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Saturday, June 15, 2019

4 Tips For The Clitoral Stimulation For A Powerful Orgasm


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If she's not satisfied then nothing happened.Strange but truth, 75% of women don't experience full orgasm during intimacy with their partners and out of these percentage 60% don't talk about it with their partners.Most women live with the frustration of not experiencing sexual bliss.

Why wouldn't most women open up about their sex life and discuss about what they want and how they feel? one may  ask but it's simply because the orientation was wrongly given  from early generation till the millennium even,women were taught that sex is not meant for  their enjoyment. According to my Igbo  tribe, a woman only go in with her man when he feels like being with her or when the couple are planning to  make babies.

The belief  was inculcated in most women by their mothers from childhood,modernization hasn't really been able to erase this  belief off the mentality of so many women.

But is sex really meant for women to enjoy and get satisfied?.

The female's body was created specially and endowed to pleasure both the man and woman, every part of the female body  has veins and nerves that throbs at the slightest touch.

While the body parts of  every woman  is same there are different erogenous zones for different women.
To some it's their nipples while some has all the sensitivity packed in their breast or thighs,some prefers the clitoris ,however the clitoris is a major sensual part  in every woman. The clitoris is very sensitive and provides huge  pleasure during love making. It helps provide massive orgasm when it is well stimulated.

Majority of women  feels comfortable with oral sex because a lot of men gives little attention to foreplay and will quickly rush to the clitoris to quicken  orgasm.Much as the clitoris provides huge pleasure to women,there's still need to do it rightly in order to achieve completed satisfaction.

From the fingers of a woman to the navel down to her inner thighs, every part needs to be given proper attention.

On this particular article I'm focusing on  "Clitoral  stimulation for powerful orgasm"

Most women hardly  come to orgasm majorly because little time is dedicated to foreplay, the Clitoral stimulation is a powerful way to  achieving a mind blowing, toe-curling orgasm

This is how it works

(A)You’ll be focusing on the clitoris and all you need to do is to take a finger and just start rubbing up and down on one side of it. If you want more stimulation, then try rubbing your finger directly over the clits.

Using one or more fingers, very lightly and softly glide over the middle of the vagina and clitoris, from bottom to top . get to know which part  of the body  provide the most pleasure and stimulation when touched.Then experiment with fast strokes, slower strokes, as well as using more or less pressure.  try switching direction, starting at the  clit and rubbing downwards or rubbing up and down

This is another simple and straightforward technique focusing on the clitoris. As the name suggests, you are going to be rubbing your finger from side to side over the  clit.

It depends on individual, some may prefer intense contact and pressure to be able to enjoy it while some may want indirect contact,communication is important in all of these so the woman will tell which pleases her.

Change the amount of pressure you use.
Try using some lubricants
 switch the  fingers you use (one, two, three or four)
Switch between direct and indirect contact.

Her response will tell  how much enjoyment she's deriving from the stimulation, the end result is  always amazing.

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