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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Why Do Women Like Chasing Love?


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A heart that chose to love you, but you don't really  feel same,there's another heart you want,another heart that you desires to have, that's the one you chase.

You turn people down ,countless times in countless places,but they're the hearts that truly wants you, they're ready to sacrifice for you, they're ready to give so much for your sake.

You shut them out  and seek the heart you desires, you  turned everyone down for this one heart,at the end it was only you that this heart turned down for someone else.

You gave everything away because you treasure one heart,but there's a heart they treasure more than yours,you waited for them,maybe your turn will come,just maybe they'd realise how deeply you cherish them and make a turn around and come to love you as well but your turn never seem to  come.

They are the one you have  in your mind when you're talking to the world but you're the one they'd easily stop talking to because the world needs their attention and when they need to be alone.

We run away from people who want us and run after those who don't.

You turn down those who love you and seek the heart you love but it's not you they love, they love someone else.
But how does this happen? It's goes round  and comes around, that you should choose who chose you, it is not easy but I don't like chasing love, I love accepting love.

At first it may look like it's not what we wanted

*It may seem they're not the prince -charming and the Cinderella

*They may not look like the ideal picture in your fantasy.

*You crave for  the one you created wonderful images for in our subconscious.they're the one  who melts you,their voice soothes you and thoughts of them calms your nerves.

You break other hearts for this one heart but they end up breaking  your heart,because you're the one chasing them but they're not chasing you, they are chasing someone else.

But there's no perfect being existing anywhere, all you could ever get is a combination of one or two qualities and a make believe of the rest.

Stop chasing someone,hold onto the love that. is chasing you,give it a chance and see what it becomes.a little time won't kill you, also put in little work ,make  a little effort,if it fails you're free to move on,you wont lose much,it's better than shutting out the love that is chasing you to chase another that  doesn't know you're existing,you'd have everything to lose because you  might have thrown  away the best life you could have
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  1. Enter your comment...I am a living testimony to this. More grease to your elbow Chi.