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Friday, May 10, 2019

My Fiancée Had It On The Phone Right Beside Me ,On My Bed!!,That Angel Is Not Mine.


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I waited for dawn  more than the night guards, the sight of kemi was disgusting, If I had my way,I would have pushed her out without hesitation but that part of my heart held me back,she was the one woman I loved with all my heart.

I stood up and walked  into the living room,I  couldn't bring myself to the reality of what I beheld few hours ago,kemi?its a strange world after all.

We had dinner together, both of us prepared the Jollof rice,I love helping out in the kitchen anytime she's cooking, it thrills me whenever  I am doing the chores and watching her go about the cooking gives me so much joy.

It was about 10 pm when we retired to the bedroom,the usual night bath wasn't skipped, we spent so much time in the bathroom,kemi loved playing with the water, I was almost  panting by  the time we were done,she still wanted to stay but I whiskered her away and  carried her  into the bedroom with her shouts of "put me down '  echoing as I  made my way into the bedroom.

We have been together for 3 years, If there is anything more than love,that's what I felt for kemi,I placed her velvet body on the well made bed,staring straight into her eyes, I bent over and wrapped up her lips in a wet passionate kiss I would love to last forever

Spending quality time with kemi remains golden, it's usually very different,with her it was  love .

That night was one of such  exceptional night. I felt fulfilled afterwards. I placed her  head on my tommy and had  her silky hairs in my hands stroking them,I dozed off in a sweet sleep.

The alarm clock    announced the long awaited dawn,it was 5.30 am,I  walked into the bedroom and asked her to get up,she was still sobbing, pleading with me to let her explain.
Explain? how could she?ok what explanations could she possibly give  to excuse  her animalistic act?

Mid into my sleep I started feeling the movements on the mattress,the bed was shaking so I turned around to see what was  going on.

At first I thought it was a nightmare, I got up and called her name" Kemi! Kemi!! "obviously she was lost in her act,right in front of me was my beloved fiancée with her phone in her hand screaming out in sexual pleasures, urging whoever that was on the other side of the phone to "DO IT HARDER!!:

I pushed her to let her know I was awake but she hissed at me,she got up from the bed,collected her phone ,walked into the living room and continued from where she stopped.

Now she wants to explain? what possible explanation? oh the demons in her village is after her?or the marine spirit possessed her?
Whatever reasons she wants to give,she will have to do that  from her house because that morning was a new turn in our supposed beautiful relationship
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