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Saturday, October 20, 2018

If Only Simone Knows What Loving Her Means To Me.


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Do you  know  how it  feels at all sitting  back and  loving a girl you  have  no resource to  take  care of  her  financial  needs? you  won't  know  because you're not in my  shoes, you  sit back and watch the  girl you've  come to  develop  strong  feelings for  jump in and out of the  cars  of different  men,when   I say men I mean  very influential and powerful  men, from wealthy business. men  to top  government  officials.

She is beautiful and intelligent, she  has a well paid job and  she is  connected.
You  sit and watch  helplessly  because  you  don't have the  money, you  don't have the  connection,you literally  lived off her hand,the clothes you  wear, your  shoes and  jewelries,the apartment you  live in all  came  from  her. you  sit  helplessly,all you  could offer is only some  rounds of good  sex, she  calls you up when she's  horny and needs some  warmth, she  invites you when  she  cooked good   meal or have  some  cash to gift you.

 She  wants you to be comfortable and  stay  loving  her and  making  her feel loved. you  were  comfortable with all these for three  years.she  helped  you  get a job in a network  services  company and  because you're  hardworking and  dedicated  ,your  salary  was  tripled in less than a year, from  N120,000 you  started  earning  N350,000 ,you  felt it's time for you to  take  charge and take care of the  girl who has been everything to you  but  she  won't  have any of it, according to her it was not  love  you  have for  her but  pity, you  merely  feel indebted.

"George  please  take this  money now or I drop it on this table" Simone  was  virtually  screaming at me, her  right hand  clutced  the  bundle of the  Naira  notes  I just  gave to her while she pointed at the  side table with  her left hand,
It was the  first time I would give  her money, I got  my  salary the  day before and  thought of how best to  gift her, buying  her things  or giving  her cash ?she has a crazy  taste and I felt I may not  meet  her exact taste, I confided in. my younger brother who's. also  my  best friend and he suggested the  cash gift.

I have  tried a couple of times in the  past since  I secured my  new  job to gift  Simone  but  she'd turn my  gesture  down and  would always insist  I have a lot of things to take care of  with  money.

But  she's  my  back bone,I love  her and I want to  show  her love. the  best way I can.

"this is the  first time I am gifting  you with  cash and  even anything, you've been the  one doing everything for  me, now that I have the  chance to  appreciate  your gestures in my   little  way  you're  rejecting my  token" I told  her tears  almost  dripping down my  cheek, I brought out  my handitowel from the  pocket of  my trouser and  cleaned  my  eyes ,I turned around and  lent   my  face against the  window,
"I know  George and I appreciate  but I don't want you  spending your  money  carelessly, I need you to save enough to sort things out for yourself and your family " Simone replied  but I was enraged already and I could  no longer  hold  back  "sort what  things out  Simone? What things are   better than you? Did you know how it felt like watching helplessly as  other  guys take care of you?did you know how it hurts me seeing you spend so much on me because I don't have any  money? no you don't, now I got a job  courtesy of you and you  won't accept a gift from me? " "it's  alright  but I am not taking this  back  if you don't want it, you can as well throw it away " I said and  started  walking away,

I really  needed to get out of  her  apartment, she was  beginning to  get me upset. I could hear her voice calling out for me to come back but I walked on and  walked out of her  house..

I was  pained  beyond  words, I was restless all night and I could  hardly think  straight, my younger brother was  already sleeping in his room at the two bedroom apartment I shared with him, Simone actually rented the apartment for me  two years ago, the rent will expire in few months and I quickly renewed it before she'd  want to assist  me with  money  for the  rent again

Simone  what can I do for her and what can I do without  her?
 I soaked myself  in the shower  ,my head refused to  relax,this was about the  second time  I'd  lose it with  Simone  since  she came into my life, the  first time I  was burning out  watching  her romance  different  men, I couldn't  fathom  what  my relationship with  her meant to her, that  evening  I came around  to see her and she was out, I sat in the  sofa  at the  balcony of her house and  waited  patiently, it was  dark I  plugged in the  hands-free  to my  phone and listened to  music  play, I  almost  dozed off   from the  calming  feeling from the  cool evening  breeze then  bright rays from a car flashed  right into  my  eyes, I had to cover  my face  with  my palm ,I adjusted  my seat and  from  that  position  I could  see clearly, I saw Simone  come down  from the  car and went  straight to leave   few  pecks on the cheek of the  man who opened the door for her, he  looked  young and smelt  affluence .

She  obviously  didn't know I was around, I watched  her walk into the  entrance to her living room, she  took a key out of  her purse and  opened the door. I waited for some   minutes  before I got up and went to press on  her door bell, it wasn't   fun as I made  my anger known to her"no matter  how little I may seem you  should know you're  bruising  my emotions," I told  her "I may not have  money and  power  but I  have  love for you, true  love that is irreplaceable, it kills me watching you in the  embrace  of another  man"  ,Simone  knelt down and  apologised  endlessly and promised to  never  repeat such act  again   and true to  her words  I didn't  see any scene  like that  repeat itself,I knew she  see  other  men but  she  kept it secret and  as such  it didn't  matter to me at all.

I met Simone a little over five years ago through  my immediate older sister Annie, both of them worked in a pharnecrutical company, it looked like they've known themselves from  birth  from the way they  related very well but  Annie  told me she only  met  her  at the  company where they  worked as  pharmacists ,simone usually  accompanied Annie to our family house and she stayed for few days and they went to work together, she  said its a lot easier  for her on the  days of her  special duty because  our  house was closer to their office.

