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Chioma is available for a limited number of personal mentoring clients.  She specia'lizes in working with highly sensitive and empathic women who feel like their gifts, energies, personality and emotions are too much – too much for others and even too much for themselves.  She supports women through heartache, personal growth, break-ups, getting back into the dating game and women with relationship or parenting questions.

 Chioma is a highly intuitive empath whose gift to feel into people’s energy allows her to sense the world around her on an energetic level. Not understanding this when she was younger, she felt like she was too much – too much energy, too much spirit and too much emotion.

After her relationship  which  was legalized in court ended she made the decision to partner only if she found someone who embraced her completely for who she was and  the special qualities she had to offer. Chioma spent four years  working with her mentors to ensure she would not settle for “Mr. Goodenough,” but wait for the man who would embrace everything about who she is.

Chioma had an intuitive sense she was ready to find love again  By doing the work, preparing her heart, setting her standards and knowing her worth she attracted all that she was looking for and more.

Chioma uses her unique gifts in support of highly sensitive and empathic women to embrace the beauty of who they were born to be and claim high standards for themselves and their relationships.

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Life  itself  isn't easy  but we can't  let life  events  undo  us, no matter how  cruel  and or  tough  life  is treating  us we must    strive to be  going, we have to  learn to be strong and not give up, we have to push our inner  self positively  to be too strong for the  wind, we must  soak our  life in positivity. This  can only  be easy  when  we get into a  deep soul  union with
  our inner  man.

Get Yourself  on the  track  to positive energy. Connect  with  Me for the  easiest  guide to powerful  mental health  and undeniable  self esteem and watch  yourself  grow  into the  best  version of Who You were  created to be.

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