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Friday, June 21, 2019

Top 5 Reasons Cohabitation Is Wrong. Reasons Partners Should Build Healthy Friendship Instead.


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A lot of people usually view cohabitation from the moral and religious angle,with majority frowning at it,besides being morally right seeing two people in a relationship moving in to live together before officially becoming man and wife  has loads of odds that  working against it.

According to a study published in  The Journal of Family most couples who move in  together without any clear commitment to marriage  may end up getting married  for the wrong reasons,In most cases its partly because they are already living together,the feeling of indebtedness and compassion  rather than the conviction that they're totally compatible becomes the main reason the marriage would happen.

If couples decides to see how their relationship will be in the future,high chances are  that they will find out that it might not be so rosy,they may end up calling it quit.

Cohabiting ends up being associated with the most problems in a relationship .

Top reasons cohabitation Is wrong.

(A)There's High risk of divorce

(B)Partners who cohabited have tendency to cheat

(C)The partners may soon start having. Issues with sharing expenses.

(D)There's likely to be nothing to make the partners want to work harder to get married officially, they live together so procrastination becomes part of it.

(E)The partners may get tired of sex/they're likely to get comfortable ,

60% of partners who cohabited ended up not getting married, they're mostly uptight.What if we end up not working? Not any one of them can save for the other most cases the partners are skeptical about taking risks ,they're test running each other to see what each one of them is capable of bringing to the table.little time it becomes tight for the partners to create fun moments because they live carefully.

Having a healthy relationship is  all  about a choice to remain committed through thick and thin,test running a relationship adds nothing to's a choice that one only has to make.
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