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Thursday, February 21, 2019

I Was Making Love To You And You Were Calling His Name.


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Slowly  I  got  off you, sweats dripping down from my head, to my face down to my body, the air conditioner in my room  was on, a 2 horse  power, it couldn't  stop the sweat,
nothing  thrills me like  watching your  face while we get intimate, there's  something extra  it adds to your  beauty, tiny sounds  escaped you,your moans and twisting, your  velvet soft and long fingers drawing  unseen lines all over my face, your  finger nails  scratching  my necks and back,sending sweet sensations  all over  my nerves, heightening  the   pleasures.
I almost  always dont  feel like  stopping, when it's you, love making  becomes awesome,I love everything about that moment.

 I drove in that   cold night, It rained  heavily earlier in the evening ,the neighborhood  was quiet and calm, I sent you a message  while I was at work and briefed you on the  latest  investors  coming in to partner with my company and the need for a board meeting  which was the reason  for my coming  home late.

Getting into the  house I found  you're  sleeping  already, I dropped my jacket  and walked up to the bed  and kissed you on your  lips and then your  cheeks and neck, I did it calmly  not wanting to wake you up, you  tossed  and curled up, covered  yourself  under the  blanket, I could  see your  smooth spotless  skin glow inside your  shimmering  lingerie,I smiled  and licked my lips,lying on my bed was the most beautiful  creature  the world's lucky  to have.

I rushed a warm bath ,Kingsley  my little  brother  served me a cup of coffee, I sipped and watched the telly,   with  my tired  body  thrown to the  couch, I replayed the events of the day in my mind.

I felt your  warm body  touch mine, your  velvet  skin felt warm and inviting, you  held me tightly, your  eyes looked dull with  sleep lurking  around it. "sweetie  " I called out and you  opened your eyes slightly, you  moved closer and closer till you body  to  gummed to mine,slowly I wrapped my hands around you like a mum would do to her new baby"sweetie I didn't know when you returned " you whispered to my ears,I told you how I didn't want to disturb you.

You stared  deeply into my eyes,your  soft skin  pressed on mine,I understood that look  very well,I lowered my face slowly and covered your mouth with mine,my tongue locked together with yours in passionate  kiss ,your hand  tugged at my robe and  searched to feel my skin,I kissed  you all over,licked your face ,your neck down to your  hairy belly till my hand rested on your tiny belly button,you moaned and curled closer and closer.

It was the moment I loved most,having myself feel you deeply ,you opened up and welcomed me,the thrill was amazing.

I heard you call him once then twice and as the tempo increased, his name was all you whispered in between moans,you were telling him how you wanted it,you were telling him how amazing he was,you were begging him to not stop.

My body froze,the second time I tried to think it was a mistake. the third time I thought I didn't hear you well the fourth time it became a nightmare.

The name you called  was Austin, I am Jordan,You see Julie I loved you more than I loved my own self,I gave you everything, what I  know I cannot live with is sharing my woman with anybody ,still you're not willing to  open up,

You've moved out from the main building to the   bungalow, I won't drive you out of my house especially knowing you're an orphan but I will deny you myself until you tell me the truth,I have forgiven you already but I demand an explanation.
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