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Thursday, May 9, 2019

I Am Heartbroken, How Do I Forgive My Husband And My Best Friend?


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How does it feel to discover a secret?the type you'd  never imagine would ever be possible?
It pierces deep  into the bone marrow.

Or you've had a nail stuck into your feet  skin  and there's attempts to pull it off?

Okay something close to what  I am  feeling presently.
After I found out my best friend from high school and my maid of honor at  my wedding was the "other woman"

My name is Fiona

"For the 15yrs I've been married to my husband I knew he's not faithful, but there were no evidence, I didn't bother digging into his activities, he didn't give me reasons to,he provided everything the kids and I needed so I felt he's clever enough to know how to put his family first.

Sometimes in the past I had have bad times sober moments, felt bad and worried about my family ,I loved my husband and wanted to keep my home peaceful, you and I know how this things could play out sometimes, pregnancy may happen or the other woman may get desperate and start planning  evil,so I talked with my husband severally on why it's important to maintain our marriage vows.

He promised over and over again to remain loyal, repeatedly assured me of his love and commitment.

So how did it all happen under my nose?in my own house?for fifteen years my friend Comfort had access to my home anytime ,she's more  like a sister than a friend, she's from a good Christian home, she taught me how to pray consistently and I loved her so much.

She got married four years ago but her marriage lasted for only two years,I was sad and surprised, I expected Comfort to have a lovely married life.

On the 22nd of March 2019 just  weeks ago I answered a phone call that  unsettled my whole life, my friend Comfort's pastor called me to tell me to forgive my friend comfort',according to him ,my forgiveness will go a Long way in the fight to heal Comfort,
 I didn't know that Comfort was sick,she'd been going in and out of the hospital ,her church's prayer team had visited her house for deliverance prayer.

And  Comfort told her Pastor that she had a confession to make, she told  her pastor that she has been in a very intimate relationship with my husband, she said the relationship started 8 months into my marriage, I remembered she was in my house when I traveled to the States with my mother to deliver my first child who is 15 years old presently.

She said my husband bought her a house and she had a  7 years old baby girl  for my husband, it was the girl that her husband got to know about and that  caused the strain in her marriage and  eventually the divorce ,because she hide  her identity from her husband but she brought her to live with them.

It was more than I could contain, my whole being   raged, my mum has been trying to calm me down,I've cried and gotten tired but my eyes wouldn't stop bringing out tears.

My husband is away for a business trip,I don't even know how to face him,I'm devastated, how do I forgive this traitors?
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