I liked  her from the  first time I saw her, she was warm and friendly  though I  kept the  liking to myself, I was doing  my  Nysc and I had no money to take care of  my  needs  let alone a  classy lady like Simone, from all  indication  she's  living an expensive  life, she  drove a  Toyota Rav4 and wore  nice  jewelries and  beautiful clothes, Annie  told me Simone travelled overseas for her shopping, I kept my cool and admired her from a distance

That Saturday I was in the  court  playing  table tennis with  my friend  Tade, my sister  Annie  called me to help her fix the telly in her room, I studied  electronics engineering and found joy  constructing metals into anything and repairing  electronics, I went upstairs to her room and  helped her fix the telly.
Simone was surprised at the little time it took me to  find out the fault and fix it"imagine and I was almost giving out the  table fan in my  bedroom "Simone  screamed out and  said  I should  get ready to  follow her home to fix her fan.

That was the first time I went to her house, it was a neatly  built  house, it could pass for a duplex but Simone insisted it was not, every where was  cossy ,neat and well arranged .

She  served me wine and  some  steak, I munched the steak and drank the wine in between conversations while I worked.
I was able to fix the fan and Simone was delighted,she said she'd  bring  out other gadgets she stopped using because they  had one fault or the other. We scheduled  for the  next Saturday.

I became Simone's  repairer, I helped her  dust up the gadgets and I repaired as many as I can.

One thing was striking.in my visits to her house, I noticed Simone was always  sitting  close to me and she touched me at every given opportunity, she was always  dressed in short dresses that exposed her neat  beautiful thighs and cleavage, whenever her fingers ran through  my  hand or face  I felt sensations ran through  my veins, I tried so hard to fight off the scenes already  creating  in my  mind.

I know I had nothing to interest her so I didn't want to lie to  myself. I was already done fixing her electric stove that  afternoon and she was in her room,she  invited me to her  bedroom to take a  look at the  pressing  iron she  claimed wasn't  stable, I had  my  face  down  all  through  because Simone was  only on towel, I heard  her call me but I pretended I didn't  hear 'George  please  come and  help me massage  my ankle, It hurt "Simone said  this time  very loud, "okay" was  all  I could  say
I took the ointment and began to  massage  her ankle, she  held  me on the  shoulder and  moaned in pain  but  her moan sounded  more like someone  filled with sensual ecstasy, I felt  my  balls tightened and  my  legs  wobbled, I had to stop the  massage, I tried to give  her the container but instead of taking the container she  took  my  hand and dragged me to herself and I fell in heap, she  dragged me to herself and forced her  lips into my  mouth  and  kissed me hungrily, I was still recovering from the shock, she  ran her  hand  all over  me and called me to come on touch  her and  make  her  feel like a woman, I was confused, my  mouth was  closed and I was wondering where to begin and what to do at that  point "haven't you had  sex before? " she  asked me, I have and I told  her"so why are you so cold? " she  asked me and ran her  hand  down  my  neither regions, "you're  hard, my penis is turgid George  so why are you dulling? "she  asked me, she  unzipped  my trouser,brought my  penis out and  swallowed the  whole  length.
I could no longer hold myself at this point,I pushed her back and  began to  kiss  her,her towel  has  fallen off and  she was naked,I kissed  her  lips and neck and  ran my  hands  all over  her, she  called on me to not stop, just then her intercom  buzzed, I had to stop so she'd know who was on for  her,her face  was  clouded with anger, a tiny smile  played around  my  face as I watched  her  pick up, she  said  hello and then turned to  me "Annie is  here? " damn  she was  visibly upset, my  older sister was  wrong for  coming to see  her  best friend at the wrong time.

We quickly  dressed up and walked out to the living room, she  went to open the door while I went back to continue with what I was doing.

Back home that night I didn't  find sleep, I didn't know Simone would ever  pick interest in anything about me, agreed I had some  great looks, a lot of women had openly asked for  my  love, I had a fair share of them  back in school even at the office where I served  but  Simone was from another  planet, extraordinarily beautiful and intelligent. I was  secretly  excited and  happy she  liked me and  found  me attractive.

Lost in my  thought I didn't know I got a  message from her, I replied immediately  I tried so hard  not to give out  my excitement. She  apologised for  her abrupt approach and  confessed to have  secretly admired  me, I found courage and  confessed about mine too. we chatted for some time and agreed to  meet up the  next day.

Thrilling  cannot describe how It  felt  spending time with Simone! I got to her  apartment the  next day around  2pm,she offered me  a glass of wine but I  hardly  settled in and she  came for  me, she  clutched  my  body in hers and melted away, I whiskered  her off to her bedroom and we spent the whole day making  sweet  passionate  love.

That was the beginning of  my  love relationship with Simone, Annie  my  sister  didn't  like it one  bit, she  insisted that Simone is too fast for me but I stood  my  ground.

I suffered the  fastness too because every  now and then Simone  travelled with one big  name or the other for one business  trip or the other according to what she told me, I lost  count of how many times I've  met  her with different  men in her apartment, I held on believing that one day I  will  make  money and take  her away from all the obviously  married  men she  had around her I loved  her truly.

I was retained by the company where  I served but Simone promised to  help get  me a  better job, I was earning a  paltry sum, she  helped me with some  money for my  apartment and also got  me a job.
Now I have  made some savings but Simone  remained adamant, she has refused to give  me her  approval to make her  my woman, she said I knew about  her  escapedes and that she  does not want me to  have her permanently,she said  I should go get myself a decent girl. I knew  all that and  more  but I love  Simone  more than  my  heart  was  ready for, I can't  live without her and I can't  live with any other  woman ,I require either that  love from her or I live the rest of my life in distress.

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