he'd  become  moody and  would  end  up  not talking to me for  days.

It made me sad and  lonely spending days without him, I would  always go back to him and apologise, we would  make up and he'd start all over again. I was a slave to  his passion.
I had two months  more to stay in the company when  Ray resigned, he got his admission to study further, the  university was in another city so he  moved away, this time it means we can only see  sparingly. I was  broken, I missed  Ray a lot and  feared for our fragile  relationship. Because I couldn't  trust  Ray to be careful not to  harm what we  were building  I had to resign to fate.

It came too soon,Before Ray left yo his new school he told me that his phone was bad ,he said he would work on it or get a new one.two weeks after Ray packed out it became almost impossible for me to get through to him ,it's either his phone was switched off  or he's not picking,it was hard for me to cope,I was used to talking to him almost on daily basis. the times he'd pick he'd tell me that he's busy with one thing or the other and he'd promise to call me. I'd wait for days on end.

I became miserable, there's nobody to talk yo because we kept our relationship private. It was terrible time for me.Ray was busy posting photos of him and other girls and sometimes guys but he'd tell me that his phone was bad.

Before I  could realize it one harrowing month has gone and my relationship with Ray  was blank with no direction, I spent most nights crying on my phone, I'd hold my phone after calling and texting Ray and cry,I pleaded with him to please remember how we started and the times we shared, I waited endlessly to see a change but the more I tried the more Ray drift away.

One evening I was sick and I feit empty. I needed to talk to a loved one. I called Ray to tell him how I was feeling, he picked up and started screaming at me, he said a lot of things but the only thing I wanted to remember was him telling me that "I was a pin,that I don't let him rest",he said it's not everyday we would talk"

I dropped my phone beside me and cried ,I didn't know where I wronged Ray,it was frightening realizing how deep I allowed myself sink into his emotions, I became a wreck.
For weeks I cried ,I couldn't  do anything  my thoughts and acts were  scattered, I hurt knowing  Ray  deliberated  shut me out, I wondered  endlessly if at all he truly  loved me? It was difficult to get him out of my mind
I was out to pick up stuff that evening when I ran into Steve, I've seen him twice after Ray's departure, he's Ray's school mate and both of them had a decent relationship. Steve pulled over and offered me a ride to wherever, I accepted majorly because I wanted to talk to him about Ray,expectedly he asked about us and I opened up to him,I told him everything that my relationship with Ray had become. Steve told me he wasn't surprised, he knew Ray so well,he told me he knew he's merely wasting time with me but he felt I'd find out myself ,he said it was not his duty to tell me as that would portray him as a spoiler,I was  shocked hearing  Steve's  thought  but it  wasn't  his fault, he was been his friend's  keeper .

Steve became a regular in my  house, his visits  were  soul-lifting,he talked to me on the  telephone whenever  he couldn't  come over, gradually  I started  feeling better, I found  myself  smiling and  looking forward to  going out  with  Steve to shop or just  people watch.

One evening  after we'd  gone out to the  park ,Steve  pulled me  back to himself and  kissed me  passionately ,he'd  opened the door of the  car for me, I'd  stepped out  and  already  started to  walk into  the  verandah when he walked up to me, I closed my eyes in mixed  feelings, the  kisd was  warming and I liked it but it was  odd  coming from  Steve.

I wouldn't say that I wasn't expecting that to happen anytime soon but I didn't want it, I was afraid it  may cause  strains in our  cordial relationship  because I have  Ray somewhere at the corner of my  heart and  Steve  was his friend!!

Recently  our  hanging out took a new dimension with  Steve  always going  privately in our discussions, often when I was alone  my  mind  drifted to him, waves of emotions  ran through  my nerves and veins  but I shut it down as quickly as I could, I can't  date  Steve  no it was too close for comfort.

But Steve  disagreed "I'm not  Ray's  relative ,we weren't  great friends back in school, we just clicked  because  we found ourselves in a  strange  land "Steve explained  but I wouldn't  have any of it.

Steve  pleaded and  did everything to make me understand his feeling was genuine but I remained  adamant

It's almost one year ago ,I didn't know where Steve is nor know anything about him, I see him online on social media platforms ,he'd not  message me nor like  any of my  posts, I don't message him either, Something started happening to me, I started  missing  Steve and longing to be with him, I felt bad for  rejecting him previously, now that I want him I'm  confused about how to go about  getting him to look my way.
I messaged him 'hello'he replied within seconds  and  I was  happy.,we had a light chat ,the  next day I chatted him up again  he'd always reply  then I called  him, he picked up ,we talked a little and he told me he wanted to go back to work and  promised to call again .

