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Monday, June 3, 2019

How To Know If He Is In To Build A relationship After A first Date Or He Is Only Dating For Fun.

A young girl who got frustrated after a first date

It's your first time falling in love after your first date,and he's not keeping up.You're already worried about if he's in to build a relationship with you or he's merely out  for fun dating.

Maybe you've been in love  at other times or you've been with your boyfriend for  a period   and  he stopped  giving attention to  the relationship .

Every woman wants to feel safe in her  relationship ,what is considered the most powerful key to creating a  healthy relationship is Communication.

But what happens when he suddenly goes cold?knowing it's almost impossible to  build trust in a relationship without constant communication, you become  worried,panic could set in and  you start experimenting so many tips in a bid  to save your relationship and get the man you love back to you.

It is still okay to put in effort to build your relationship and restore lost love, but have you asked yourself this one question,"Does he truly love me and want to be with me?".
It's one billion dollar question a lot of women try hard to avoid, yet it's a decider to what you're fighting to have.if a man  is dating a woman  or they're getting to meet for a first date,definitely he'd be all up on her face,he'd work hard to get her excited so that she'd love to go out with him,but what  is the motive behind his request?

You may never know if there's no communication, he may hang around for awhile and you've fallen hopelessly in love with him and you'd  think you can't go a day without him,when he's leaving unannounced you'd even be  scared to accept he's not the one for you.

"No I'm not just doing enough" most women say this a lot of times,many will still  be willing to put more effort even when it's staring them in the face that "He doesn't just want you".

I'm not a kill Joy ,I'm only trying to help,I was somewhat like that. I met and fell hopelessly in love with a guy who had no intention of staying with me.I was doing all the loving ,from  our first date I thought  I have met my prince charming,I started putting in so much work  to build a healthy relationship with him but he was carefree, eventually he severed all form of  communication,I lost my sense chasing him,I broke my head in attempt to save a relationship that was not Loyal,I was Lucky to come out of it but I was bruised.

How Do You Know When The Guy You Just Met Or Your long Time Boyfriend Is In For A Real Thing Or He's Only Out For A Headwash?

I did a little experiment and it worked.
After many weeks of 'chasing' boo .I got tired of his empty promises of returning my calls and text messages, I curled up  ,I stopped calling and texting,I stopped visiting too,it was not easy but I held on  and after one month it became clear he never wanted to keep me.

Pause for sometime,give him space, don't call .don't text,maybe for days or week,just give him 5 days or one week,no nothing then see if he'd come back.

You'd definitely ask "what if I can't wait for five  days?,I love him and I'm missing him "
When did he become  the breath you breathe? It is still okay to miss the same time you can miss them and still move on,The thing is you keep chasing him and he runs off on it,he knows you'd keep coming for him,why not put your hands off your keyboard and put your legs inside your house and make him realize it's really serious and he's at the risk of losing you?

"What if he doesn't come back?then why would you want to  be with someone like that? Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't want you?someone who cares nothing about losing you?
He obviously had no plan of  building a relationship with you therefore it's so wise to let him go  so you can clear space to welcome a conscious love.
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