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Friday, October 26, 2018

Top 6 Deadly Effects Of Having Too Much Sex( For Men)


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 When you  feel strong and  rearing to go 24 hours  7,your  nerves raging and throbbing, you  seek for cum after  cum, why not most people  believe  experiencing toe-curling  orgasm is the  most  wonderful  feeling  ever.

Play, she is available for you anytime or when  she isn't  giving in you're  not throwing in the  bid  after all you can get  it anywhere.
I agree  but pause  for one  second, think about this..

Did you  know that  too much  of everything is bad? yes everything including  sex!!!

When you keep  having   sex morning, afternoon and night  7 days in a week, you're  sure to knock  down. Research  has proven that  too much  sex has deadly  effect 

There are  negative side to  having  too much  sex

I will  give you  the  6  dangerous  effects from  having too much sex

1 Dehydration
This  means  your  body  loses  so much vital  water  that  could  end up  making you  look pale

2 Urinary  Tract infection.

A lot of water   are lost  when sex happen  frequently,to  avoid having  urinary tract infection take  plenty of water and empty your  bladder  before and after sex.

3 Trouble  Climaxing
 Contrary to the  belief that  staying  long time without  sex for men could  cause  some  health issues, too much sex and ejaculation  wil considerably empty the  semen and  sperm levels

4 Poor  vision

It's scientifically proven that too much  sex which  comes  always with  frequent  ejaculation  can affect the  man's  vision, no matter how pleasing sex feels for you, remember the  semen you  release was produced from your  body  components

 5.Hair loss

The enzyme (a substance produced by the body to help bring about a biochemical reaction) called 5α-reductase synthesises DHT from testosterone in areas like the prostate and hair follicles, as well as the testes and adrenal glands. Essentially DHT is made from testosterone and helps the body grow and regulate itself.
Excessive  sex increases  DHT which  kills  hair  follicles and causes  male  pattern  baldness

6 Heart Attack

While  sex is good for your  heart  because it's a form of exercise that  helps to circulate  blood  flow, research  has shown that  series of climaxing  affects  people who have  heart  problems negatively.

As we try to enjoy  life and the  good things  life  offers us, we should be able to have  control over the things  we do.
Don't  hesitate to reach out for  more   healthy  sex tips.

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Rooting for you 
Yours  sincerely 
Chioma Cynthia 
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