I am still waiting for his call, all of a sudden I'm  feeling emotional and  acting like Steve is being  wicked but I had my  chance!! Steve may be trying to be polite but it's obvious  he's gone from me ,what he'd felt for me  has obviously wilt ,he is definitely  with another girl, I felt tears  run down  my cheeks, I want to have  Steve  back  ,if only he would  I promise to love him to the  moon and back
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Get The Healthy Tips To Guide You Through Your Dating &Marriage Stage



"Falling  for you  is not falling  at all, it's walking into a  house and finally realising  I'm  home"

Finding  true love  and keeping it real and  lasing a life time  isn't as hectic as we usually  paint it to be! I'd  say rather "it's  us leaving out what we NEED  to do and  doing WHAT IS NOT NEEDFUL"

And then you're   panicking,searching frantically  for a way out,it all came to you too late  because you  followed the wrong  path.

Are you  over thinking? Over analyzing and blaming  yourself  killing your goddess  vibe and affecting your  dating  life?

Overthinking is a safety response and let’s be honest it’s exhausting and it kills relationship flow.

It's time to  get our  heads  clear and  think  straight, my happiness is that  many  people are seeking to  know the  transparent  way of MEETING AND  MAKING  the  right  choice of WHO OUR   future  partners will be,
It came like a  whirlwind and  envolped  most  youth, dating and  marriage  all of a sudden  became a  gangster  game, the  things that  should. matter were  swept   away  and irrelevant  things that can never be a force in building  and  sustaining a formidable  love  relationship  were  made  important  at the detriment of  lovers. fingers  got burnt and more  fingers will  still  get burnt.

Recently  homes  were broken,relationships  were  shattered and  love were  lost.
It's  just the  beginning of  the  doom  that  many relationships  will  go through unless we retrace our  steps and seek what  should  be.

I was once  bitten. and I became  hundred times  wiser, I got  involved in a relationship I felt  was the  best, I counted on the  emotional  rush that existed between  us, I felt it was enough to  see us through, I idealized love  and believed  the  love we shared was  all we needed to  be the  best  of  couples, the  riches and affluence  couldn't  keep up the  flame at the end  I came out  wounded.

Because there's  more to  love, relationship and  marriage than  having  plenty emotional  feelings, plenty  riches and  plenty  good times, it became pertinent to tell the  young  people how best to  find  lasting  love .

Because I  experienced  a lot that I wouldn't want other young people to ever go through. I decided to  put  my  experience together in a book as well as proffer  solutions..

How do you  date  rightly?fall in love rightly and  make  the  right  choice of a life  partner?

Everything  is inside  my one stop shop  e-book <<<THE CARDINAL  RULES FOR LOVE, SEX AND MARRIAGE 

I don't  believe there's one  possible  soulmate  for anybody, no matter how much we feel in love with  the  people we're  seeing, it does not  mean they are the  right  partner.the deep   connection we have with  them can happen with anyone, they are only  showing us what is possible, we can't  choose them  because the  emotional  feeling  is enormous and the  sex is good. No there are a lot to  meeting, loving and living.

In Cardinal rules for love, sex and marriage  I wrote about

1 How to meet the  right partner

2 How to experience a wonderful  sexlife with the  person you are   choosing

3 How to create  a lasting union

4 How to keep the  spark up in a romantic  love   relationship  till autumn  years

Cardinal rules for love  is a forever relationship guide  that  will  keep you up through out  lifetime.

I am giving it out at a very  cheap  rate so that  many people will  benefit from it.

With as low asN2,000 (Two thousand  Naira ) you  can get a copy of this  very essential  guide,

To build your  home
Create  lasting  sex life
Meet, choose and  live with your  soulmate


Pay into  this  account <<<

Then mail  the  name you  paid with to me <<<>>> or  send it on whatsapp together with your Gmail address to  09072465066>>>>a copy will be sent to you.

Most of  the  public figures  most of us see as our role  models have  broken up with their  partners  ,if you  read the  news  the  causes of these  break ups are always  cases of  cheating and  incompatibity, in order  not to  make  such   mistake,learn the  cardinal  principles to finding  long  lasting  union,

Even if your  marriage  is on the  brink of  collapsing,by applying the  tips listed in this  guide you will be surprised to see how quick things  will  redirect and a new  spark  kicked off.

Avoid  saying  "if I had known" here is your  guide to knowledge,
make good use of it.

Rooting for you.

Chioma cynthia 
I'm a counseling psychologist, a relationship therapist  and a sex coach. 
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